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Gucci Mane Claims Angela Yee Was "On His D*ck" Back In The Day, Yee Denies ALL OF IT


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Gucci Mane and Angela Yee have a past? According to the rapper they do, but, Yee denies it. Watch their squabble inside…

Gucci Mane made his way to Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” yesterday to promote his newly released LP, The Return of East Atlanta Santa.

During their chat, a potential past between Gucci and Angela came up. Apparently they were close to getting it in, if you believe Gucci.

Yee started talking about the last time the ATL rapper stopped by the show, making it clear that she wasn’t scared of him. “I just want to say for the record, I wasn’t scared when Gucci was here. You’ve always been nice and polite and kind to me,” Yee said.

After that, Gucci insisted Yee wouldn’t have been scared of what he would do to her, but rather what he would say. Charlamagne and DJ Envy could hardly contain themselves laughing and cracking jokes. One of them asked Gucci if he ever slept with Yee and he responded,“She done tried. She was on my d*ck back then.”


Yee said, “That is a LIE! We was cool I was not on your d*ck! You must got me confused with someone else.”

Envy and Charlamagne lost it, of course, and Yee vehemently denied sleeping with the rapper.

Gucci referenced an interview they did a few years back and said,“You used to be texting me ‘What hotel you was at?’ and stuff like that.”

Yee responded, “That definitely was not me. I swear on my life, on my unborn child, I never hit Gucci up and asked him what hotel he was in.”

Charlamagne then added,“I ain’t never known Gucci to be a liar.”


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Yee was busy clapping back at fans in the comments section, still denying she ever hit Gucci Mane up.

You can check out Gucci's full interview where he talks about how prison changed him, his real friends, his influence on the Hip Hop community and more below:


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