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Jamilah Lemieux & Amber Phillips Go On The Breakfast Club To Explain WHY Charlamagne Joking Around With Tomi Lahren Hurt Black Women


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Charlamagne had Twitter on FIRE after he posted a picture on social media posing it up and joking around with conservative pundit Tomi Lahren after her interview with Trevor Noah. Editor/writer Jamilah Lemieux read him for flith on Twitter and then she hits up the “The Breakfast Club” to school him on why his antics had black women up in arms. More inside….

Jamilah Lemieux (writer, editor, social influencer, and media exec) and Amber Phillips (activist/co-director of @_weareBLACK/co-host of Black Joy Mixtape Podcast) stopped by Power 105 “The Breakfast Club” to take Charlamagne to task and explain why folks were upset with him after his latest social media antics.

Last week, “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah invited TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren on his show to take her to task for the racist commentary she spews on her platform. Right after their sitdown went viral, Charlamagne met up with Tomi after her network cancelled her interview with the radio show. Not only did he meet up with Tomi, he also posted pictures of them together on Instagram poking fun at Tomi saying she doesn’t see color. Not only that, Charlamagne was spotted out and about snapping pictures with Tomi in Times Square and Trevor even met up with her.  And sent her cupcakes.

This set the social media world on fire! Black women AND men (this time) came out the woodwork to check Charlamagne for his arguably irresponsible posts and words.

Jamilah, along with tons of black women and men, didn’t waste any time to read Charlamagne for filth. So, Jamilah and Amber were invited on the show to go more in depth to explain WHY exactly black women were so upset with him.

“I feel if George W. Bush gave us one good thing in his whole presidency it was: We don’t negotiate with terrorists,” she started off saying. “When you take somebody who has said things about our people that are so racist, that are so hateful, that is lacking in value, we don’t need to sit with somebody like that to understand why she feels the way she does or where she’s coming from. And if we do, it’s not on a platform where we’re laughing and joking.”

Totally agree.

She continued,

“She’s making this very dangerous rhetoric normal and comfortable. She looks like any other blond 20-something you follow on Instagram. So her saying that goes further with young folks, particularly white kids, than it does coming from an Ann Colter or Donald Trump.”

Jamilah went on to explain that black women were so upset with Charlamagne because so much of racist rhetoric Tomi says on her platform is about BLACK men and to see a black man joking around with her was hurtful. Point. Blank. Period.

Black women defend black men every chance they get and here’s Charlamagne joking around with a woman who makes jokes about black men getting killed by police. She said it was hurtful to all of the people who put their lives on the line on the daily to fight social and racial injustices.

“When you give her a platform and joke around with her as if she’s anybody else you disagree with, that legitimizes her in ways I don’t think we should.”

She talked about how black men need to take more initiative to support black women the same way black women fight for black men. Why is it that black women are automatically supposed to step in and defend black men but, seemingly, black men rarely come to the aide of a black woman.  Hmph!

Jamilah and Amber also addressed Charlamagne’s tweet about there not being any “woke” black or latino women who have built platforms like Tomi, the controversy surrounding Nate Parker and his rape trial, Planned Parenthood and more.

Check out their candid discussion below:

TheYBF.com's founder Natasha Eubanks also responds to Charlamage's tweets about there allegedly not being any platforms run by "woke" black and latino women like Tomi's.  Since he asked, she offers up several ideas to help amplify the voices of black female run media platforms. Check it at the 58-minute mark: 


Photos: Angela's IG

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