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Basic 'Rapper' & Felon Kodak Black Says 'He Doesn't Really Like Black Girls'


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Kodak Black says the only babies he wants listening are Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and the like, because "he doesn't really like black girls."  Well that's convenient, because we know plenty of black girls that don't like his ass either. 


We weren't going to make that publicly known, but since that's how he wants to rock....let's do this.

News you can use when it comes to where to spend your coin:

Sure, anybody is free to have their own preferences.  Not a problem.  The problem slides in when you make that preference public, and it wasn't necessary to do so.  A problem arises when you vocalize a preference nobody asked you about, and the negative effects from that unnecessary statement outweigh everything else.

Like, what was the purpose, sir?

Rapper, and we use that term loosely, Kodak Black ("Tunnel Vision") felt the need to let the world know black girls aren't his thing while on Instagram Live recently.

It all started when a commenter asked him if he liked KeKe Palmer.  He said he'd smash, but wouldn't date her because he "doesn't really like black girls."  He went on to name all the white and non-black girls (plus Cardi B) that he does prefer.


Basically, he's perpetuating the historical notion that black women are good enough for sex, but nothing more.

It's not about us wanting to be liked by a stank mouth rapper.  We'd bet next month's rent that KeKe (and every other fabulous black woman) is completely unbothered by the fact this man doesn't want to date her.

It's about the ripple effect PUBLIC words like this have on black women, the image and perception of black women, and little black girls as a whole.

He must not see the big picture problem with his very public belittling of black women.  If your words aren't uplifting the very demo buying your idiotic records, then keep it to yourself.

We're sure there are plenty of black women who don't like his ass either, but do they feel the need to say it on a public platform?  We could only imagine had a black female celeb said this generalization about black men what type of dragging she would have received.

While Kodak treated the justice system like a joke (constantly violating probation after his battery charges), plenty of black folks reported on his case, whether objectively or subjectively, simply to give his side a platform.

Unfortunately, last we checked, the Taylor Swifts of the world didn't say a damn thing in his defense when he was locked up over and over.

As if we preferred to talk about his non-rapping ass getting locked up, or his first tracks out of the slammer, or his f'd up mouth he fixed JUST to get diamonds put on his teeth instead. As if we wanted to discuss his ridiculous court cases, much of which he brought on himself. 

We could have gone all the way in on his felonious, mumbling, barely literate ass.  But we (and many) fell back and kept it objective.  We did so for the bigger picture of image, one he clearly doesn't give a damn about. 

Kodak has a right to his preferences, just like folks have a right to not support him with their coin or their platform. 


Since Kodak made a point to publicly say he's not here for black women, then this site, owned by a black woman and operated by black women, has no reason to be here for him.

We'll let the Taylor Swifts and Selena Gomezes take on that task.

Since he's confirmed the level of his ignorance, we highly doubt Kodak was even thinking all that deep when he downed black women out loud. 

But, herein lies the problem. When men, especially black men, have the privilege and audacity to publicly say all willy nilly, "nah, I'd smash but I don't want anything else from black girls," it indirectly perpetuates the historic notion that black women are beneath others.  Others -- including young black girls themselves (many of whom are his fans) -- will likely interpret it that way as well.


Kodak also posted this over the weekend:


Love those you love you back, y'all!


Photo: Twitter

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