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They Said Mariah Carey Couldn't Find Her Tea Or Vocals For Her NYE Do-Over Performance


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“They told me there would be tea” is definitely how we're responding to all disappointment in 2018.  Get into Mariah Carey's NYE do-over performance that has all the internet in a heated debate, and MiMi's hilarious response to it all...

After the tragedy that was last year's New Year's Eve performance, Mariah was given a chance at a do-over the other night at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. And she started it off in peak Mariah fashion telling the crowd of 1M plus people:

“They told me there would be tea.  Oh, this is a disaster.”

“OK, well we’ll just have to ― I’m just going to be like everybody else with no hot tea. We’re going to try to do this right for you because I just want to show my appreciation for everyone that speaks out for justice and tries to make the world a better place.”

Bloop.  Chick started off with the hardest song in life, "Hero."  And um, folks had plenty to say.

To put this in perspective, it was below 0 with the windchill (felt like minus 6 to be exact), she had on her usual sheer, embellished look, and it's live TV. We personally think she did far better than last year's tragedy, even with a few missed notes.

Her Lamblilly said she redeemed herself and praised her for a job well done. But much of the internets definitely came to the collective conclusion that tea wasn't the only thing she couldn't locate.  She couldn't find her vocals either.   The shade indeed commenced.

Decide for yourselves below:



Either way, Mariah was pleased with herself. And even had a little jokey joke:



Photos: Mariah's Twitter

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