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DO WE BELIEVE IT? Real-Life WAR At EMPIRE -- Taraji P. Henson & Terrence Howard ALLEGEDLY Clashing On "Empire" Set?!


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Is the set of "Empire" becoming a war zone for Emmy-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson and her troubled co-star Terrence Howard?  One insider claims the two can't stand each other.  More inside...

While Taraji P. Henson famously lobbied Lee Daniels to hire Terrence for the lead role on "Empire," one insider claims the two are not getting along.

The source opened up toIn Touch magazine, revealing Taraji and Terrence constantly bicker back and forth, and it makes everyone on set uncomfortable.  The relationship has become sour, allegedly.  According to the source:

“It’s gotten so bad that Taraji can’t be on set for more than 30 seconds without staring daggers at him,” the source said. She’s irritated by the pompous, bigheaded braggart that Terrence has become.”

While Taraji and Terrence have been close friends since their Hustle & Flow days, insiders say the success of the show might be getting the best of Terrence.  And ya'll know Terrence has anger issues and doesn't do well around powerful women!

“In the beginning, Taraji was the key supporter and apologist for his behavior.  But as his arrogance increased, she began to get annoyed."

Within all this rumor and speculation, it's also being alleged that "Empire" producers think tension between Taraji and Terrence will “prompt some amazing, volatile scenes between them. The animosity is working to the show’s advantage.” #Messy

Meanwhile, Taraji’s rep shot down any reports that she and Terrence are beefing.  In fact, the rep says the two “are the best of friends and professional colleagues … always." 

Do we believe it?  Or are rumors like this expected to be concocted when a hit show has an ensemble cast?

By the way....."Empire" suffered its first ratings drop this week.  After 13-episodes of consecutive growth, Wednesday's episode pulled in a lower 13.7 million viewers (a 12% drop from last week's debut). 

Still, 13 million is nothing to scoff at.  Boo Boo Kitty and co. don't have anything to worry about. The execs at FOX still seem pleased with how this situation is rocking....


Photo: FOX

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