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Nick Gordon Shares Explosive (Alleged) Details About The Day Bobbi Kristina Died – Drugs, Sex & Miscarriages!


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Nine months after the death of Bobbi Kristina, her boyfriend Nick Gordon is opening up and revealing shocking details leading up to her death. Details inside….

There have been more questions than answers when it comes to details that would explain Bobbi Kristina’s death.

Now, her boyfriend Nick Gordon is opening up for the first time where he's sharing shocking and alleged details about the day Bobbi Kris passed away after being found submerged under water in her bathroom inside her Georgia home (Jan. 31st).

In fact, he alleges this wasn’t the first time Bobbi K almost drowned in a bathtub. He revealed her mother Whitney Houston saved her the night before she [Whitney] died the exact same way in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2012. Tragic.

Folks have been pointing the finger at Nick claiming HE’s the reason the daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown died. While no criminal charges have been brought against him, he’s currently facing a multi-million dollar civil suit brought by Bedelia Hargreaves, Bobbi K’s conservator.

Nick wants the world to know he did everything he could that day to save his girlfriend.  He also details how her life was spiraling out of control before that day. In an explosive interview with the Daily Mail, he said:

“I blame myself for not getting to Krissy quick enough that day," said Nick. "I can’t blame myself for another addict’s addiction, but I feel like I failed her. She didn’t make it. I wish she got help.”

Nick went on to say that Krissy was taking her mother’s death really hard and started experimenting with prescription drugs, saying "she would use drugs to numb the pain she was feeling."

As for the day she was found submerged under water, Nick detailed the events leading up to her being found submerged underwater in her bathtub.

He explained the events that led up to that feadful day telling the site:

“I went out with a couple of buddies of mine earlier that day and we were out having a good time. Krissy thought I was with some other females and that's when she got upset. She called and said I had to come home.”

Gordon claimed it was around four in the morning when he finally did and that when he arrived back home Bobbi Kristina was already clearly 'messed up.'

“I saw a couple of bottles of wine. I thought she had just been drinking, maybe smoked a little. She was upset, we got into a little argument and then we made up and went upstairs and lay on the bed for about 45 minutes and did what adults do. I went downstairs to go and play PS4 real quick and she [Bobbi Kristina] got up and was doing her own thing. She was getting up and getting dressed.”

There were four people in the house at that point – Bobbi Kristina, Gordon, Bradley and friend Max Lomas.

"The Xfinity [cable] guy came and had to do a bunch of stuff in the house and I had my friend Max walk round with him because he had to change all the boxes and I wanted to make sure he's not stealing anything or taking pictures. So he [Max] walked him into my room to show him the box in there."

“He knocked on the door and didn't hear a call from Krissy. He knocked on the bathroom and still didn't hear a call from Krissy and that's when he found her in the bathtub. Then he calls my name.”

Pausing Gordon apologizes: “I'm sorry this is hard. I knew instantly something was wrong. You know there's a tone; you can hear it in someone's voice.”

“I ran to my room and then I saw my girl on the floor. It was so traumatizing. I dropped to my knees and kept giving her chest compressions and blowing into her mouth.”

There was a moment of relief, he tells, when Bobbi Kristina spat up some water. “I thought she was going to come round but that never happened.”

The Houstons and Browns have long accused Nick of foul play, but he said he will not be the scapegoat."They weren't in Krissy's life and I strongly believe they're looking for somebody to blame,” said Nick. “But guess what? I'm not filling the role of being the blame guy.

Nick also talked about his relationship with Krissy saying they had plans to get married (even though they announced to the world they had already tied the knot) and have kids together. He then revealed Krissy had been pregnant several times, but lost them due to miscarriages. He said:

"We had a couple of miscarriages. We would have loved to have a kid but we weren't planning on it yet and she was just such a young fragile person it took a toll on her," he said. "We wanted to get clean, settle down, get married, have kids."

Such a tragic story.

Nick will appear on an upcoming episode of “Dr. Phil” set to air this Thursday and Friday. Will you be tuning in?


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