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CELEBS GIVE BACK: NFLer Victor Cruz Encourages VA High School Footballers After Racism Incident


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We love when our YBF celebs give back to the kiddies. NFLer Victor Cruz sent some words of encouragement to a predominantly black Virginia high school football team after they were met with racism at a predominately white school during a football game. Find out what happened and Victor’s inspiring words inside…

New Yorks Giants baller Victor Cruz, who’s currently nursing a calf injury, put smiles on a high school football team in Richmond, Va. recently.

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Last Friday, John Marshall High School (a predominately black school) traveled to Glen Allen High School (a predominately white school) for the latter’s homecoming football game. But, the team's welcome was anything but welcoming.

During warm-ups before the game, a racist song, which is a parody of “Duck Tales,” was played over the PA system, according to reports. The hateful track is filled with racial stereotypes and slurs along with expletives scattered all throughout it. Below are a few of the awful lyrics:

“I hate f*cking n****rs / n****rs suck d*ck,” one lyric says. “Look at n****rs trying to raise money / But they can’t ’cause they spend all their money / They’re n****rs and they’re so f*cking n****rs / I hate them.”

Yes, this is what was played over the PA system right before the game..and everyone heard it. They TRIED it.

Rather than act a fool, John Marshall football team used the racist remarks to fuel them on the field and came out victorious, beating Glen Allen with a score of 44-21. Take that, take that.

NFLer Victor Cruz caught wind of the incident and decided to write a letter to the team commending them on taking the high road in the situation and encouraged them to keep a positive mindset. He wrote:

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Following the incident, Glen Allen High School’s principal issued an apology and recently, the student who was allegedly responsible for the song being played issued an apology as well. And get this…the supposed student who played the song is BLACK and plays on the football team for Glen Allen. He said he and his teammates created a playlist the night before the game and that he thought all of the songs on the playlist were clean.

It’s interesting to note, if he AND his teammates created the playlist why is he the ONLY one coming forward to apologize. It’s unclear what his punishment includes and whether or not anyone else will be punished.


Photos: Victor's IG/@RPS_School/Jamar Chandler's FB

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