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SPEAK ON IT: LaVar Ball Is Selling His 'Big Baller Brand' Sneakers For $495! Shaq Had To Call Him Out On It


 photo lavarteaser.jpg

Everybody’s talking about LaVar Ball’s $495 Big Baller Brand sneakers. Shaq even joined in on the conversation, calling out LaVar for basically robbing kids of their coins. Would you shell out $495 for a pair of sneakers? Let’s discuss inside….

LaVar Ball has everyone talking after unveiling his newest sneaker from Big Baller Brand collection. The ZO2 sneaker, designed for his son/UCLA player Lonzo Ball (below), debuted with a hefty price tag of $495.

 photo lavar2.jpg

A Lonzo-Ball autographed pair will run you a cool $995 and the slides will cost you $220.

Check them out below:




According to the website, all sales on the ZO2 are FINAL and there will be NO refunds or exchanges. If you're looking to cop a pair, you'll be waiting a while. The shoes aren't scheduled to be shipped until November 24th.

NBA icon Shaq felt the price was ridiculous and took to his Twitter account to address LaVar and the price of his new sneakers:



Rapper Wale also chimed in about the sneakers: 







LaVar has responded to the backlash, defending the price point of the new sneakers. On ESPN Radio’s“The Dan Le Batard Show,” LaVar said when you’re a boss, you do whatever you want. And he was the one how came up with the price of the shoe.

“I figure that’s what the shoe is worth," he said. "When you are your own owner you can come up with any price you want. Prada and Gucci are selling theirs for what they want. Outs is better than that. It feels better.”

Well, he does have a point there.

On Twitter he responded to the backlash as well, tweeting:

Less than a day after the ZO2’s release, the Ball family is being accused of ripping off the logo for the high-priced sneaker.

Ohio State wide receiver Zach Smith claims the logo is a replica of his own “Zone 6” logo. Peep the comparisons below:




Also, folks are saying the sneaker looks very similar to a shoe Kobe Bryant released:





So, what do you all think? Is LaVar just trying to be an entreprenuer OR is he robbing kids for their cash? Speak on it!



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