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SURPRISE! Antonio Cromartie Is Expecting Twins (#11 & #12) With Wife Terricka Cromartie…AFTER A Vasectomy!


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Well here’s a shocker! NFLer Antonio Cromartie and his wife Terricka Cromartie are expecting twins... even though Antonio had a vasectomy. Yikes! Deets inside….

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie must have some super sperm!

The 31-year-old baller is expecting babies number 11 and 12, with his wife Terricka Cromartie despite undergoing a vasectomy. HOW SWAY?!

The couple revealed the news toUS Weekly saying it was a total surprise because they never thought in their wildest dreams that this could be possible. Hmph.  Terricka told the publication, "I really thought I was dreaming, even after, I was just in total disbelief."

She kept quiet about the pregnancy at first because she was in denial...like how could this happen? She said she found out they were expecting back in October 2015.

"I didn’t even tell Antonio right away because I didn’t think it was possible," she said. "I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen. In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point."

In the picture above, she was just a few weeks pregnant. She was all smiles snapping it up alongside her hubby on the carpet at the GOTHAM Men's event in NYC back in November 2015. Terricka revealed Antonio was utterly shocked about the news, but soon realized it was all a part of God’s plan. She dished,

"Originally, he was like, 'Oh, s--t! Are you serious? How did this happen?’ It was shocking news for the both of us. It took me a while to process it, but Antonio stood firm and was saying, 'It’s God’s will.' And he’s been excited the whole time."

The twin babies will join their big sister Jurzie (5) and brother Jagger (3), along with 8 other siblings from 7 different relationships. Whew!

The former "Candy Girls" star claims she didn’t want to reveal she was pregnant due to all of the negative backlash, but realized all of her children (and his) are blessings. She spilled,

"To be honest, I’ve gone back and forth about if I wanted to share the news or not. All my children are blessings and all of Antonio’s children are blessings, for that matter. It was made to seem that my children weren’t a blessing because they were categorized by a number, and for that reason and that reason alone, I hid both of my [first two] pregnancies with my husband, just so I could enjoy them with those who were really happy for me."

Well alright. Congrats to the couple!

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