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'HTGAWM' Co-Stars Aja Naomi King & Alfred Enoch Might Be Dating


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Oh, well what do we have here?  A possible love connection with two of our "How To Get Away With Murder" faves?  Deets inside...


Wes may have been "killed" on "HTGAWM," but British bae Alfred Enoch's still sticking around his fave co-stars like Aja Naomi King....in Europe.  Since he lives in/near London it only made sense to call him up while Aja was in town over the weekend.


The two have been hanging out lately, and folks have noticed.  Not just like normal co-stars who catch up and hang out off the set, but a little bit more than that. 

E! News asked her about it recently at the Hollywood Reporter Power Stylist's Dinner, and she played coy about it all.

"It's so weird," King said. "When he was here, he would only speak with an American dialect. It's really startling. So when I called him for us to get together in London, I was like, 'What are you doing? Talk normal. Stop speaking in this weird accent.'"


Apparently, Alfred was soptted kissing a mystery woman at Carnival in Rio last month, and some reports called her his girlfriend.

So, what does Aja have anything to say about that?

"I would like to clear up nothing," King said with a big smile and a big laugh. "People could think what they want and I'm going to let them."

She then laughed some more. "He's a beautiful man and I think I'm quite a lovely young lady," she said.


By the way, he's already met her parents.  Aja revealed:

"My parents love Alfie," King said. "They do. They do."


Hey, we're here for all this cuteness, whether it's a real flirtmance or not.


Photos: Twitter/Getty

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