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Cam’ron EXPOSES Everything Behind His BEEF With ‘Emotional’ Jim Jones – Chrissy Lampkin/’Tricky Ricky’ Joke, Roc Nation Signing & More


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And the saga continues! Cam’ron is responding to Jim Jones’ super emotional interview about their relationship. Killa Cam is spilling all the tea about what started their beef, Jim signing to Roc Nation and more. Get the highlights inside…

Cam’ron hopped on Instagram Live last night to respond to Jim Jones’ extra emotional interview with Funk Flex last week where Jimmy aired out his frustrations over his relationship with Cam.

In the interview, Jim said he was Cam’s “everything,” from being his manager, his hypeman, and even security. However, Killa Cam doesn’t seem to remember it that way. He said Jim was never his manager or a part of his security team, but he was his hypeman. “He was NOT my muscle," he said in the video. "He’s my man. Jim was my hypeman.”

Following Jim Jones’ recent signing with Roc Nation (that caused a whirlwind of controversy on social media), Cam said he’s happy for Jim and wishes him nothing but the best.

“Congrats to Jim and everyone at Roc Nation,” he said. “I think Jim does deserve a fair chance. I hope he gets the shot he’s looking for. But a lot of stuff he was saying was based on emotion and wasn’t true because he’s an emotional guy. I really hope Jim is successful and I wish him the best of luck.”

Cam said he believes the reason Jim did the Funk Flex interview because he needed to justify why he decided to sign with Jay Z’s Roc Nation. We all know about the longtime beef between Dipset and Rocafella (which as morphed into Roc Nation).

“You sign to Roc Nation and a lot of people were like, ‘You a dickrider and dicksucking.’ This was what Dipset fans were saying. The next day he go to Flex. Most of the time you go there to play a record. I think [Jim Jones] went to Flex to justify signing to Roc Nation. ‘I got a lot of backlash for signing to Roc Nation so let me make up this story to justify signing to Roc Nation.’ How I robbed him and how he gave me a place to stay and use to be my manager, my hypeman. Just say you signed to Roc nation. You don’t have to go in on a two-hour speech about me.”

Cam, Jim and The Diplomats rose to fame back in the day and had plenty of hit records, but their relationships have been riddled with disagreements and beefs. It appears Cam and Jim’s relationship took a turn for the worse after Cam started cracking jokes on Jim for “tricking” on his now fiancée Chrissy Lampkin.

“I made these t-shirts and it said, ‘Tricky Ricky aka Jim Jones Is A Trick,'” Cam recalled. “At the time we had mad n*ggas in jail and I was sending them money and [Jim Jones] was not looking out for none of our n*ggas in jail. Back of the shirt had all our n*ggas in jail and I had called [Jim Jones] a trick. I wasn’t looking at it like that. I’m looking at it like that’s how we play. I wasn’t trying to disrespect him because I didn’t know their relationship was going to grow to be what it was.”

He now admits he was wrong for the t-shirts, but he didn’t think it was that big of a deal because that’s how they used to play with each other.

“Them shirts hurt. I had n*ggas wearing the shirts in the studio. Everybody was wearing the shirt. It was just a joke, but he took that shit serious, B. He took it serious,” Cam said. “After I did that shirt, everything was downhill. And [Jim Jones] started acting like it’s the business. ‘Cam is robbing us. Cam ain’t this. Cam ain’t doing that.’ That’s when the sh*t fell out…after I made them shirts.”

As for the comments made by Jim about Cam robbing him, Cam said he never robbed him because they never had any contracts/paperwork.

"Jim never had no paperwork with Cam so how I rob him?,” he asked. Cam said he was the one fighting for him to be a rapper when Jim didn't even know how to rap foreal. He said Ma$e convinced him he could rap and showed him the ropes.

Oh, "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star Mendeecees also calls in from prison to talk about a situation that went down between him and Jim over beef Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin had.


Peep excerpts from Cam’s Instagram Live video (that was over 3 hours long) below:



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