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The Best Reactions To Beyoncé's "Lemonade," And Why Rachel Roy Needs To Just STOP


 photo lemonade reactions2_zpsnalmhxyd.jpg

We've finally had a chance to digest all that "Lemonade" Beyoncé spilled his weekend.  Find out how celebs reacted to the sweet & sour spillage inside, and why we're BEGGING Rachel Roy to just stop...

Beyoncé's "You better get Becky with the good hair" line in "Lemonade" had folks scrambling to find out who side chick Becky is.  Even today, plenty of folks assume Beyonce was was speaking about Jay Z cheating on her in the many divorce and breakup and cheating anthems she dropped.  

We're still not convinced though.  If you listen critically, Beyoncé is seemingly speaking about her father and mother's well publicized cheating drama, her grandparents' cheating drama, and speaking for every woman who has suffered emotional trauma due to being lied to and cheated on.  It was bigger than her and Jay.  This is similar to "Ring the Alarm," "Irreplaceable" and MANY other women empowerment after your man acts up anthems.  Even the "Resentment" song she covered.  People thought she was speaking about her own relationship then too, but she often made it clear she concocted many of those songs for her mother.

Plus, do we REALLY think she's going to give the masses the satisfaction of knowing anything, let alone any cheating drama, about her and Jay's relationship after a DECADE of staying mum?  Nah.

Yet and still, Rachel Roy decided she was bit thirsty with all the Lemonade around her, and she drudged up some old ish.

 photo reactions5_zpsrijxhlqu.png

Rachel posted up this picture and caption right after "Lemonade" aired.  Why Rachel?  Whyyyy?  Her "good hair don't care" reference SOUNDED like a slight at Beyonce, considering those past rumors that Rachel and Jay were messing around, causing that elevator fight years ago between Solange and Jay.  The original source of that rumor is shaky at best.  So many people forgot all about it.

While Rachel has said multiple times the rumor has no basis and people are reaching, we find it odd she would drudge up THIS foolishness with this type of caption. She knew what she was doing (attention grabby maybe?), and she caught all kinds of stings in her comments from the Beyhive.

No one was even thinking about Rachel Roy during Lemonade...until this.  After catching hell from the Hive, Rachel wrote:

 photo reactions6_zpsbvzecvxv.png

Hmmm...seems the person who threw shade first would be the bully.

June Ambrose, Jay's long time stylist for over a decade, posted:


 photo Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.58.32 PM_zpso6woussg.png


As for the rest of the celebrity world, here are the reactions that had us in tears.  Check 'em:

 photo Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.28.50 AM_zpsvbbx87pr.png

 photo THJ_zpsilqxoptt.png

   photo Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.43.22 AM_zpsharfu95w.png   photo reactions1_zpsbh3umb4y.png photo reactions4_zpsrobhsnmu.png photo reactions2_zpsf1gfpzh5.png photo reactions8_zpsjmogkt6p.png photo reactions7_zpsqoe3zejj.png    photo reactions9_zps3mtjcths.png photo reactions10_zpsw3uvsjmg.png photo reactions11_zps9pwxjqfg.png photo reactions13_zpsiv1turf4.png photo reactions12_zps5k0yogxd.png

 photo reactions3_zpsnrbqvjha.png

We're not sure if that Azealia Banks was shade...or nah.


Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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