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ISH RAPPERS SAY: Kevin Gates – “Don’t Put Your Dirty Hands On Me, I’m Married!” + Plies' Hilarious Father’s Day Message


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If you’re a WOMAN, don’t put your hands on Kevin Gates. IF you had even planned on it. Come inside to find out why he wiped his arm when a woman touched him, plus get your laugh on at Plies’ super funny Father’s Day message inside….

Rapper Kevin Gates does NOT liked to be touched. Remember when he booted a female in the chest during a performance when she touched his leg? He ended up copping a simple battery charge for it. But these days, he’s not kicking chicks, thankfully. He still doesn’t like to be touched though.

Over the weekend, the “2 Phones” rapper was backstage at Atlanta’s Birthday Bash concert chopping it up with radio personality/reality star Traci Steele. As Traci introduced Kevin, she touched his arm in a friendly manner. Right after she touched him, Kevin jerked back, visibly was disgusted by it, and took his other hand and wiped his arm off. Awkward much?

Check it:


A video posted by Say Cheese (@saycheesetv) on


The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper then took to his Instagram to explain why he acted that way.“First of all, I’m married," Kevin said. "Second of all, I’m holy. Don’t put your dirty a** hands on me!”


I serve God - fuck these niggas and hoes who don't respect it -

A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on

While we respect his notion of honoring his wife, was it really that serious? And not to point fingers, but the way he conveyed this holy message of his wasn't all that holy.  Just saying.

Lesson learned: Do NOT touch Kevin Gates. At all!

In a funny Father's Day post....



A video posted by @plies on


Rapper Plies has to have one of THEE funniest Instagram feeds…ever! He’s constantly sharing funny videos of everyday life situations (along with dropping some words of wisdom). And his most recent post about Father’s Day has us cracking up.

He said when he got off a flight and walked into the airport, everyone looked like they had just left a funeral.

“Why everybody so sad?,” Plies asked. “Why everybody so sad? Why ain’t nobody smiling? It’s Father’s Day. Damn. Y’all don’t want to give the fathers one day? I get it. I know a lot of us ain’t shit! Happy Father’s Day to all the women who play the role of the father. Happy Father’s Day to y’all too. Damn. When Mother’s Day come around, we don’t act like that with y’all. A lot of y’all ain’t shit and we still get y’all something. Let’s enjoy the moment. To all my fathers taking care of their responsibilities, today your day. Put your muthafuckin’ clothes on the bed too! Play your music loud like they do on Mother’s Day!”


Check it above.

In another video, he talked about how the valet guy wished him Happy Father’s Day and he wished him the same. Then he said, “Oh, so you nutted in something too?” He said that’s how he’s greeting all the fathers on Father’s Day. Lordt. Peep the clip below:


A video posted by @plies on


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