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Azealia Banks Returned To Twitter With New Boobs, And New Slay-Z Mixtape + Ice Cube & Common Drop "Real People"


So THIS is what Azealia Banks has been up to.  The rapper who quit Twitter earlier this month is back with a new mixtape...and new boobs.  Deets inside, plus "Barbershop 3" stars Ice Cube & Common linked up for a new track...

She's back.  And she REALLY wants you to know it.

Azealia Banks took people's advice and went on a social media (well, Twitter) break for a bit.  We may be in the minority of those who love her slick mouth and messy tendencies because she often spoke truth, just maybe not in the most PC of ways.  That face often clouded people's ability to give her music -- which we usually love -- a chance.

So Ms. Banks announced a few weeks ago she would be going away for a bit and letting management run her account.

Now, she's back.  Not totally but just to drop off her new Slay-Z mixtape and to show off her boob job on the cover.  She's mentioned more than once about wanting to get a little enhancement, so she did.  [Get the uncensored cover HERE.]

The Harlem raptress and her rival Iggy Azeala have more in common than they think.  Both recently took breaks from social media, both are back this week with new music and new surgically enhanced body parts.

Iggy some type of way popped up on all the major tv shows to promote her new song "Team" that we still can't bring ourselves to care about.  But Azealia's new mixtape, with zero promo, was trending all night on social media.  Interesting.

Looks like Azealia's going back into hiding though.  She tweeted late last night:

Thank (sp?) to everyone for all the love for #SLAYZ. I'll be back in a few days!

Get her new raunchy yet catchy mixtape HERE.


In other music news:

Ice Cube & Common just dropped their "Real People" track off the Barbershop 3 soundtrack.  The song features the two rappers turned co-stars spitting lines about squashin their 90's beef and joining forces.  They're calling for others to do the same.

Cube spits, “Me and that ni**ga, yeah, we used to bring the funk.  Now we got love and respect.”

Common raps,“It’s a good day when it’s me and O’Shea...” and confirms there's no more beef.

The film itself focuses a lot on taking back neighborhoods from gangs, drugs, criminal and gun activity.  So it's a fitting track for the film.

Check it above.


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