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SOMETHING IN THE MILK AIN'T CLEAN -- Alleged Friend Of Carmelo Anthony's Alleged Pregnant CHICAGO Mistress Speaks Out


 photo melo chicago alleged mistress_zpsadbvwhsb.jpeg

Chile, what is going on?!  After the rumor mill spun with unconfirmed reports last night of Carmelo Anthony's alleged pregnant mistress actually being a Chicago social worker, and not a New York stripper, an alleged ex-friend has come out the woodwork to speak on it....

The shenanigans have officially begun after the Carmelo & La La Anthony split news took over this week.

Originally, it was reported that an unnamed dancer who works in a New York strip club was pregnant with Melo's baby....and La La is understandably pissed about the situation.

Then, other media sources claimed that Melo's alleged pregnant mistress wasn't a NY stripper, but actually an "educated social worker" from Chicago who supposedly goes by the name of Mia Burkes.

Yeah, the foolery is off to an impeccable start.

 photo image1_zpsulhyiaur.jpeg

Today, a woman claiming to be the ex-friend (middle, camo jacket) of the alleged Chicago mistress spoke to "The Chicago Morning Takeover" on 107.5 WGCI in the Chi.  And she spilled all the alleged tea.

While we're side eyeing this entire situation, for a few reasons, you can judge for yourselves.


The ex-friend claims the alleged mistress also dated rapper Lil Durk and Ryan Henry from "Black Ink Chicago"!  She also says her friend was "that type of girl" to be giddy about dating ballers, even married ones.




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