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Lil' Kim REVEALS Origin Of Nicki Minaj Beef, Says Nicki Is OVERRATED, CATTY And They'll NEVER Be Friends


Lil' Kim stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning where she dished on the how the Nicki Minaj beef got kicked off and the venom with which she spoke showed she's STILL very angry.  She said Nicki is overrated, catty, did a lot of dirt behind the scenes and they'll NEVER make amends.  Deets inside....


Lil' Kim stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning where she dished on the career and the MANY trials and tribulations she's experienced as an artist.  She revealed that she is still upset that Junior Mafia left her hanging during her trial with the feds and they are not cool.  She also talked about her legal warfare with Trackmasters which kept her out of the recording studio for years and her beef with Nicki Minaj.

She revealed that she was VERY close to Baby and Slim of Cash Money and they were forming a few businesses together.  She feels that they introduced her to Nicki Minaj just so the hip hop community would think she had endorsed Nicki and given her approval.  She says things went left after a track they recorded together got shelved along with all the promises of a video and a big marketing push.  After that, she said Nicki got VERY catty when they were around each other and then that's when she started dissing her in records.  On a side note, Lil' Kim was a good sport even as Charlamagne joked that he once said she looked like Jeremy Lin.  Here are the highlights:


On plastic surgery:

When asked why she had any plastic surgery done, Kim circled around and said, "Why would you ask me that?  So many woman have had work done.  Where is that coming from?"

On making up with Junior Mafia:

"Why would I become cool with somebody who has no loyalty, no love and no consistency."

On Scott Storch:

He has so many bad people around him.  But he's a nice person.

On beefing with Nicki:

"Every single record she's made was coming at me. She was coming at me in the Puffy record and in the Jay and Kayne record.

On why she & Nicki can't work together:

"She wanted to be the only female out there. So when Baby said we not f*ckin' with this chick cause you can't stand next to her, she loved it! She didn't want to stand next to me." Lil' Kim added that in the music industry men pit women against each other and Kim said, "You have to be smart enough to say yo, I don't know what they talking about but you my b*tch.

On what she thinks Nicki should have done differently:

"Don't come at me indirectly in records.....don't do that.  At the end of the day, she should have just said 'I don't care, you my b*tch, I want to do other stuff with you'."

On Nicki as an artist:

"I'm not saying she's a horrible artist, but she's overrated."

On homage:

Kim said she NEVER felt like Nicki paid homage to her. "When somebody says I love you BUT I hate you.....that's not homage." 

On if she and Nicki will ever make amends:

"It will never happen."

On where the Nicki beef goes from here:

"You will see....everything done in the dark comes to the light."

On Azealia Banks dissing her on Twitter:

"Listen, I think its in chicks' contracts that when you come out you gotta go at Lil' Kim." She added she doesn't know who she is and they have never spoken.



Listen to the interviews below:

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