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LeBron James Gets Dragged For Flopgate In Cavs-Warriors Rematch, Bron & Draymond Green Talk About It


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The Cavs vs. Warriors had a rematch last night after the Cavs' big Championship win in 2016.  And things got ugly.  Deets on Lebron& Draymond's Flopgate and the aftermath inside...

The Warriors had some ish to prove last night, and that they did.  Steph and co. were out for revenge on their rivals the Cleveland Cavaliers after LeBron and co. snatched up the 2016 National Championship after the Warriors led the series 3-1. 

Last night, Draymond Green was on his usual ish, and so was LeBron James.  The two had a MAJOR collision at midcourt that led to LeBron looking like he was laid all the way out, and Draymond making fun of his alleged flopping on the sidelines.  Draymond ended up getting a Flagrant 1 foul, but the internets dragged LeBron for filth saying he definitely served up the dramatics.

You be the judge:


After the game, the ish talking commenced.  At the 1:08 mark, LeBron says he didn't even know it was Draymond who collided with him. He also says, "I'm alright, I'm a football player."



Draymond said he simply fouled Bron to stop the break. And during that post-collision scuffle, he told Richard Jefferson to get out his face:


Y'all know the internets had a field day:



A photo posted by Yung Dub (@yungdubdbzent) on



The Warriors had the last laugh though. They destroyed the reigning Champs 126-91.


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