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Gabourey Sidibe On Her Body Image, Fighting Fear And Becky's After Hours Love Games On Season 2 "Empire"


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Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe has been promoted to main character status for the second season of "Empire," and were totally here for it!  Come inside to see what she says about the progression of blonde-Becky inside...


Are you ready for "Empire" to kick off tonight? If you're a fan of Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, we've got some good news, you'll be seeing lots more of her and her blond wigs during Season 2.

In case you forgot, at the end of last season, Jussie Smollett's Jamal Lyon became the head of the EMPIRE Records and he promoted from Lucious Lyon's (Terrence Howard) assistant Becky aka Gabourey to head of A&R! That means Becky will get more screen time and she's got a few more coins to step up her wig game. More on that later.....

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Gabby is on the press scene now celebrating season two and touting her other projects. In case you have HULU Plus, she also stars on the show "Difficult People" (which is pretty funny). Check out highlights from her interview with the AP below and a funny season 2 preview.

On the evolution of Becky: At the end of last season, Becky went from assistant to Lucious to a promotion, and she’s now the head of A&R (artists and repertoire). She now has more power than she ever had. She’s not serving someone, she’s not taking phone calls or making appointments for other people. She has her own roster of clients that she’s dealing with. So it’s really fun.

Is she like Becky: I’m not as much a go-getter as Becky is. We are similar in the way that we’re smarter than people think we are, but I think she works a lot harder than I do. And she’s much more serious than I am.

On how her life changed after Precious: I’ve learned it doesn’t help to say, ‘No, I can’t do it.’ I’ve learned that fear is not useful. I’m surprised how many things I’ve bumped into over the last eight years that scared me to death and that, when I actually came across them, I didn’t even feel it. It’s interesting how well I’ve been able to forget to have fear.

On body image and being a role model: When I was a young girl, I didn’t see enough of myself on TV or in magazines. And representation is very important to everyone, but especially to girls like me, and people like me, whether it be because of my body, because of my race, because of my skin color, because of my awkwardness or where I come from.

On representing the brown and round girls: While it makes me nervous to represent for anyone, I am extremely proud that some brown, round little girl sitting in front of the TV can look at me and that exists as well and that she has some value. That is the most important thing in the world. … What’s surprising is that it doesn’t always come from kids. I get it from the brown, round little girl but also the skinny white man. I think I am a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. And I think that’s what people relate to.

From Gabby's LA TIMES Interview:

On Becky and her blonde wigs:"You cannot tell me I'm not shooting the cover of W Magazine or Vogue. I would never choose to be blond myself, but I dig the fact that Becky does. I'm serving like Marilyn Monroe."

Don't underestimate Becky:"I like to think that Becky is really smart. She has a few degrees and worked her way up to be Lucious' assistant, but like most assistants, she's probably too smart to be an assistant. All of her quips come from her being literally the smartest person in the room."

On facing her fear of red carpets:"Red carpets are terrible and anxiety-provoking. It's so hard because I put so much thought into the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry. Then I show up and I'm sweating because I'm nervous and it's usually hot. All of the planning I put into looking presentable is wiped away because I'm all wet. I lean in. I turn into the fear. I know everything's going wrong and I kind of make a joke of it."

On Becky getting a man for Season 2:"You will get to see her "after hours."


BONUS: (Watch a funny clip of Gabby and Bff/roomate Jussie Smollet playing a game on E!):

Here's a preview:




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