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Jay Pharoah DEFENDS Gigi Hadid In Melania Trump Controversy, Gigi Apologizes + Jordan Clarkson & Kendall Jenner Supposedly All Over Each Other At AMAs Party


Gigi Hadid caught some negative backlash after she impersonated president-elect Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump while co-hosting the AMAs on Sunday. Now, her co-host Jay Pharaoh is coming to her defense. Find out what he said and get the deets on NBA baller Jordan Clarkson and Kendall Jenner's hot night out inside...

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharoah were tapped to host this year’s American Music Awards. Like most award shows, often times the host(s) crack jokes on celebrities in the audience or about recent headlines. And the AMAs were no different.

But, of course, one joke in particular pissed off Trump supporters. Jay is known for impersonating Jay Z (that is spot on) so, Gigi decided she was do her best impression of Melania Trump. And it was pretty spot on. She poked out her lips and said with a fake accent, “I love my husband, Barack Obama. And our children, Sasha and Malia,” taking a jab at Melania plagiarizing one of First Lady Michelle Obama’s speeches.

Check it:

Trump supporters came after Gigi for her impersonation, which promoted Jay to speak out. And he's dropping FACTS! He posted:

The same people up-in-arms are many of the same people who disrespected FLOTUS throughout the last 8 years. Selective outrage at its finest.

Meanwhile...Gigi offered an apology to anyone she offended and that she thinks Melania found the humor in it: 


In coupledom news... 

As you know, Drake threw a party after the AMAs at Delilah in L.A. celebrating his awards with several of his celeb friends.

NBA baller Jordan Clarkson and model Kendall Jenner were also in the mix and sources say the two were all over each other during the star-studded shindig. According to E!, Kendall arrived with a few of girlfriends before the L.A. Lakers baller showed up.

The source said Kendall jumped up and hugged him once he walked in and they were pretty much joined at the hip since. They were allegedly very affectionate during the party with Jordan rubbing her thigh and showering her with kisses on her cheek.

“You could see that they’re really into each other and they weren’t hiding it,” the source said. “They were very touchy-feely!”

Rumors have been swirling about the two being a couple for a while, but neither of them have come out publicly. Maybe Kendall is trying to do the opposite of what all her sisters do when it comes to relationships.


Photos: Getty/INF/FameFlynet

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