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     photo quincytyrateaser.png

    Quincy Jones had several of his celeb friends to celebrate his legacy getting cemented in Hollywood.  Literally.  Meanwhile, Tyra Banks got pretty in pink for her Life Size 2 premiere. Flicks inside...

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonymr4ggqiM9gdl.jpg


    Industry veteran Quincy Jones is a musical treasure and he's getting his flowers for his accomplishments while he's still here.

    The award winning composer/producer has been enjoying one hell of a year as he celebrates his 85th birthday. He's basically celebrating all year.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyvDRULAAvrojl.jpg

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyH3JbHT6qWQZl.jpg

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyl5ZG1rta_34l.jpg

    Recently, he became the first composer to get his hands and footprints cemented at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre and it was quite the affair. His legacy will forever be stamped in Hollywood. He's arguably one of the most influential artists in the history of recorded music.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyLiMqZQFY62Ml.jpg

    Q's career is impressive. Over the span of his career, he has received 79 Grammy Award nominations, 27 Grammy wins, and a Grammy Legend Award that he copped in 1992.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyHQS5LyXxoX5l.jpg

    The EGOT was joined by several of his celeb friends, including Snoop Dogg, Usher, Dr. Dre, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and his daughter Rashinda Jones.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremony-9BeO_UFB5Wl.jpg

    "I want to thank you for being a role model, an inspiration, being a great father, being a great producer, being a great mentor, an uncle and just being a great friend to us in Hip Hop," Snoop praised Q.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremony0VKHz0xEE-zl.jpg

    Usher thanked the "legend of legends" for being a father figure to him and for always keeping it real even when he didn't want to hear the truth.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyQbeXN8f7unfl.jpg

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonymyyn4e3xyypl.jpg

    Snoop's wife Shante Broadus was in the mix.

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremony3Imk5_MJFT7l.jpg

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyUytCsPjlh_ql.jpg

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyVSColOA93G8l.jpg

     photo QuincyJonesHandFootprintCeremonyQrsui1rfJHPl.jpg

    Congrats Q!

    Peep Q, Snoop and Usher speak below:

     photo Geey1.jpg

    By the way, if you haven't already, check out the documentary on Quincy Jones that's currently streaming on Netflix. It's BOMB.

    Also, "Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones" is set to premiere on December 3rd at 7 PM on BET. Click HERE for the red carpet pics.

    At another event...

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivalslCK4q0UoCw6l.jpg

    Tyra Banks got "dolled up" in head-to-toe pink for the Life Size 2 premiere held at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  She decided to get in character, we assume.

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivals3g0ueItfvWPl.jpg

    On the carpet, the Top Model honcho was joined by Francia Raisa and the Life Size 2 cast on the pink carpet.

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivalsW3RteSVOAuFl.jpg

    Tyra was all about having fun with her Freeform fam.

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivalsr2AvmGnvsSkl.jpg

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivalsEmSEj4wzC-9l.jpg

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivalsIHdyTxV2-y_l.jpg

     photo LifeSize2WorldPremiereArrivalsNosOK6IpUt7l.jpg

    "Grown-ish" actor Trevor Jackson and CNN's Van Jones came out to support.

    Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve premieres on Sunday, December 2nd at 9 PM ET/PT, as part of Freeform's '25 Days of Christmas' programming event.



    Photos: Getty

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     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivals-Dv6KsFglXql.jpg

    Tessa Thompson was a whole fashion mood when she stepped out on the carpet at the CREED II London premiere. Get into her haute couture look, plus Sylvester Stallone says he's retiring his Rocky character. Everything inside...

     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivalsnA3XyVvo9pWl.jpg

    Green with envy...in the best way possible though!

     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivalsiIjmhRI5KgAl.jpg

     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivalsO-Ep4_hwIr0l.jpg

    Tessa Thompson took a fashion risk when she made her way on the red carpet for the London premiere of CREED II held at the BFI IMAX. And she slayed it.

    That braid, the pockets, this shade of green, and the twirl in this Valentino pleated hem gown - styled by Wayman & Micah - was perfection. This isn't an easy look to pull off, but Tessa did it with confidence and fierceness.

     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivalsen09yw1F__Gl.jpg

    While on the promo trail, we noticed Tessa has kept with a green theme, wearing the hue at the film's NYC premiere and during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.



     photo BJordan3.jpg

    Go awf.


    Watch her in action below:




     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivalsj7Z_hqlnefLl.jpg

    Hottie Michael B. Jordan was also in the mix looking dapper as ever.

     photo CreedIIEuropeanPremiereRedCarpetArrivalsanzQ_SFP6dSl.jpg

    In case you missed, check out our exclusive chat with MBJ and CREED II red carpet footage from the NYC premiere below:

    We also chopped it up with CREED II director hottie Stephen Caple Jr. You can check it out HERE. 

    Speaking of CREED...


    Rocky Balboa is passing the torch to Adonis Creed.

    Sylvester Stallone announced in an Instagram video that he's retiring his famous Rocky character, confirming CREED II is the character's final appearance on the big screen.

    "I just want to thank everyone around the whole wide World for taking the Rocky family into their hearts for over 40 years," he wrote.

    The Hollywood actor first starred in the Rocky franchise when it debuted in 1976. It quickly became the highest-grossing film of the year and won THREE Oscars, including Best Picture.

    "It’s been my Ultimate privilege to have been able to create and play this meaningful character. Though it breaks my heart, Sadly all things must pass... and end. I love you Kind and generous people , and The most wonderful thing of all , is that ROCKY will never die because he lives on in you ....," he continued.

    In the video, the 72-year-old actor said in front of his co-stars and crew, “This is probably my last rodeo." Was that "probably" leaving room for him possibly coming back? You can never say never.

    We saw hints in the movie of how writers could continue the franchise without Rocky. We won't spoil it though, in case you haven't seen it yet.

    Photos: Getty/Splash

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     photo citygirlscaresha2.png

    City Girls rapper Yung Miami has been getting dragged for her speech errors. And she just gave the haters more ammo. More inside...

    Yung Miami is a true Florida chick. She def has a strong accent to those who aren't from her hood.  But some say it's more than an accent, and are constantly trying to drag the 20-something mom of 1 for "glorifying being uneducated".

    It first started when she was promoting the City Girls' Twerk competition and said "flewed out" instead of "flown out." She was trying to tell the ladies she would fly them out to appear in their "Twerk" video, but folks were more concerned with her grammar. Now, "flewed out" has been added to internet vernacular. The memes were endless.

    Well, folks are now coming for her over the way she pronounced, well, misprounced, a city in Michigan. She made a video to promote an appearance in Ypsilanti, MI and said the name of the city entirely wrong.

    Check it:


    Listen to the correct way to say Ysplanti at the end of the post.

    In her defense, she's not from Michigan, so she may not have known. Outside of Michigan folks, who WOULD know exactly how to pronounce that name off top?  She could have asked the promoters the correct way to say it before making the video though.

    Since folks have been coming for her over the last month, she posted this subliminal clapback:



    She said what she said.

    Not only have people been at her neck over the way she talks, they have also been clowning her over what she said during an interview with Power 105's "The Breakfast Club." The radio personalities were asking when she and her son's father met.

    "I been knowing him since 2000," she explained. "He was my first. I had sex when I was 13. He 26, I'm 24. He was in the 3rd...I was in the 3rd, he was in the 5th."

    Check it (at the 27:40 mark):

    People assumed she meant she was 13 in the 3rd grade. She came back to explain they first MET when they were in the 3rd and 5th grade, and they had sex when she was 13 and he was 15.

    Peep the clip below:


    Below are a few tweets of folks dragging Yung Miami:











    However, folks are coming to her defense:










    By the way, her rap partner JT is expected to be released from prison at the top of 2019.



    Their new album Girl Code is out and on all streaming platforms. *Twerks in unbothered*

    Photos: Yung Miami's IG

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     photo stephen2.png

    Stephen Belafonte is responding to his ex-wife Mel B's claims that he forced her to do threesomes with other women. He claims SHE was the one recording their sexcapades. And that's not all he's saying. More inside...

    Mel B has been on the promo trail heavy, promoting her new book Brutally Honest where she gets candid about how she hit rock bottom during her 10-year marriage to her now ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

    The Spice Girl revealed the abuse got so bad, she was doing 6-lines of coke a day to cope with the abuse from Stephen while she was a judge on "X Factor." During their divorce proceedings, it was revealed he threatened to ruin her career by releasing their sex tapes (about 64 of them) and that he forced her into having threesomes that they also recorded.

    Now, Stephen is speaking out to share his piece.

    The 43-year-old made claims she was often times behind the camera recording their sex tapes during their threesomes and that they were her idea. Not only that, he said he has videos of her doing drugs in front of her their children. He claims she's making all of these accusations to protect her image.

    "I do not know who I was married to, at all," he told Daily Mail TV. "It is a person who had the capability of probably slitting my throat if it protected her as an addict," he said. "What she has said to protect her own image, to play the victim was nasty and horrific. I'm dumbfounded."

    He said he's "disgusted" that she would even write about her drug use and sexcapades being that her daughters will one day read the book.

    "I don't know why a person who cares about their daughters, who is girl power, would ever in a million years want this to be out there for your younger daughters to read."

    In the book, the "X Factor" judge admitted having threesomes was her idea, however, she claims she's was motified when she found out he filmed the encounter.

    "She said that I had sex tapes, she had the world thinking that I filmed pornography, you know, sex tapes of my wife without her knowing," he said.

    "My wife was filming me. I want to show the videos of her filming me. She's completely dressed and turns the video on herself and talks about, "hmm it's so sexy" and continues filming me with another person having sex."

    Before their divorce was finalized in December 2017, they went through mediation sessions. Mel agreed to drop the domestic violence charges against Stephen if he agreed not to play any of the sex tapes in court. He claims she wasn't really worried about the actual sex in the tapes.  He says she didn't want the clips of her allegedly doing cocaine in front of her kids to be shown.

    Stephen admitted to filming consensual sex tapes with Mel and that he recorded her when she was high.  Sounds like "consenual" here is a gray area since someone was allegedly under the influence.

    "But there was a reason," he shared. "The videos were taken to give to her therapist. So Melanie would take accountability. Melanie does not take accountability for anything. Not hidden videos, directly (to her). Videos where I'm acknowledging her and saying, why are you doing cocaine around the kids? Why are you drinking so much that you can't stand up now? Why are your friends giving you all of these drugs."

    He claims he has never done drugs with Mel and that they only used to drink together.

    "I never did drugs with my wife," he insisted. "We never had that relationship. We had drinks together. The drinking is bad. It's the chemical imbalance of Melanie's brain once drinking starts."

    The restaurant owner claimed Mel is making him out to be the bad guy in order to justify the things she did during their marriage.

    "To be honest with you. I feel like Melanie is projecting... she needs me to be this horrible, abusive, controlling, piece of dog crap in order to justify the things that Melanie had going on in our relationship."

    Peep his interview below:

    Photo: Getty

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     photo Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.22.13 PM_zpsvpnjcegu.png

    Yo hold up, hold up, hold up, okay, hold up!


     Nicki Minaj got in extra "Good Form" for her new visuals, and she brought out some all star twerkers and her baddie celeb friends - including Cardi B.'s nemesis - for the visuals.  Watch inside...

    Lauren London's been on her baddie video girl status lately.  She appeared in her man Nipsey Hussle's latest vid, and now she's riding shotgun with Nicki Minaj.

    Onika just dropped the visuals for her twerk anthem "Good Form", and since she name dropped New New, she had to get LL to play the part.  She tapped a few of her other fave bad chicks for the Queen track (one of our fave off the album, btw).  In addition to Lil Wayne, who's featured on the rack, she's got ex-Young Money squad member Tyga, Evelyn Lozada and her daughter Shaniece (who were handpicked for the vid), the Clermont Twins, and Nicki's bestie, former "Basketball Wives" star Brooke Bailey.

    And we can't forget, she tapped former stripclub bartender Jade as one of those twerk stars.  Jade is currently filing suit on Cardi B. after that stripclub dustup over Offset.  Jade is also dating Nick's friend and collabo partner, Tekashi 69.  We guess Nicki is helping her un-stop her bag after the stripclub was shut down.


     photo Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.23.37 PM_zps8d2ppuei.png photo Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.26.38 PM_zpsh9g7wtmd.png   photo Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.22.03 PM_zpslq5sgiwn.png photo Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.24.57 PM_zpsyxqah19d.png 

    Check out Nicki and co. getting in "Good Form" below:


    Up next for Nicki:


    She's currently shooting the "Runnin" video with A$AP Ferg& Mike Will Made It in her hometown of Queens:


    And it looks like her hairstylist Arrogant Tae is back after he flipped out on the heavily critical Barbz.

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     photo violashirley.png

    Viola Davis is gearing up to bring Shirley Chisholm and her story to life after inking a huge deal with Amazon Studios. Get those deets, plus see Sandra Bland's family open their hearts about their sister and her upcoming HBO documentary inside...

    Shirley Chisholm is about to get some much deserved respect put on her name.

    Days after signing a first-look deal with Amazon, Viola Davis is gearing up to lead and produce a new Amazon Studios series about U.S. representative Shirley Chisholm, the first woman and the first person of color to seek a major American political party’s nomination for President.

    Viola perfectly cast herself for this, we might add.

    It's titled The Fighting Shirley Chisholm and it's the first project to be released from the deal.

    Maggie Betts (Novitiate) will direct from a screenplay written by Adam Countee (Silicon Valley, The Mindy Project). Homegrown Pictures’ Stephanie Allain (Hustle & Flow, Dear White People) and Mel Jones producing with JuVee are also behind the project.

    Deadline reports:

    Countee had long been interested in telling Chisholm’s story and his research led him to write the feature script on spec about the trailblazing congresswoman who never backed down as her bid drew ridicule and bigoted backlash. Chisholm ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1968 from New York’s 12th congressional district and became the first black woman elected to Congress. In January 1972 she announced her presidential bid in a Baptist church in her Brooklyn district. That election ended with George McGovern getting the Democratic nomination and losing to incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon.

    As for the deal with Amazon Studios, the Oscar winner and her husband Julius Tennon's production company, JuVee Productions, joined forces after signing an exclusive first look feature production deal. The husband-wife duo is also working with Amazing on the upcoming comedy "Troupe Zero," which will be released in 2019.

    In other activist news:


    Three years after the death of activist Sandra Bland, a documentary about her life and what led up to her untimely death is about to debut on HBO. Sandra's sisters Shante Needham and Sharon Cooper went on "The View" to share how they're still seeking details surrounding her passing.

    There are still many unaswered questions surrounding her death, including that bail money situation we're still pissed about, and they share how they're still fighting to get details about the last moments their sister experienced on this earth.

    Directed by David Heilbroner and Kate Davis, the HBO doc focuses on her life and legacy to continue her message. Before her death, Sandra spoke openly about racism, race relations and police brutality via her blog. She actually narrated much of the documentary via the posts she made before her death.

    Check out the clip above to see Sandra's sister speak on her legacy.

    "Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland" premieres Dec. 3rd on HBO.

    Sandra's sister also did an interview on "CBS This Morning" below: 

    By the way, Viola Davis executive produced and narrated "Two Sides," a docuseries that explored the Sandra Bland case.

    Photos: Getty/AP

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     photo myaambertravis.png

    Mya was a pure vision when she hit the carpet at the ARIA Awards. Get into her LEWK, plus peep lovey dovey shots of Amber Rose and her boo AE, and Travis Scott with baby Stormi and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner inside...

     photo Mya32ndAnnualARIAAwards2018ArrivalszVPYflBdoDWl.jpg


    Mya hit the carpet at the 32nd Annual ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia and she totally shut it all the way down.

    Yes, ladies and gentleman. This is 39 and FABULOUS. That raw vegan diet is doing her body and skin some good.

    Now, let's talk about the dramatics of this dress..

     photo Mya32ndAnnualARIAAwards2018ArrivalsL-bzo-D8YPil.jpg

    The "Movin' On" singer WOWED in a ballgown by Melbourne-based designer Jason Grech. It featured an unusal print along with the designer's JG logo on the front. The dress is very much out of the box, but Mya pulled it off in the best way.

     photo Mya32ndAnnualARIAAwards2018ArrivalsBoE5gj1edDzl.jpg

     photo Mya32ndAnnualARIAAwards2018ShowuH0vXku4oU4l.jpg

    Freakin' gorge.

    Before the show, she hit the stage to perform in Melbourne:




    Still a baddie. She's headed to Brisbane to perform on December 1st.

    As for the couples...

     photo IMG_2249.jpg

    Amber Rose and her Def Jam exec boyfriend Alexander Edwards are still going strong.

    The twosome was spotted holding hands during a lunch outing with a friend at Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills.

     photo IMG_2247.jpg

     photo IMG_2248.jpg

    It was a chill lunch date as they both were wearing sweats and t-shirts. The gray ripped sweatpants with the matching cropped hoodie is kinda cute. She topped her laid back look off with a Balenciaga hat.

     photo IMG_2246.jpg

    Guess he's more than a rebound despite what folks were saying.

    Another couple on the move...

     photo TKylie.jpg

    Travis Scott is currently jetting across the nation on his ASTROWORLD Tour. And he has his while family with him. His 9-month-old daughter Stormi Webster and girlfriend Kylie Jenner have been tagging along with the "Sicko Mode" rapper. He was tapped to perform at Madison Square Garden for two nights and they were right by his side.

     photo IMG_2250.jpg

     photo IMG_2251.jpg

    In the pictures, they were leaving their hotel together before they parted ways. Kylie went to Cipriani to have dinner with a friend while Travis went to his concert at Madison Square Garden.

     photo IMG_2253.jpg

     photo IMG_2252.jpg

    The next night, Kylie and Stormi were in the mix.  Travis gave Stormi her own dressing room in every city on the tour.  Must be nice!

    While Stormi looked on backstage, her mom joined her dad on the rollercoaster stage:



    When Stormi saw her dad on the television, she got all excited:



    And here's a clip of Stormi and Kylie getting ready for the concert, linking up with dad backstage, below:



    Photos: Getty/Backgrid/Kylie's IG

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     photo Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.52.15 PM_zpshecevtxl.png

    A new season of their reality show premiering and matching coast in public? Yup, we smell a new couple alert with Safaree Samuels & Erica Mena. Decide if it's the real deal inside...

    The new season of "LAHH: NY" premiered this week. So you already know what that means: New storyline shenanigans for publicity.

    But based on how hard rapper/Nicki Minaj's ex/reality show star Safaree has been going about finding himself a wife, one may think he's serious.


    After Safaree went on and on...and on...about wanting to settle down and start a family with a smart, supportive, woman who's not caught up in or impressed by the industry and have a booking email in her profile, he has settled on....


    "LAHH" star and actress Erica Mena. The two were boo'd up this week courtside at the Brooklyn Nets game in matching fur & leather jackets, just in time for the premiere of "Love & Hip Hop: NY". Gotta love that transparent convenient timing.

    We guess in his mind she fits that long checklist of attributes he said in the video above that he needs in his woman. He also posted this tweet around the time of their first public outing:

    Erica, who was previously engaged to Bow Wow, is literally the polar opposite of cool, calm and not of the industry. She's gorgeous though, so we can't even blame the man. Safaree was enamored with her when they did that "Scared Famous" show together on VH1 recently. Now, they both seem to want y'all to know they're in it to win it.



    By the way, the twosome also hit Remy Ma & Papoose's baby shower together earlier this month:

     photo DsDEdHsU0AE5yqG_zpstmhdyvo4.jpg




    Photos: Instagram

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     photo KareemHuntKansasCityChiefsvsNewEnglandtt1rkB7Z0yUl_zpsxdjeij6v.jpg

    Once again, an NFL star has committed a disturbing act of violence against a woman. And, once again, the NFL was aware and gave zero sh*ts until video came out today.  The incriminating video footage of Kareem Hunt and the latest fallout inside...

    UPDATE: The Kansas City Chiefs have cut Kareem Hunt.  The team issued a statement saying that after viewing the surveillance video, they've determined Kareem was "not truthful" in their previous discussions.


    Kareem Hunt, pictured above on the field last month before a game against the Patriots, got into a gross altercation with an unidentified 19-year-old woman back in February.  TMZ posted the surveillance footage today after law enforcement submitted this footage to prosecutors. 

    Just before 3:30 AM on February 10, 2018, in the hallway of The Metropolitan 9 hotel in Cleveland, the star Running back is seen arguing with the woman.  Kareem is seen shoving the woman, she strikes him back, another man gets between them, and ish gets extra crazy.

    Kareem - who is a 2017 Pro Bowler - lost his temper even more, shoved both the male and the woman into a wall before they both fell and looked dazed.  Kareem walked over to the woman and kicked her while she was on the ground.

    The NFL, though, was well aware of the whole situation since police were called and reports were filed.  The story hit the media right after, even though cops did not arrest Kareem.  The site states no charges were filed because "officers say they were unable to determine if a crime had been committed."


    It's unclear if the NFL sought out video then, but we do know coaches and the like said at that time they had all intentions of Kareem playing throughout the season.

    Both Kareem's friend - who was there - and the woman who was hit were on video giving their sides of the story.  Kareem's people claim she she was asked to leave and she called them the N-Word and hit one of Kareem's female friends. The woman claims Kareem kicked her out of his room after she refused to hook up with one of the guys in Kareem's entourage.

    We actually believe both scenarios are quite simultaneously possible...

    ESPN's Dan Graziano now says Kareem has been sent home from the Chiefs' practice facility.  The RB will likely be placed on the commissioner's exemption list and won't be playing in this Sunday's game against the Raiders.

    Sound a bit similar to the Ray Rice situation?  Yup.

     photo LarryJohnsonKansasCityChiefsvAtlantaVvXi1YUS3ucl_zpsv5ojbseh.jpg

    In a rare occasion, another (former) NFL baller dragged him for absolute filth for his actions.  A former baller who regrettably committed horrible acts of violence - which resulted in four arrests over a 10 year period - against women during his active days as well. 

    Larry Johnson, who also played for the Chiefs up until 2009, ran into paprazzi this afternoon and they showed him the disturbing video.  Larry responded with a vengeance:

    "I thought I made my mistakes painfully clear!!!! I thought I was a perfect example of what NOT to do!!!!"

    "I thought by speaking aloud about my pitfalls that players after me could see these situations before they’d happen. REALLY F*CKING UPSET KAREEM."

    Twitter is in an uproar over the video.  Sadly, not primarily because of the horrific violence against a woman that was caught on video.  At least that's not what most said in their tweets on the trending topic.  Folks are talking about scrambling to pick up another running back, Spencer Ware, for their Fantasy teams to replace their now troubled star Kareem.  Priorities. *rolls eyes*

    We really wish these professional athletes, and all men, choose who they want to get sloppy and sleep around with more wisely if non-brutal interactions with women are such a constant "problem" for them. And we wish they would all learn to de-escalate situations instead of getting physical with women.


    Photos: Getty

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     photo GettyImages-152820096_zpshk3qehvt.jpg

    Meek Mill has all the streets on fire - includingJay-Z -with his new project Championships.  Jay's apology for the heat he spit, Kanye shooting his shot because of it, and flicks from the album release party inside.

    Meek tapped all the current rap champs  for his Championships album.  His newest collabo with Drake is a banger, and so are his tracks with Hov & Rozay, Ella Mai, Cardi B. and more.

    Jay-Z can still rap circles around your fave rapper.  And he always makes sure y'all never forget it.  Hov teamed up with Rick Ross to show love to the Roc Nation signee's first album since getting released from jail.  The trio blessed us all with a flip on Biggie's classic "What's Beef" called "What's Free."

    The super woke new anthem has Jay talking his ish about Trump and Kanye West, while Rick's verse has some fire for Tekashi 69 and the likes.

    Hov spit:

    No red hat, don't Michael and Prince me and Ye They separate you when you got Michael and Prince's DNA, uh I ain't one of these house niggas you bought My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours My spou- (C'mon man)


    Folks went nuts thinking it was a shot at his other Throne half, Kanye West.  Understandable since 'Ye was a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter for 5 minutes. But Jay had to reset his password on Twitter to come and tell y'all to chill.


    Of course, Kanye didn't let the opportunity to shoot his shot for a Throne 2 go to waste:

    He dropped some gems as usual too:


    They gave us pork and pig intestines Shit you discarded that we ingested, we made the project a wave You came back, reinvested and gentrified it Took niggas' sense of pride, now how that's free?

    And the people stole their soul and hit niggas with 360's, huh I ain't got a billion streams, got a billion dollars Inflating numbers like we 'posed to be happy about this We was praised in Billboard, but we were young Now I look at Billboard like, "Is you dumb?"

    To this day, Grandma 'fraid what I might say They gon' have to kill me Grandmama, I'm not they slave Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, check out the bizarre rappin' style used by me, the H-O-V Look at my hair free, carefree Niggas ain't near free

    Enjoy your chains, what's your employer name with the hair piece? I survived the hood, can't no Shaytan rob me My accountant's so good, I'm practically livin' tax free

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumunla2fzlDetl_zpsopgrfo9h.jpg

    Ricky alluded to the foolishness of rappers like Tekashi 69 who do the absolute most to be the image they concocted:


    Screaming "gang gang," now you wanna rat Racketeering charges caught him on a tap

    Lookin' for a bond, lawyers wanna tax Purple hair got them fa**ots on your back

    Y'all already know he's catching heat for the f word.  As he should be.

    Meek had his album release party the night before in NYC:

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumU0shS11mw4il_zps8lww1jys.jpg

    Trey Songz pulled double duty on his own Blood Brothers movie premiere night to hit up the homie's party at PhD at the Dream hotel.  He snapped it up with Angela Simmons.

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumgHn3rida6e3l_zpsggmrvfxp.jpg

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbum2HJdaz_YGd4l_zpsctvdbohq.jpg

    Rick Ross made sure to come out to support his fellow Philly homie.

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumkT8xksB9XrJl_zps2irmyywc.jpg

    Jim Jones slid through.  Gotta get in all the parties before his trial.

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumOlUQrFbAAt5l_zpsd7w1rkfq.jpg photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumrM9cvWn-v-jl_zps8kinrx8d.jpg  

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumcQRkqRQshUgl-2_zpstghcqvc3.jpg

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbum_-Kde1ZCZmrl_zps53upts91.jpg

    Maino, YBN Almighty and Swizz Beatz were in the building.

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumuqU2hqEay1pl-2_zpsoblqahtt.jpg 

     photo MeekMillPUMACelebrateCHAMPIONSHIPSAlbumy7ic8Uy9_UFl_zpsgskngjhn.jpg

    And so were Elle Varner and Shiggy.

    Congrats on another trophy with Championship, Meek!

    Photos: Getty

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     photo bush-41-obama-bush-43-clinton-carter-2009-billboard-1548_zpsq2xqhhgq.jpg

    Less than 8 months after burying his wife, First Lady Barbara Bush, President George H.W. Bush has died.  President Obama & President George W. Bush have spoken out with heartfelt messages.

    Our nation's 41st President, George H.W. Bush, has died at age 94.


     photo barbara-bush-funeral-four-presidents-four-first-ladies_zpssjjdqkau.jpg

    The former President and former CIA head was confined to a wheelchair in recent months.  Despite their political difference in almost every way, President Obama - who called the Texas resident and New England native "one of our most underrated Presidents" - just gave a heartfelt message about his predecessor's passing saying:


    Bush's son and 43rd President George W. Bush put out a statement on behalf of the family saying:


    Deadline recapped Bush's 1-term Presidency - where he served before President Bill Clinton - and his wealthy upbringing:

    George H.W. Bush was elected president on Nov. 8, 1988, sworn in on Jan. 20, 1989, and served until Jan. 20,1993, when President Bill Clinton took over. Bush was denied a second term after an economic downturn soured the nation on him. He seemed particularly out of touch during a visit to a supermarket, where he marveled at the checkout scanners, something average people encounter several times a week.

    Born of wealth in New England, he married Barbara Bush on January 6, 1945, and after graduating from Yale, moved his young family to Texas to get into the oil business, later co-founding an offshore oil drilling company.

    Bush was a decorated Navy pilot who was shot down in the Pacific in 1944. He became the Navy’s youngest aviator, and bailed out after his plane was shot down near the Japanese-controlled island of Chichijima. His two crewmen perished in the crash, and Bush famously was rescued at sea by the submarine USS Finback – a dramatic rescue that was captured on film.

    He was the last of the World War II generation to become President. He was a two-term congressman from Texas, ambassador to the United National, chairman of the Republican National Committee, US envoy to China, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and then Vice President under Ronald Reagan.

    Our condolences go out to President Bush's family, their loved ones, friends and citizens of the world who felt he positiely affected their lives

    Photos: Office of George H.W. Bush/Reuters/Getty

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     photo 47143315_933631990163071_5546603169296941056_o_zpsfyoo5xcz.jpg

    Now this is how you pay homage!  The "Grownish" salutes "A Different World", and nailed that ish.  Check it inside.

    Before season 2 - sophomore year for the on-screen youngins - kicks off, Yara Shahidi and the cast of "Grownish" got us as close to "A Different World" remake as we're gonna get for now.  But they did it up properly.

    The cast put a Gen Z touch on the late 80's-early 90's classic show's intro (theme song by the late Aretha Franklin).  And they even exchanged their graduation caps for red cups.  Loves it.

    Season 2 premieres January 2nd on Freeform TV.  Our auntie a**es will be watching.



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     photo salimteaser.png

    "Black Lightning" executive producer Salim Akil is being investigated by Warner Bros Television after a woman - who is not his wife - filed a domestic violence lawsuit against him. Details inside...

    Warner Bros Television just opened up an investigation on "Black Lightning" EP Salim Akil after a woman pulled the trigger on a domestic violence lawsuit against him. And it isn't his wife.

    An actress named Amber Dixon Brenner is suing the famed producer/director/screenwriter for domestic violence, sexual abuse and breach of contract after filing the paperwork in the Los Angeles Superior Court last month. She accuses Akil of repeated “non-consensual assault and battery.” And get this...

    She claims she and Akil have been lovers for over a decade up until 2017. Whet?! Chile...

    If what she's saying is true, that means he has been cheating on his wife, Mara Brock Akil. They tied the knot in 1999.

    Not only is she suing Akil, she's also suing Oprah's OWN for copyright infringement. She claims Akil took a screenplay she wrote in 2016 about an abusive relationship to use as the basis for what became the OWN series, "Love Is _."

    According to her lawsuit, here's what she claims went down:

    Salim Akil committed multiple acts of physical violence and forced sex on Brenner, such as making her perform oral sex on him in the bathroom at a party in which he urinated in her mouth.

    Outside his house on Martha’s Vineyard, Brenner says Salim Akil “proceeded to stick three fingers up her anus and started lecturing her.”

    There were multiple instances of Akil allegedly slapping and strangling her during sex and refusing to stop when the sexual encounters became painful.

    Salim Akil allegedly took sexual pictures of her without her consent.

    Brenner says Akil was emotionally and verbally abusive. One time, Salim Akil allegedly threatened her that if she ever got pregnant he would dispose of her in a desert. Another time, Akil allegedly said that if they were married and she cheated on him, “he would stick her hand in a hot skillet of grease.”

    She's suing for compensatory damages, emotional distress, attorney fees and punitive damages.

    After the allegations made against the "Black Lightning" showrunner came to light, Warner Bros TV has decided to start an investigation on the CW series. According to Deadline, the studio will be conducting an inquiry with cast and crew on the Atlanta filmed show and OWN’s Love Is, where he serves as executive producer.

    While the allegations have nothing to do with his role as showrunner, it's standard practice for the studio to launch an investigation in such circumstances. They are trying to address any safety or other concerns on the series by the cast and crew while looking to see if there's any additional information they would like to share.

    As of the time of this post, Akil has not been suspended from Black Lightning. The CW and OWN have not revealed whether or not they'll be investigating as well.

    Salim Akil has not responded to the allegations as of yet. 



    1. Ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger has been indicted on murder charge in the shooting death of unarmed neighbor Botham Jean.STORY

    Photo: Getty

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     photo beyletter2.png

    The entire Carter Clan has touched down in South Africa. Watch the BeyHive lose it when they spot Beyonce, Jay Z and the kiddies, plus read Beyonce's touching open letter to Nelson Mandela ahead of her performance at the Global Citizen Festival inside...

    The Hip Hop Royal Family has arrived!

    Beyonce and Jay Z have a very special performance on Sunday to honor the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela at the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100. And she brought her whole family along with her to South Africa.

    The Carters were spotted hopping off their private plane with Blue Ivy, Sir& Rumi Carter. Hov carried Rumi off the aircraft while Bey carried Sir on her hip:





    OK! Dark hair Bey.

    Fans lost it when they spotted the Carters walking through the airport:









    The Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 will take place in Johannesburg with performances by The Carters, Usher, Pharrell Williams and more. The festival will honor South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, and his legacy a century after he was born. Nelson Mandela died in 2013 at the age of 95.

    Here's a clip from the band rehersals below: 



    Ahead of her performance, Mrs. Carter penned a powerful open letter to Nelson Mandela.

    "It is an honor for me to travel to South Africa this week in celebration of you and your efforts to right so many wrongs," she wrote.

    She talked about the first time she met Nelson Mandela and how it impacted her.

    "I recall your measured but focused steps in as you recounted the stories of the struggles, the sacrifices and your resilience," she wrote. "You smiled as you talked to a crowd of artists and their guests, including my mother, who first told my sister and me about the great Nelson Mandela. In that moment I truly understood your heart and humility."

    Read her full letter below:

     photo beyletter.png

     photo beyletter3.png

    The Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 will kick off at 4AM EST. You can watch the live stream on Global Citizen’s YouTube channel.


    Photos: Getty

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     photo jingleballteaser.png

    Cardi B, Offset, Normani and Khalid hit the stage for the KIIS-FM's annual Jingle Ball concert. Get into their performances and more inside...

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalmLh8KogP5j5l.jpg

    One thing is for sure, Cardi B and Offset are still very much madly in love with one another.

    Bardi was tapped to perform at 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2018, presented by Capital One, at The Forum when she brought her hubby out. Chick was stanning for her man as he performed, skipping back and forth across the stage before planting a wet one on his lips.

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalseMenIMiRyrl.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalk35T8oTWiLtl.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapital1R2qFnDTDvZl.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalU_GDpZeC_Cvl.jpg

    Watch the "Be Careful" rapper fan out over her beau below:



     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalyOkowcXuyoMl.jpg

    And she made sure to put on a show for her fans. Get into her twerkful performance below: 








     photo CardiB1027KIISFMJingleBallBackstage7DCDM-zgWvAl.jpg

    She's smitten.

    Before they hit the stage, the "I Like It" rapper called her husband out for a rap battle where fans could tune in via an app. However, Bardi and Offset were trolling because instead of a RAP battle they did a WRAP battle to see who could wrap gifts the best. Ha.

    Check it: 



    Back on the stage...

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalU7raOWUo6lsl.jpg

    Normani and Khalid took over to perform their hit single "Love Lies."

     photo Khalid1027KIISFMJingleBallShowUVV1oZsePQul.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitaljmLjQ1JByz9l.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitaljY_L43JKqJ-l.jpg

     photo Khalid1027KIISFMJingleBallShowrLWpLvdmvYOl.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalysYUeZiXwXIl.jpg


     photo 1027KIISFMJingleBallBackstage7ORRrAVQEbGl.jpg

    Normani has been loving black leather lately.

    Peep their performance below:





    On the carpet...

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalQrk9Wj_Qw1sl.jpg

     photo KhalidKIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedGHRutyBAJxzl.jpg

    Norami flexed and flossed while Khalid was all smiles.

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalNzUFRFZsVlEl-2.jpg

     photo KIISFMJingleBall2018PresentedCapitalRTekQtXxWkWl.jpg

    Christina Milian and her daughter Violet were also in the mix for the pre-holiday fun. Little Violet's whole night was made when she got the chance to meet Cardi backstage: 







    Photos: Getty

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     photo gilbertarenaswins.png

    Gilbert Arenas just copped a court victory, while Matt Barnes is gunning to do the same. Get the latest on the two former NBA stars inside...

    Ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas is laughing all the way to the bank after scoring a big win in court recently.

    The former NBA All-Star reached a settlement with a woman named Janelle Reeves after he filed a defamation lawsuit against her. She accused him of threatening to release a sex tape to her son. Now, she has to cough up some cash for lying. Hmph.

    "No Chill" Gil's attorney revealed to TMZ Sports that his client and Janelle reached on an undisclosed amount of money to settle after a judge dismissed the case earlier this year. Janelle was granted a restraining order against Gilbert in June after ending their relationship that dated back to 2016.

    "[Reeves] resolved the dispute by paying Mr. Arenas an undisclosed amount for his damages and confirming that the restraining order action of June 2018 was meritless, filed with fabricated documents and, therefore, filed without cause."

    The ex-NBA star sued Janelle for defamation and was demanding $10 million in damages. He claims he lost a gig at Yahoo Sports due to the allegations.

    Like we said, the amount she had to pay him is undisclosed, but it's clearly enough to make him happy. After winning, he hopped on Instagram to celebrate:

    "I don't know what the rest of y'all celebrities doing about them fake ass claims but I told that mutha fucka 'I want a number so high, when I hear it, it makes me bust a nut, roll over and fall asleep,'" he captioned. "About to take a nap goodnight and this is why I'm the #goat #inGILutrust 52-0 'I'm the mayweather of that court shit'"


    As for another former NBA player looking to win in court....

     photo mattbarneschildsupport.png

    Now that Matt Barnes has a larger share of custody of his twin boys, he wants to have his child support payments to Gloria Govan lowered.

    After all of that school drama that landed Gloria in jail, Matt now spends way more time with his 10-year-old twin boys. The Blast got ahold of some court documents that reveal the former NBA baller has the boys 71% of the time, while the former "Basketball Wives" star only has them 29% of the time.

    Since he's the one with the boys the most, he wants to have his $20,000/month child support payment lowered. His current amount was established when he was actively playing in the NBA. Matt now claims he only makes around $150,000 a year and believes - based on the court's child support calculations - he should only be paying $2,798/month per child. That equates to $67,148/year to Gloria for the boys.

    His request comes after publicly speaking out against mothers who use child support money on themselves. He said the system is messed up and needs to be fixed. “We know the system is broken," Matt said in the video. "It don’t cost $60,000, $50,000, $40,000, $20,000 to raise no children. We all know that. Most of these women are out here buying cars, buying bags, taking vacations off that child support money.”




    1. Tyrese says he wishes he got along with his daughter's mom so they can co-parent better after a judge ruled he didn't have pay childcare costs. STORY

    Photos: FameFlynet/Matt's IG

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     photo wonderlandciara1.png

    Ciara is heating up the magazine circuit with her Wonderland magazine cover. Get into her futuristic leggy display, plus see her super cute birthday tribute to her husband Russell Wilson inside...

    Ciara just reminded us it's time to renew our gym membership. Sheesh! The Crunk 'N B queen covers Wonderland magazine's Winter 2018/19 issue where she's searving intergalactic model steez. Chick is flossing her million dollar legs and has us wishing we didn't down a whole plate of Thanksgiving food last week.

     photo wonderlandciara2.png

    Shot by Charlotte Rutherford, CiCi transcends space and time in a space-age shoot that's out of this world. As of late, the singer/dancer has been teasing fans with new music and word on the curb is that she's working on a new album, following the release of her new singles "Level Up" and "Dose."

     photo wonderlandciara3.png

    Killed it.

     photo wonderlandjourdan.png

    Model Jourdan Dunn, rocking Calzedonia and Bulgari, is also featured on the cover of the winter issue.  Grab your copies when the issue drops December 10th.


    A few days ago...



    Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson celebrated his 30th birthday and wifey posted the cutest message and pictures to celebrate.


    By the way, the Seahawks will go up against the San Francisco 49ers today at CenturyLink Field.

    Photos: Charlotte Rutherford and Morelli Bros via Wonderland Magazine

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     photo wakandatarji.png

    Taraji P. Henson covers INSTYLE magazine like a boss! Go inside for deets on her summer wedding, living a vegan lifestyle and more. Plus, celebrate with the Wakanda Women and Cardi B for landing on Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year list inside...

     photo tarajiinstyle3.png

    Taraji P. Henson is Hollywood's IT girl as she has been slaying every role she's taken on since Baby Boy. These days, she's most famous for her role on FOX's "Empire," but she's currently building and expanding her repretoire of movies with poignant roles. After leading and producing What Men Want, the YBF actress is picking up impactful roles that'll surely stir up some Oscar buzz - like her upcoming role as civil rights activist Ann Atwater in The Best of Enemies.

     photo tarajiinstyle1.png

     photo tarajiinstyle2.png

    While her acting career is taking off, so is her love life. The Hidden Figures star, who covers INSTYLE magazine's January 2019 issue, got engaged to former NFL cornerback Kelvin Hayden last Mother's Day. Now, they're planning a summer wedding! The lovebirds are planning to trek down the aisle in a private, low-key affair, and though her designer friends are offering to make her a dress, Henson is opting for the most efficient route.

    “I’m not going to go through 10,000 dresses,” she told INSTYLE magazine. “How does it fit? How do I feel? Does it complement me well? Let’s just go with this one. I know what looks good on me. I’m not going to spend 10 hours on a fitting. I hate that.”

     photo tarajiinstyle4.png

    The wedding ceremony will probably take place in July once Taraji finds out if "Empire" will be picked up for a sixth season.

    Taraji and Kelvin are living a much healthier life these days after the actress got a warning from a doctor about stomach cancer. The Hollywood actress has adopted the vegan lifestyle to stay in the best shape of her life.

    “It took a doctor in Macon, Ga., to say, ‘If you don’t change what you’re doing, you’re going to get stomach cancer.’ I said, ‘Say no more.’ So I switched everything up out of necessity. I want to live. Thank God, because I feel so much better.”

    Good for her.

     photo tarajiinstyle5.png

    The Hustle & Flow actress also touched on diversity in Hollywood:

    “I don’t care if you’re young or old or what color you are, art is so powerful,” she said on the topic of representation. “You can show things to people you’ve never met and you broaden horizons. I don’t take for granted what I have, and I try to use it in any way I can, positively.”

    So, what is it like being Taraji P. Henson right now?

    “I feel like a boss bitch,” she said, flashing her megawatt grin. “I’m grabbing my nuts, like, ‘Yeah!’ ”

    Aye! Not mad.

    You can read her full interview here. In the meantime, check out the clip below where Taraji shares what women REALLY want:

    Also on the magazine circuit...

     photo wakandagirls.png

    2018 has been one hell of a year for several YBF entertainers.

    The ladies of Black Panther - Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong'o, Angela Bassett, and Danai Gurira - made Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year list and posed it up in 2 of 4 magazine covers. The Wakanda Women completely stole the show during the revolutionary superhero flick. Not only that, their presence has inspired the Marvel Cinematic Universe to make great strides in the strong female lead department. And we're here for it.

     photo wakandagirls2.png

     photo cardientertainmentweekly.png

    The glow up! 2018 was a monumental year for Cardi B so, naturally, she made ET's list. She dropped her debut album Invasion of Privacy, had a baby, got married, nabbed tons of endorsement deals and she's still killing it on the music charts.


    Also, Donald Glover made the list as well:




    Watch the stars reflect on 2018 below: 

    Photos: Robbie Fimmano via Instyle/Koury Angelo via EW


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     photo kareemhunt1.png

    Days after the Kansas City Chiefs let him go, Kareem Hunt speaks out in a new interview about the incident. He admits to lying to the Chiefs and says the NFL never spoke to him about the incident. Also, he'll likely face more than the 6-game suspension since the NFL is investigating him for ANOTHER incident and former NFLer Ray Rice wants to help. Everything inside...

    Former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt is speaking out for the first time in an interview since video footage of him kicking and shoving a woman in a Cleveland hotel hallway surface.

    After the video was released on Friday, the Kansas City Chiefs released him from the team after placing him on the NFL's Commissioner's Exempt List. See the video HERE, in case you missed.

    The cornerback sat down with ESPN's Lisa Salters to apologize for his actions during the February altercation. He requested to do the interview to talk one-on-one about the incident.

    “I just wanted to let the world know how sorry I am for my actions,” Hunt said. “It’s been a tough time for me. I’m extremely embarrassed for that video.”

    Hunt revealed he had not seen the video until TMZ released it. He saw it like everybody else.

    The 23-year-old was adamant that the person in the video is not who he is as a person. He said he was raised by his mother and grandmother and that he knows better. When asked if he had anger management issues, he said it was a possibility. He revealed he has been to therapy since the incident.

    “I just thought of myself as being just not me,” Hunt said. “I was raised better than that. I’m not the type of person to ever even think about putting my hands on anyone. A woman, a girl. It doesn’t matter.”

    "That's not me. That's not the person I am. It's out there. It happened. I'm very embarrassed about it. I'm ashamed of myself."

    The NFL cornerback revealed he was NEVER approached by the NFL to talk about the incident in February. Officials made claims that the NFL reached out to the woman and her friend on multiple occasions, but they did not respond. Hmm...that's interesting. Why wouldn't the league address the situation with him?



    He also revealed he lied to the Chiefs about the incident when initially approached about the matter:

    “I regret not getting it all out there,” Hunt said. “I regret my decision that I did that night. It was a big, big mistake. ... I regret the entire thing. Everything. I’m going to take the time to better myself and learn from this. Get some help if needed, talk to people.”

    Hunt said he hopes to get another chance in the NFL and will do whatever he has to do to help a team win.

    "I've worked for this my whole entire life," he told Salters. "I gave everything and sacrificed so much for this. I'll do whatever I can to help win."

    Peep his full interview below:

    It turns out, just like Hunt saw the video for the first time when it was released by TMZ, so did the Chiefs and the NFL.

    According to Athletic's Nate Taylor, the Chiefs were trying to get their hands on the tape but were unsuccessful. The organization knew the video existed, but they were reportedly instructed by the NFL to NOT pursue it as the league investigated the situation. As you know by now, the NFL was unable to acquire the tape, however, TMZ did.

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport also reported that Hunt will likely serve MORE than the baseline six-game suspension since he's being investigated by the NFL for ANOTHER incident. The league is investigating Hunt in a second incident where he allegedly punched a man in the face at an Ohio resort back in June.


     photo kareemhunt2.png

    "The league also has been investigating an incident involving Hunt allegedly punching a man in the face at an Ohio resort in June," according to NFL.com. "The NFL is believed to have found enough from that incident to add to Hunt's discipline. Since penalties for two incidents aren't likely to be served independently of each other -- and because the clock on a suspension doesn't begin when a player is on the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt List -- Hunt could sit out not only the rest of the 2018 season, but well into the 2019 season."

    The NFL is expected to join the two incidents into one suspension, extending its potential discipline into the 2019 season. Hunt is eligible to be claimed on waivers, with the deadline set for 4pm EST on Monday (December 3rd).

    NFL's Ian Rapport spoke to former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was dropped from the NFL after TMZ released a video of him punching his fiancee (now wife), Janay Palmer Rice, in a hotel elevator back in 2014. Rice revealed he wants to help Hunt.

    "Peer-to-peer, I would definitely try to help him figure out, 'How can we start dealing with the underlying problems in your life?'" Rice told NFL.com. "Because he has a long life to live, this will be a defining moment, but it shouldn't be the moment that defines you. For me, I just see you have a long life to live and that doesn't mean just playing football -- you need to just live one day at a time."

    Hunt may not find out when he'll be allowed to step on the field again for an NFL team until the offseason.

    So, do you think his interview helps or hurts his chances of getting back on the field?

    Photos: Getty

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     photo blackwriter.png

    Real Life YBFers are doing big things and we're stanning out over their accomplishments. Go inside to read up on how Kristine Guillaume and Kalin Bennett are changing the game...

    Raise a glass to the college grads...or, in this case, soon-to-be grad.

    Before Kristina Guillaume walks across the stage to accept her diploma, she's making her mark at Harvard.

    For the first time in The Harvard Crimson's 145-year history, a black female editor will lead the student's esteemed paper. Woot!

    20-year-old Kristine E. Guillaume will lead The Crimson’s “146th guard,” reportedly making her the third black president and first black woman to helm the organization since its founding in 1873. And with the state of our society, this is MUCH needed.

    “If my being elected to the Crimson presidency as the first black woman affirms anyone’s sense of belonging at Harvard, then that will continue to affirm the work that I’m doing,” Kristine told the New York Times.



    Kristine Guillaume is a junior majoring in literature, history and African-American studies. It's the perfect combo for Harvard's most coveted poition on campus.

    Becoming editor-in-chief is a HUGE deal as former editors have gone on to do BIG things like landing CEO positions at top companies and even president of the United States (John. F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt). Kristine landing this position could open up a world of opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

    The NY Times explains the grueling process of becoming the lead editor and shares a few details about Kristine's life:

    Nearly 40 of Ms. Guillaume’s peers at the paper had deliberated over who would get the job in a grueling, monthslong process — known as the “Turkey Shoot” — that can be rife with political allegiances and backstabbing. She said she was appreciative of the heft of the position, and hoped to lift up different types of journalistic voices and perspectives.

    Born to a Chinese mother and Haitian father, both physicians, Ms. Guillaume, 20, said she took an interest in journalism while growing up in Queens. On Sundays, with her mother on hospital duty, her father took her and her younger sister — along with the weekend edition of The Times — to a diner for breakfast. As part of the ritual, he would ask his daughters to read columns by David Brooks and Paul Krugman “to get a conservative and a liberal view,” Ms. Guillaume said.

    But Ms. Guillaume’s parents did not want her to spend so much time at The Crimson, hoping she would pursue medicine or law. “It’s the classic immigrant parent narrative,” Ms. Guillaume said. She let out a sigh. “There’s a lot of tension that I don’t take more science classes.”

    Ms. Guillaume said she planned to pursue a doctorate in African-American studies and a career in academia, with some writing on the side. She cited the author Ta-Nehisi Coates as a role model.

    We see a BRIGHT future for this YBF chick. Congrats!

    Another young, black superstar making waves...

     photo kalinbasketballplayer.png

    Major congrats to to Kent State basketball player commit Kalin Bennett, the first prospect with autism to ever receive a D1 basketball scholarship!

    The 18-year-old Arkansas teen, who was once told he would never walk or talk in his life, will be joining the Kent State University's basketball team, defying all odds that were stacked up against him since birth. He's making history as the first student-athlete with autism to sign a national letter of intent to play a team sport at the Division I level.

    And guess what? He wants to use his platform to inspire others! Gotta love it.



    "I'm always trying to figure out what I want to do better," Bennett told NBC News. The YBF teen revealed he did not walk until he was 4-years-old and did not begin speaking until he was 7-years-old.



    Oh, and get this. In addition to killing it on the basketball court, Bennett is also gifted in music and math. He plays four different instruments, with percussion being his fave. Nice!

    Congrats Kalin!

    Photos: Kristine's IG/NBC News

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