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Rep. Maxine Waters BEEN About That Life -- Says Rap Music Shouldn’t Be Censored & Tupac Is Her Favorite Rapper


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All hell the queen!  If you didn’t know, congresswoman Maxine Waters BEEN ‘bout that life. Find out why she believes rap music shouldn’t be censored and why Tuapc is her favorite rapper inside…

Since Trump became president, congresswoman Maxine Waters has been our spirit animal clapping back at the leader of the free world every chance she gets. Unlike most, she hasn’t held her tongue about how she feels about the current administration.  And for that, somebody give this woman a crown.

Outside of politics, Rep. Waters is also a Hip Hop lover. Who knew?

The 78-year-old California Congresswoman stopped by Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” to chat about our current climate, and she also served up how she feels about censorship of rap music.

Rep. Waters’ favorite rapper is the late Tupac Shakur and she revealed why.

“There was a certain sensitivity about him,” she explained. “I got to know his mom. Tupac for me was very special. He was Smart and I loved him.”

She first met Tupac when he and his rapper friends threw an event for Mother’s Day back in the day. She said his song “Dear Mama” introduced her to his music and he felt he was somebody who was brilliant, smart and someone who has a heart and an understanding that a lot of people don’t have.

Auntie Maxine said she has been defending rap music since it was considered “gangsta” music. She felt like rap music opened up a whole new economic opportunity for black people and she’s all about black people building and making a better life for themselves.

“I don’t believe in censorship. I think censorship is unconstitutional. It’s a way of quieting voices that the people of power don’t want to hear.”

So what about the misogynistic lyrics?

“What you don’t want to hear, don’t listen to it. When you start to talk about limiting voices and opinions, I think that’s dangerous in a democracy.”

Do you agree?

Queen Maxine also talked about social media, getting Trump out of office, health care, how black people can “reclaim” their time and more.

Listen to her full interview below:


Photos: Charlamagne's IG

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