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Wendy Raquel Robinson DISHES To ESSENCE About Her 9-Year Marrriage And KISSING HOTTIES Rick Fox And Terrence J


"The Game" actress Wendy Raquel Robinson proves that Hollywood marriages can last as she opens up to Essence.com about her dedicated husband of nine years, Marco Perkins. Get the deets inside and find out what he thinks about her kissing Rick Fox....

For those looking for love, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson opened up to Essence.com about her wonderful marriage and what connects her to  her husband Marco.  She adds that marriage “is wonderful” but “it has its highs and lows." 

She also revealed: "I can honestly say he’s my best friend.  We won’t let more than two weeks go by without being together and seeing each other." Awww.

Here are the highlights:

ESSENCE.COM: How did you meet your husband, and how did he propose?
I am a huge Lakers fan. It was the finals and there was a little soiree at my house. A friend of mine who doesn’t drive asked if it was okay to bring a friend over because he was his ride. I said sure and they came over. The guys were all talking and the ladies were all talking and, you know, he’s holding court, and I’m like, who’s this guy? We just started talking and the rest was history. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It was really just a connection at first sight and we were both at the right places in our lives and it just happened.

We had been dating for about two years and things were going really, really great. I was actually doing a theater show in North Carolina and he was going to go with me to see a play I was doing. It was my birthday and we’re packing up and he goes, “I want you to see this video I made.” I was like, “A video?” So we’re watching and he’s just singing happy birthday on the video. I’m thinking, oh how cute, and then at the end of the video he goes, “By the way, will you marry me?” We started running around the house like little eight-year-olds. He had the ring and everything. It was really a 3D proposal. That was really special. Back then, this was all on VHS. It was so sweet.

ESSENCE.COM: Tell us some things you adore about your husband?
  Honey, he can fix anything. Do you hear me? Anything. I got a man, man, man, man. I mean he can fix literally anything. He’s MacGyver times one hundred. Not even just with the technical stuff, but any apparatus around the house. He really gets into it and he loves that challenge. And, he is the communicator in the relationship. He loves to talk and he loves to work it out, whereas sometimes I agree to disagree. Usually he’s like, “No, we have to talk this out.” So I love that about him. He doesn’t let me go into my shell.

ESSENCE.COM: What’s it like kissing heartthrobs like Rick Fox or Terrence J. in front of your husband?
You know, he’s human. He doesn’t like to watch it. I’m like honey, okay, look, this is going to be our retirement right here. (Laughs.) But he is definitely a man and it is hard for him, but he does understand. Actually that’s one area where Tia’s husband and my husband have definitely bonded. You know on "The Game," we go in.  Mara [Brock Akil] goes for the jugular -- she really goes for it. This season I get myself in some precarious situations. He doesn’t watch it much. He watches the good episodes he can watch, when I’m clowning and all that, but he doesn’t like it, it’s hard. This season is worse. It’s crazy. It’s funny, and a ride, but it all makes sense at the end. It all comes together.


Read more over at Essence.

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