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Tamika Scott Had To Laugh At HERSELF After Falling HARD On Stage


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Those damn jumpsuits...never letting a girl group chick be great. Watch Tamika Scott brave a major on-stage fall & wardrobe malfunction during the Xscape tour inside...

Whoopsie daisy!

Tamika Scott was just trying to get to the next song in the set when a wardrobe malfunction caused her to fall on her face on stage.

The singer was transitioning into a dance break for "Hot Boy" while on stage at the Spectrum Center Saturday in Charlotte when her jumpsuit said "Nah."

Tamika, LaTocha, Tiny & Kandi were supposed to have their jumpsuits ripped off in one swoop by their male dancers.  But Tamika's got caught...somewhere...and then the chair decided to be shady too and get all in the way.  And down she went.

Chick kept it moving though, because what else can you do?

It was all caught on video.  Check it:


Tamika had to laugh at herself as soon as the footage hit the net. 


We guess when it came to that jumpsuit, she couldn't "just kick it" off.  See what we did there?




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