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BALLER NEWS: Dwyane Wade Slipped Into Everyone's Snapchat Timeline D**n Near Naked +Steve Francis Is Out On Bond After DUI & Burglary


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Sometimes when you're scrolling through your Snapchat stories, you come up on something that makes you do a double take.  Dwyane Wade slid into everyone's timeline pretty much naked.  Plus, former NBA star Steve Francis was arrested and is now out on bond...because of burglary and other charges.  Deets inside...

That's one way to sell the underwear you're a spokesman for.  Dwyane Wade posted up a pic of himself in his Naked undies, and it definitely got folks talking.  We know what WE were thinking, what about you?


Speaking of ballers, former NBA baller Steve Francis is staying in trouble.  After getting arrested in Houston this week for a DUI, it was found out he also had a burglary charge in the state of Florida.

Steve skipped his court date yesterday and let his lawyer take over. 

Attorney Rusty Hardin faced the judge in Houston today to deal with an out-of-state burglary charge from Florida.  He got Steve out on bond for the current charge and two other charges.  ABC 13 reports:

There are three charges against the former NBA all-star, two of them are in Harris County after Francis was stopped for driving under the influence then allegedly said some inappropriate things to the officers involved in that process.


As for the allegation that Francis made what some say are threatening comments to police, here is what his attorney said about that: "People sometimes, when they are under arrest, they will say some things that they probably shouldn't say, but I don't know if he said anything here or whatever, but I know he, there was never any struggle, he never hit a police officer, there was nothing physically involved, whether they had some words at the scene apparently that is what the charge is, but I don't know."

Steve is expected in Florida in the next 30 days in order t surrender himself to police there.




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