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FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Rick Ross Brings Ex Shateria To His Party While His NEW Girlfriend Cried In The Corner...IN THE SAME DRESS!


We couldn't make this ish up.  Rick Ross has some major balls to pull the stunt he just pulled last night.  Or, he's just being a typical rapper who knows the women will flock to him no matter what.  We've got EXCLUSIVE DETAILS on how Rozay had his ex chick and his new chick battling it out at his 40th birthday party inside...


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Rick Ross apparently made his 40th birthday party the place to do whatever the hell he wanted.  Because last night at his Atlanta estate, he had multiple women -- exes and currents -- front and center at his black tie affair. 

Pics and video have been circulating of the rapper pulling up to his own party with his ex, Shateria, on his arm.  So who was the girl with the exact same off-the-rack Balmain dress on as Shateria? His new chick Cortney!

Here's what we've exclusively learned: Rick and Cortney have been dating for about a month.  She is from Philly (he likely met her there while visiting his homie Meek Mill often) and has been staying with Rick at his home in Miami.

She's a 24-year-old aspiring model, as they usually are.  Sources close to Cortney tell us, she thought for sure she was his next big thing after his recent break up with Lira Galore

We're told Rick brought her to Atlanta for his big bash, stashed her in his estate (the same place the party took place), but was M.I.A. all day on his birthday yesterday.  Cortney allegedly told folks on her styling team that he told her he would be "staying at a hotel with some 'friends'" and to "meet her at the party."


Despite internet chatter that Ricky himself put Cortney and Shateria in the same Balmain dress, that's actually not exactly the case.  Cortney was given a few funds to go buy herself soemthing nice, so she and her "stylist" trekked it to Neiman's in Atlanta and bought the Balmain dress, which was marked down to a few thouand bucks.  Shateria just so happened to purchase and wear the exact same dress.

When Rick made his arrival with Shateria, Cortney was at the door and saw the entire hoopla happen in front of her eyes.  We're told she couldn't hold back tears and fled to cry in a corner while being consoled by Ricky's security.  Eventually, security escorted her out of the party!

But that's not all, we're told Rick had a few other girls he's been "seeing" at the party too.  Even his ex, actress Kimberly Elise, was in the mix!

Shateria stayed at the party and remained unbothered.  We're told she actually was completely unaware of Cort's presence or existence.  The fashion maven was captured on Rick's snap arriving in his car to the party:

And inside, they were all over each other:

Unfortunately, Cort thought that would be HER role, and that was evident from the pics she took around the estate before the party:

She said:

Damn.  Just a week ago, she snapped a pic by Rick's pool seemingly gloating about the fact he was "grooming" her:

Let's set higher standards in 2016...

UPDATE: As for Lira Galore's messy response to it all?


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Photos: ATLPics.net/Rick's Snapchat/Cort's IG

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