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Amber Rose Celebrates Her 32nd Birthday In NYC, Promotes Her New Book + Trey Songz Hits The Club


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Amber Rose hit New York City to do tons of promo for her book and to celebrate her 32nd birthday.  See party pics inside and check out Trey Songz having fun in Hollywood.

This is a huge week for Amber Rose.  Her book "How To Be A Bad Bitch" finally dropped and all of New York City is celebrating her birthday.  First, let's check out the party photos.....  

 photo ookkkkimage7.jpg

Last night, a birthday party was thrown at Avenue, one of the most exclusive clubs in the Meatpacking District/Chelsea area.

 photo mmcwdwcdwcdimage3.jpg

 photo ambfeffeimage2.jpg

Several of Amber's bosom buddies were on had to toast the queen of re-branding.

 photo kkoookooimage6.jpg

 photo mjnjnunuimage4.jpg

 photo kjinunuimage5.jpg 

 photo amimage1.jpg

We're told that club promoters we so happy to have Amber in the building that they her TWO birthday cakes!  One for each breast......


BEFORE the party, a few NY photographers spotted Amber leaving her hotel.....

 photo tray2.jpg 

 photo tray8.jpg


Back to the work....


 photo tray1.jpg

Why is Amber in NYC?  She's promoting her book "How To Be A Bad Bitch" which is finally in stores.  In addition to TV appearances (check her out on WWHL) she's doing tons of radio (SiriusXM) and press pieces.

She appeared on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show Dirty, Sexy, Funny where she went in on Andy Cohen. She told Jenny,

“Literally from the second I walked in it was, ‘Kardashians, Kanye, Kardashians, Kanye. I’m just like, ‘I wrote a book.’ I really wrote a f—ing book — it took me a year to write this book! … And I love Andy, and I understand that he has a show, like I get it. I’m not mad at him, but I would like people to understand my frustration. If you ask me about things that are actually relevant in my life, I will definitely answer those questions. Don’t ask me about s— from six years ago.”


After Sirius, Amber headed to Barnes & Noble where a long line of fans bought signed copies of her book.

 photo tray5.jpg

 photo tray6.jpg

 photo tray3.jpg

The fans came out in droves, braving the chilly weather in NYC to get a glimpse.


In other candids.....

 photo tray15.jpg

Singer Trey Songz was seen at Katsuya Restaurant and dare we say it.....the drinks must have been mixed VERY well.  We're sure his management team would blame the angles, but the brother's eyes were hung low and glossy in the pics we saw.  But why not.....he's successful and deserves to have a good time.

 photo tray14.jpg

We're told that Trey, who has had some problems with the IRS, recently landed a huge payday with Drai Beachclub and Nightclub in Las Vegas.  He'll be rotating performances with Chris Brown during his residency and since Chris is getting $50K, we imagine Trey must be balling too!


Photos via Splash

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