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FAB TEEN FILES: Sasha & Malia Obama Get Stylish As President Obama Pardons A Turkey


 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingnZLLPxW39xol.jpg

Our fab First Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama prove what a YBF Teen should look like while attending a presidential event. Peep pics of the Obama girls along with their dad President Barack Obama as he pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey inside…

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingaEVQ9UiDxDKl.jpg

First Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama joined their father President Barack Obama during the annual turkey pardoning ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House today.  The super tall and super gorgeous ladies are growing up right before our eyes.  P.S. We're loving those new specs Sasha!

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingP9o2Arjt2Kel.jpg

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingOEn-LnMCH_-l.jpg

POTUS kept with the Thanksgiving tradition by pardoning the National Thanksgiving turkeys named Honest and Abe. A grade school in California had the honor of naming the turkeys.

This year, the White House asked the public to choose which turkey would hold the official title by casting their votes via Twitter. Abe prevailed as the winner.

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingx0-CKz-A31Pl.jpg

 Malia (17) and Sasha (14), who looked way happier this year compared to last year’s ceremony, kept it extra fab. Last year, both girls looked totally overthe whole situation, but this year brought many laughs, smiles and giggles as they stood alongside their dad as he cracked jokes.

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingwpjUFfckC8kl.jpg

Malia looked super cute in a striped turtleneck shirt (from American Apparel), a dark green mini skirt with tights, black flat boots topped with a two-tone coat. Little sister Sasha was equally fab rocking a cream sweater, a denim miniskirt (both from American Apparel) with tights and flat boots. And we noticed both girls rocking the high socks with their flat boots. Loves it.

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgiving9fOLChdhE0Jl.jpg

So chic.

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingM-O4XKWJFI_l.jpg

 photo PresidentObamaPardonsNationalThanksgivingGGMDnbsPE3Zl.jpg

Fab times.

The Obamas also served meals with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and more at a homeless center in a Washington, DC, church today (Wednesday).  Check out the video below:




Photos: Getty

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