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EXCLUSIVE: Why Susan Kelechi Watson Is The Black TV Wife & Mom We All Need Right Now


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Susan Kelechi Watson totally plays the black wife and mother that all need right now on the hit new drama series “This Is Us.” TheYBF.com caught up with the YBF starlet and she dished on exactly how she's nailing this part to perfection.  Get it inside...

If you’re like us, you’re going through at least one box of tissue every week while watching NBC’s hit drama series “This Is Us.” The show is the ultimate tear jerker with the real life situations that everyone can relate to.

Susan Kelechi Watson plays Beth, the wife to Sterling K. Brown’s character Randall. Beth is a wife, a mother to two beautiful daughters, she has a career and she juggles it ALL without breaking a sweat.  Or without losing her ish and reading everybody for absolute filth (even when she totally has every right to).

An article hit the net about Susan’s character, dubbing her the “unsung hero” of the series, and we would have to agree. She’s definitely the glue that holds the Pearson family together, especially when her husband is losing it. She's always calm, BUT she will pop off (nicely) and put someone in their place if need be. 

We're loving that she's totally a YBF mom and wife folks can relate to.

Wegot the chance to chat it up with the “This Is Us” starlet -- whose favorite genre is surprisingly comedy -- and she explained perfectly why her character is such a breath of fresh air.

“Beth comes from a large family,” she spilled to TheYBF.com. “She’s used to having all these balls in the air. So, in a way, he got with the right chick. She kind of knows the family dynamic. Sometimes we’re the person in the family who takes care of everybody, sometimes we’re the person who gets taken care of and sometimes we’re the person who watches it all goes down. And somehow we kind of, through osmosis, learn how to take care of things because we’ve watched it happened. She grew up in a big Jamaican family, so she’s had her fair share.”

In case you haven’t caught up on the series just yet, Randall was left at a fire station (by his father) and ended up being raised by a white family. He eventually tracks down his biological father and they end up forming a relationship. But, they don’t have much time to spend together as his father has cancer. Randall decides to move his father into his home with his wife Beth and their two daughters. And ish got REAL.

As for how Susan’s character was able to handle the situation, she offered up the perfect response.

“It’s a time where he finds his birth father and they don’t have that much time together. Sometimes there are times when you just have to let somebody live. This is his moment, let me do what I can to help him get that time.”


As we watch Susan hit more and more red carpets, we’ve noticed she’s morphing into a fashion darling. We asked her how she deals with red carpet mayhem -- especially when black stars have spoken up about being ignored by designers -- and here’s what she dished:

“I think because the show is what it is, I got the opportunity to team up with a stylist out the gate. But before the show, I was going to stores picking out my own stuff or wearing stuff out of my closet. I was just looking for somebody who reflects my personality and my style. I realized I didn’t have time to run to the store. It’s really about finding someone who knows your style, who's willing to work with you and to reflect that.”

She added:

“If certain designers choose to work with me or not, I’m not even privy to that conversation. I don’t want to know. Just bring me something that looks cute and fits.”

Loves her!

By the way, the “This Is Us” season finale set a new record! The mainstream drama nabbed the No. 1 spot for total viewers in the week it aired and it became NBC’s first scripted series to do so in almost 13 years. CONGRATS!

Needless to say, season 2 has already been announced and we can.not.wait!

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