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Detroit Lion (And Our Newest Woke Bae) DeAndre Levy Is Speaking Out Against Rape Culture


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Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy penned an essay on the need to talk about rape and sexual assault, the objectification of women, men's responsibility and more.  And he's calling out the biased teachings in sexual assault education.  Go inside to see his powerful words....

A star NFLer voluntarily speaking up about rape culture is a much welcomed rarity. Today for The Player's Tribune, the 29-year-old Lions Defensive MVP spoke directly to his colleagues and men around the world about the realness of rape culture, and the responsibility men have in it. Yes, a cutie who is also mighty with the pen.

DeAndre made it known there is a responsibility on men to simply not rape, regardless of what or who society often excuses often due to what a woman is wearing or doing.  He's never been shy about speaking his mind (he's big on speaking out about doctors covering up concussion reports in the NFL).  And now, he's raising sexual assault awareness by saying exactly what needs to be said.

Here are the must-read excerpts:

On masculinity and the objectification of women in the sports community:
The dehumanization and objectification of women are not issues that are specific to male athletes. They are societal problems. But they tend to be more associated with athletes in part because we are often idolized because of our athletic ability. In many ways, we're considered models of masculinity, which is at the very root of a lot of these issues.

On educating men about rape and consent:
The focus always seems to be on teaching young women how not to get raped and on what steps they can take to "stay safe." But why are we not also focused on educating young men about the definition of consent and what constitutes rape? We're essentially dealing with the problem by telling women to be more careful.
And that's bullshit.

As a society, we need to get more serious about this. The issue of sexual assault is a lot more nuanced than what most men think. We need to teach young men how to be allies - explain to them the emotional and psychological effects that abuse victims often carry with them for their entire lives. We need men to understand that there are likely women close to them who have experienced an assault and never told a soul.

It's important for men, especially in a hyper-masculine culture that breeds so many assholes, to stand up and challenge the values that have been passed down to us. This is not just a woman's problem.

YES.  Read the full essay HERE.


Photo: USA Today

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