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Jennifer Lopez Gets Bootylicious, Trey Songz Does A Sensuous Set & Lil Kim Rocks Out With Diddy At The 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival


 photo fsfffdggergrger.png

We've got your inside pass into the iHeart Music Festival with hot performances from Jennifer Lopez, Trey Songz, Big Sean, Lil Kim and more.  Check it out inside....

The fifth annual iHeartRadio Music Festival hosted by Ryan Seacrest, was held on Friday and Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas where fans saw performances by Kanye West, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Puff Daddy, Demi Lovato, David Guetta, Kenny Chesney, The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Lil Wayne, Fall Out Boy, Disclosure, Hozier, Jason Derulo, Duran Duran, Prince Royce, Diplo, Trey Songz, The Killers, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas and this year's Macy's iHeartRadio Rising Star winner, Christina Grimmie.

You'll be able to watch all the fun on The CW Network when it airs as an exclusive two-night special on September 29 and 30 from 8-10:00 p.m but in the meantime, we've got an inside look at what went down on Day 2 (Saturday).

 photo JH2.jpg

On Saturday, music lovers witnessed one of the most bootylicious performances of all time. 

 photo JH3.jpg

Saturday was headlined by international superstar Jennifer Lopez (shown atop with boyfriend Casper Smart) who brought her mix of salsa, pop, hip hop and R&B to the stage with her unique flair.

 photo JH1.jpg photo JH5.jpg 

Jennifer's stage show included multiple costume changes and a quick run through of over a decade of hit records. 

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Show1Y2ffkMlOE_l.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowhQa5p4C4Luyl.jpg 

And she gave us several glimpses of her best asset.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowEI-a4zUKPDKl.jpg 

 photo jllookkjjnjnj.png

 photo jloddffde.png

The 46-year-old mother of twins has still got it!

Watch J Lo's set here:

After the show it's the after party..... 

 photo JenniferLopezChateauNightclubRooftopPariseLcKutnAkt4l.jpg

Jennifer and her crew got together to celebrate her success as well as her future engagement in Las Vegas. 

 photo JenniferLopezChateauNightclubRooftopParisYudj0kFDr12l.jpg

She'll be taking a residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in January 2016. The show is called "All I Have."

You wanna rumble with the Bee huh?

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Show5d_rNkwpfDSl.jpg

The Queen Bee of Hip Hop, Lil Kim, was in full effect on the stage.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowNFdtruHv6cYl.jpg

It was just like old times as the "No Time" rapstress hit the stage with longtime friend Diddy.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowmV-bis59-bDl.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Show4HD9W7M8IQMl.jpg

And Diddy really put his "heart" into the performance.

Watch Lil Kim, Diddy & MGK perform "All About The Benjamins" 

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Showokpogx_oCyjl.jpg

In addition to his appearance with Lil Kim, Diddy also brought out Bad Boy fav Mase!  Hmm....we wonder if Pastor Betha made it to church on Sunday morning?

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowvlRdPic2hEhl.jpg  

Busta Rhymes hit the stage for the Bad Boy mini-reunion too.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowqPhV8S2OOkel.jpg

Fetty Wap hit the stage and sent the crowd into a tizzy with "Trap Queen." 

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Show1DGpkVOX096l.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowoJNdbQySX4ml.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowZ1R3bjhdTQ4l.jpg

Detroit's finest, Big Sean, hit the stage to run through his hits.

Check his set below:

 photo Sean2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNightWH9luorPzIil.jpg

Later, he chatted it up with The Breakfast Club.  

 photo Tyga2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNightSXf11K6UBZ6l.jpg

 photo Tyga2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNightwmEPVxOXkpRl.jpg

The Breakfast Club, who broadcast on an iHeart radio station, also interviewed performer Tyga.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2BackstageHfSr0f7LAtvl.jpg

Singer Trey Songz (shown above with Rita Ora) hit the stage for one of his sensuous sets.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Showir8JJ93adELl.jpg

He danced erotically with a group of scantily clad ladies.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowzobOr-0nxxSl.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowdlIcyVF8a_Bl.jpg

   photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowkPRvSF8r3kgl.jpg

Then he took his shirt off....of course.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Show7zKLN9goMefl.jpg 

The Weeknd, who is currently one of the biggest music stars in the world, also hit the stage to perform his hit records.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2ShowUhArRmO4JzQl.jpg 

He recently had his first #1 pop record with "I Can't Feel My Face."

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2Showe_ExgP73YPwl.jpg

Watch The Weeknd sing "The Hills"


 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2BackstageiKEcSha3umzl.jpg

Actress Kat Graham was spotted making the rounds.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2BackstageRNt7MXvNaYJl.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicFestivalNight2BackstageCJqG_iHUU7Ql.jpg 

Backstage, we spotted Diddy touting his liquors and posing with Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama.


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