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Oh, The Irony! Rachel Roy Cancelled Her Appearance At A 'Smart Branding' Conference Today


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Oh, Rachel. Find out inside why karma doesn't like those who troll inside...

One may say she brought it on herself. After this weekend's Lemonade debacle involving fashion designer Rachel Roy, she's going into hiding.

On Saturday, Rachel voluntarily wrote an ill-timed (a little too coincidental for our taste) Instagram caption referencing Beyoncé's Becky side chick line on her new video album.  Her comment seemed to hint that SHE was being labeled as a side chick to Jay Z

We actually believe Beyonce was not even talking about her own relationship in any of her songs. So why Rachel felt the need to make the initial statement she did is still confusing to us.

The BeyHive swarmed her social media in response.  She responded by making her Instagram page private and claiming she's the victim of bullying.  Today, she pulled out of a Neuehouse Conference just before she was scheduled to speak. 

But here's the irony.  Rachel was set for the “Mastering Your Métier” talk, which is a discussion and conversation series about the business of creativity, or more specifically, how to turn craft and trade into viable financial models. And it's all about using smart branding -- hmph -- to create revenue out of creativity, marketing and messaging.

The conference rep issued a statement saying:

“Due to a personal emergency, Rachel Roy has had to cancel this evening’s event. Our apologies for any inconvenience.”

Congratulations, Rachel.  You played yourself.


Photo: FameFlynet

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