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The Ratings Are In...."UnBreak My Heart" Biopic Raked In 3.6 Million Viewers


 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.08.46 PM_zpsx9vp59nd.png

The ratings are in, and Toni Braxton's Lifetime biopic Unbreak My Heart was a success!  Get the deets, plus our observations, inside...


Whether or not it was the huge blizzard Jonas causing 90 million Americans to stay indoors on the night of the premiere that lead to these ratings on not, the Toni Braxton biopic was a hit!

Social media was on fire as newcomer Lex Scott Davis channeled Toni Braxton (and the Braxton sisters got their own eyebrow raising portrayals).  It all lead to 3.6 million Total Viewers, according to Nielsen Fast Cable Ratings.  Get it!

The movie was the most tweeted about program on television Saturday, with an 18% share of all Twitter TV activity.  And you already know what was taking up much of that activity: Those damn MEMES.

We're still left wondering why Lex's speaking voice didn't match Toni's singing voice.  Once we got past that, and the somewhat low-energy performance as Toni, we were here for ALL the rest of it.  Including how she nailed Toni's look. 

From the shade within the first 60 seconds about "Tamar always being flat," to Debbie Morgan coming for Angela Bassett's crown for the "Best Kick Your Cheating Ass Out" scene to that epic shade thrown at Towanda through the way they had Skye P. Marshall playing her....we loved every second.  The casting was on point too -- Papa Braxton, Babyface, Tamar Braxton....nailed it!

Overall, Lifetime didn't let us down.  Cheers to that!

Check out our fave memes below:

 photo toni6_zpspfdcvndv.png photo toni25_zpsptz8mtb0.png

 photo tonib3_zpsbldjp2h0.png

 photo tonib2_zps1c6qkg3j.png photo tonib1_zpspl6gbe13.png photo tonib5_zpsi7zamau3.png photo tonib4_zpsvee0i51o.png

 photo tonib10_zps7mizq6aj.png

 photo tonib20_zpslaoqvghx.png

 photo tonib15_zpsxq8lv5fm.png photo tonib17_zpsecsyavge.png photo tonib28_zpshfud0bda.png photo tonib24_zps8rug5n20.png photo tonib21_zpsrr0s1lzw.png photo tonib30_zps4wa8bbxo.png photo tonib37_zpswedosom9.png photo tonib32_zpsenl7zqye.png


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