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Serena Williams Flexes Karaoke Skills With "Under the Sea" At Pre-US Open Event + Jay Z & Co. Join Miguel Cotto At Boxing Press Conference


 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsKUb-g1lL_I0l.jpg

Jay Z and a few Roc Nation Sports execs turned out to support their client Miguel Cotto during his pre-fight press conference. Watch the video inside and see Serena Williams, Estelle, and Laverne Cox and karaoke.

There's much more to Serena Williams than meets the eye. 

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliams8X9ifTGdgBcl.jpg

It's plain to see that she's one of the most incredible athletes in the world.  Peep her winning her 6th Wimbledon championship here!  It's plain to see that she's a sexy lady who can rock out in a high fashion magazine spread.  See her New York Magazine shoot here. But.....did you know she sings too?

While having a little fun before she heads off to the U.S. Open (August 31st), she did her best "Little Mermaid" impression during last night's Delta Air Lines karaoke event.

In the clip above, you'll see Serena doing a stirring rendition of "Under The Sea" that'll make you want to grab a pair of fins!

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliams2SGXtGJrr-Jl.jpg

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsXtlzLn9wbQjl.jpg

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsnf7Vp9brfQLl.jpg

Serena, who was honored during the event, was joined by a few of her celebrity friends, including Grammy-winner Estelle.

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsvBod4vES7b6l.jpg

We also spotted Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen and Emmy-winner Uzo Aduba.


 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsuy99zTrqi1Jl.jpg

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsZ6xFkSe7nyvl.jpg

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamswHw5fP06OtAl.jpg  

 Uzo performed a duet with "The Good Wife" star Alan Cumming. It looks like they really "committed" to the performance. 

  photo JayPharaoh2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaNk0iL4QKwupl.jpg

"SNL" funnyman Jay Pharoah did a few of his world-famous impressions.

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsCbvVEnhVP97l.jpg

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamscpU8K1PcGzCl.jpg

Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox was hostess and MC for the evening. And she looks awesome!  

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsDn7mt7N5fnWl.jpg  

 photo 2ndAnnualDeltaOPENMicSerenaWilliamsr7Et51hpc8Ul.jpg 

Former "The View" co-host Rosie Perez came out to celebrate Serena.


 photo IMG_9313.png

Puerto Rican bixing sensation Miguel Cotto, a Roc Nation Sports client, got suited up for a press conference to promote his HBO super fight with Saul (Canelo) Alvarez on Nov. 21st at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas yesterday.

With Jay Z sitting in the front row, Miguel (40-4, 33 knockouts), told the room that he's very confident about the upcoming bout. 

"I think the Miguel Cotto you saw in the last three fights is a different Miguel Cotto than you saw before (against Mayweather)," I know anything can happen the night of the fight.. But I can handle whatever Canelo brings. I never go into a fight talking about knockout. I prepare myself for a hard fight. But if I catch him with a good punch, I'm going for him."

Roc Nation Sports, who signed Miguel to a lucrative contract back in March, are banking on him to anchor its new boxing division.

Michael Yormark, president of Roc Nation said earlier,“This is our one year anniversary almost to the day of entering the boxing business. We look forward to promoting the fight of the year.”

In the pic atop, they captioned "Great to see #LaFamilia @rocnation #CottoCanelo see you all soon! @TheRealPecas @gabypenagaricano"


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