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The Aftermath, Videos Of The Death Of Rapper King Von Has His Rapper Ex-Girlfriend Asian Doll At Odds With His Friends & Family


Chicago rapper King Von was shot and killed outside of an Atlanta nightclub just before the weekend. Now, the fallout has his friends and ex-girlfriend, rapper Asian Da Brat aka Asian Doll, at odds.  And it's getting extremely messy on social media.  Details inside.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in the shooting death of 26-year-old Dayvon Bennett, aka King Von, this according to ABC News.  Timothy Leeks faces a felony murder charge in the death of Von, and he himself is currently hospitalized recovering from a gunshot wound as well. We hate to see the constant violence among young rappers.

Three people total are now dead after the shootout Friday morning, and according to the news reports, more charges are expected.  Police have also debunked the narrative that police fire killed Von.  ABC 7 reports:

Two off-duty Atlanta officers were working an extra job at a local hookah lounge when they saw two groups of men arguing with each other outside the establishment around 3:20 a.m. Friday, police said.

Officials said the argument quickly escalated to gunfire between the two groups.

One of the off-duty officers, along with an on-duty APD officer who was patrolling nearby, confronted the shooters and shots were also fired during the encounter with police.

Three people were transported to the hospital by EMS with gunshot wounds, and three others were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. Two additional people were detained on the scene, police said.

Officials confirmed Friday afternoon that three of the people shot died from their injuries, and three others were still being treated at the hospital. The officers involved were not injured, police said.

Rumors surrounding the incident claimed Bennett was killed by police gunfire, but APD officials said their investigators believe the rapper "was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations was requested to respond and investigate the officer-involved shooting aspect of the incident. APD homicide investigators also responded and are investigating the deaths.


Officials said part of the investigations will include determining which individuals were struck by gunfire from the suspects and whether any were struck by gunfire from the officers.

Asian, who had been in a relationship with him recently but seemingly broke up recently as well, despite being together at a club just two weeks prior to the shooting, has been sounding off.  A lot.  She has been posting to her social media nonstop for 3 days straight.  Her recent tweets, however, are pissing off Von's manager and friends.  She accuses the of leaving him to die, and of not helping him when they needed him most:


This video circulating has folks posting their own theories of what happened (Trigger Warning: Video shows chaos and aftermath of shooting):

Quando Rondo is a 19-year-old up and coming rapper signed to Atlantic Records and Never Broke Again labels.  Of course, what Quando Rondo was trying to actually do has not been confirmed. But this video and the reactions, especially from Asian Da Doll who is accusing his friends of allowing Von to get killed, have stirred up even more drama. Why he hopped on IG Live while rushing someone else who was shot in the midst of all this to the hospital, is beyond us:

Then this video of his friends allegedly at his home after his death surfaced:

It's not yet confirmed how this video got out, the timing of it, and if it ACTUALLY shows people taking money and a LV bag out of his car.

Von's manager went off, telling Asian to shut her mouth:


He was shot too though:


And he also posted a tribute to Louie, another member of their squad, who was shot and killed as well.

Asian Doll has been posting nonstop about her and Von's love.  While some fans are telling her to put her phone down and it seems a bit overboard, she continues, and says she feels like she wants to die too.

View this post on Instagram

Always spoke highly of you our relationship wasn’t based off just sex & popularity we was deep innis shit we slept nose to nose we were real life SOULMATES you couldn’t even think of Von without thinking of me I Had this mans best interest since day one we both came from a rough environment seeing how crazy Von lifestyle was it inspired me to change & find peace with God for US I always had spiritual conversations with you I wanted you to kno GOD loves you & your the chosen one & you BELIEVED ME I was becoming a women & your the reason why & that’s some nobody can never take from me I was so proud of you baby but you just make me even prouder words can’t explain ima miss you physically but your forever living through me... King Von & Queen Von 4L P.s the last slide is a throwback y’all had me fucked up lol fr tho now y’all see why I went so hard for my nigga y’all see now huh?

A post shared by Da Rawest (@asiandabrat) on


Von spoke on how he and Asian Doll met and their sexcapades on Lip Service recently:



Von's cousin has also spoken out about his friends:

One of Von's two babies' mothers, Kema, posted a deep, personal statement, also calling him her king.  Their child is barely two, and she says she's "got" his mother.  Asian thanked her for it after she posted it:


View this post on Instagram

Von, baby I’m so lost. I’m Soo sorry, we always get into it say things we don’t mean, get back cool & laugh at it. You know my heart, you know I’ll protect you & my son forever. We moved to Atlanta in 2018 to keep you out of trouble ...... I’m Soo lost, our Son, what do i tell him? You prepped me for this you coached me on what to do if this happened, but I’m not strong enough.... DayVon where you at? I don’t have no mom, no dad, no grandma, no grandpa, no uncles. You said you ain’t going nowhere. We Just lost Granny.. Your mom So strong I got her. We just talked you told me everything was going to get better. We was Broke together & planned everything & things ain’t go as planned but I thought we had more time You made it, you beat the Odds. Your secrets are safe with me Your Forever My King. I’m Broken.

A post shared by Funhouse Collection LLC (@queenkemaaa_____) on


She is an army officer turned paralegal who recently started a clothing boutique.


T.I. chimed in about bringing violence to the A:


Still, celebs are pouring out their hearts about King Von and wishing Asian Doll the best:


R.I.P. to everyone who lost their life in this senseless act of violence.

Trump FIRES Secretary of Defense Mark Esper + Trump’s Former Lawyer Says He’ll Likely Flee To Mar-a-Lago & Will Never Return To White House



Trump is having a post-election FIT! He just fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper amid ongoing tensions. And he has been recklessly tweeting on Twitter, per usual. Get those deets, plus what Trump’s former lawyer think he’ll do next inside…

The post-election shakeup!

Trump is mad y’all! He can’t take the fact he lost the 2020 presidential election, so he’s causing drama before his exit. Of course.

Days after it was projected that Joe Biden& Kamala Harris will be the next President and Vice President of the United States, Trump went into overdrive on social media. He hopped on Twitter to announce he “won” the election “by a lot” even though the ballots and electoral votes said otherwise.

As the ballots were being counted, Trump hit the hit the golf course as the election as multiple people tested positive (again) for Coronavirus in HIS White House over the weekend. There was over 100K additional cases that popped up in the US in 24 hours. No sweat off Trump’s back. He was busy golfing.

Today, he threw a fit and fired the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. He announced Christopher Miller - who serves as director of the National Counterterrorism Center - will become acting secretary "effective immediately."

Apparently, there was tension brewing between Trump & Esper before the firing. CNN reports:

Esper's increasingly tense relationship with Trump led him to prepare a letter of resignation weeks ago, an attempt to fashion a graceful exit in the widely expected event that the President decided to fire him, several defense sources, including one senior defense official, told CNN.

Esper had been on shaky ground with the White House for months, a rift that deepened after he said in June that he did not support using active-duty troops to quell the large-scale protests across the United States triggered by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police. Esper also said military forces should be used in a law enforcement role only as a last resort.

His remarks from the Pentagon briefing room were seen by many as an effort to distance himself from Trump's threats to deploy the military to enforce order on American city streets and went over poorly at the White House, multiple people familiar with the matter said.

According to multiple administration officials, White House sentiment about Esper had been souring for some time, with both Trump and national security adviser Robert O'Brien viewing him as not entirely committed to the President's vision for the military.

For months, Trump and O'Brien had been frustrated by Esper's tendency to avoid offering a full-throated defense of the President or his policies, the administration officials said. One administration source told CNN that Trump had no respect for Esper, leaving the defense secretary with little influence and little choice but to take his lead from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

No surprise here Trump is using his power during his post-election meltdown. Trump’s defense team has been hard at work trying to find a loophole that would get him to serve out a second term. Trump’s legal team has already suffered losses in Michigan and Georgia courts this week, but Trump has pledged to keep moving forward with a legal strategy that he hopes will overturn state results that gave Democrat Joe Biden the win in Tuesday’s vote.

Reuters reports:

The Trump campaign is fighting Philadelphia election officials over vote counting in the city, which continued on Saturday. A state court on Thursday granted the campaign closer access to the proceedings, a ruling that officials have appealed.

The City of Philadelphia Board of Elections has said its observation rules were needed for security reasons and to maintain social distancing protocols.

Trump’s campaign on Wednesday filed a motion to intervene in a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court challenging a decision from the state’s highest court that allowed election officials to count mail-in ballots postmarked by Tuesday’s Election Day that were delivered through Friday.

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., seemingly took a shot at the Black Lives Matter movement with a tweet about how Trump supporters aren’t rioting:

An innocent man was brutally murdered on camera either, but go OFF. Let's not compare apples to oranges.

So, what can American’s expect from Trump during his final weeks as president?

According to Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, the former reality star will likely flee to his headquarters at Mar-a-Lago, spend Christmas there and likely will NOT return to the White House for the transfer of power to Biden. He said Trump will likely fight the election results until January from his Florida property.

“I would not be shocked if there is no concession speech at all. My theory is that at Christmas time he goes to Mar-a-Lago. I think he will stay there through the inauguration. I would not be shocked if he will not show up to the inauguration either,” Mr Cohen said on MSNBC.

“He cannot let the camera look at him and basically pull down the curtain and see the wizard standing beside. He is just a loser and it is killing him and, right now, what is going on in the White House is nothing but finger-pointing.”


As of the time of this post, Trump isn’t giving any signs of conceding.


After it was projected Biden would WIN the presidential election, people ALL over the nation - including Chrissy Teigen & John Legend -  stepped outside to celebrate. And it was the perfect day to do so as temperatures were high in many parts of the country. Look at GOD.


Peep the celebrations in Brookyln, L.A., Philly, Washington D.C. and more below:


Change is coming!

And let us find out Biden is letting his inner petty out now that he's our next president: 



Photos: Stratos Brilakis/Drew William Anderson/Shutterstock.com/Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

If You Were On The Fence About Copping A Peloton Bike, Beyoncé’s New Multi-Year Deal May Help You Decide


Beyoncé is forming a partnership with interactive fitness platform Peloton. Find out how the Queen is making a splash on the fitness scene inside…

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming in the United States, in-home workouts are now the norm. Gyms are open with safety precautions, but most people still don’t trust sweating it out in the gym with a mask on.

Interactive fitness platform, Peloton, has benefitted from the pandemic since folks are in the market for in-home workout equipment. Now, the popular fitness platform has formed a broad, multi-year partnership with Beyoncé. So, if you were on the fence about copping one, maybe some Queen Bey-inspried workouts can help you decide.

The news comes a little over a week after Bey released her second IVY PARK collection with adidas, so you can spin away to your heart's desire looking like a bad chick.

"Peloton and I both believe that the power of music can help uplift, motivate and inspire those on their fitness journeys," Beyoncé said via press release. "I've been a Peloton member for several years, and I'm excited to partner with a company that helps people, young and old, be the best versions of themselves, in an innovative and adaptable way. I'm proud to celebrate the students at HBCUs with this donation, to encourage them to find and embrace their own wellness regimens."

Peloton’s 3.6 million members will receive Homecoming-themed workouts that’ll work up a sweat to burn off those extra holiday calories.

While most of this year's Homecoming festivities shifted to virtual celebrations due to the global pandemic, Beyoncé and Peloton worked closely to create a series of themed workout experiences to help extend Homecoming to Peloton members via classes across multiple fitness categories, including indoor cycling, running, strength, bootcamp, yoga and meditation.

Also, Bey & Peloton will be gifting two-year Peloton Digital memberships to students at 10 HBCUs, providing access to a full library of fitness classes through the Peloton App that can be used with or without equipment. Nice!

The digital memberships will go to students at Bennett College, Clark Atlanta University, Grambling State University, Hampton University, Howard University, Morehouse College and Morehouse School of Medicine, Spelman College, Texas Southern University, and Wilberforce University, by the end of November. Additionally, Peloton will build on its relationships with each of these schools to pursue long-term recruiting partnerships at both the internship and undergraduate levels.

Also, the IVY PARK honcho will continue to work closely with Peloton on various forms of class curation across all workout disciplines, touching on areas of importance to her, including music, movement, fitness and wellness.

We love a generous queen! One thing is for sure, Mrs. Carter is definitely doing her part to make sure HBCU students are out here thriving and winning.

In case you missed, here a few more flicks from Bey's British VOGUE photoshoot









1.  Regal Cinemas are shutting down their remaining theaters in California and New York. STORY

2. Audible today announced a first-look worldwide deal with three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP Stephen Curry’s production company, Unanimous Media. The multi-project slate, focusing on stories of family, sports and faith, kicks off with two original titles, “The Greatest Sports Story Never Told” Podcast and “Fifteen Minutes from Home” Youtube series.

Photo: Beyonce's Instagram

Amber Riley Talks That 'Big Girl Energy' & Why She Doesn’t ‘F*** With The Body-Positive Community’


Amber Riley is making a splash on the music scene with some Big Girl Energy that we’re totally here for. On the flip side, sis isn’t here for the body-positive community, but has a new way to own her curves. More inside…



Amber Riley is here and unapologetoc about occupying space, whether you like it or not. The “Glee” star is living and flourishing in the arts as she continues to build her empire.

The “Straight Outta Oz” actress graces the cover of HelloBeautiful’s November digital issue. Inside, she talks that Big Girl Energy we’re love, why she doesn’t “f*ck” with the body positive movement, how she’s handling the tragic death of her “Glee” co-star/friend Naya Rivera& her homie/journalist Jas Waters, and how she copes with anxiety and depression in 2020.

2020 has been a hard year for us all. Outside of politics and the COVID-19 pandemic, the passing of loved ones just adds to the turmoil. Amber lost two friends that were close to her and she shared how difficult it has been coming to terms with their passing.

“I think grieving is a never-ending thing. Many people often think that grieving is a destination. Some days I think of her and I laugh and some days I think of her and I cry. I also lost an incredible friend to suicide this year who is an incredible writer and I was looking forward to working with her, Jas Waters. So that was really difficult. She committed suicide and she died a couple of weeks before Naya so it was like a double blow. It was very, very hard to come to terms with, but we're making sure that we look out for her son because she was an incredible mother and if anybody knows Naya, she loved Josey. She loved that boy and I'm looking after her mommy too."


Although 2020 has thrown her some hard curve balls, Amber has been able to channel her energy into making new music. When she’s singing, she goes by the moniker Riley and her alter ego isn’t taking anyone’s ISH.

“Big girls are not out here [desperate]” she says, detailing a line in the song that asks a man when he’s leaving. “I literally wrote that to talk my sh-t.”

“There may be some that have low self-esteem – for good reason— because this world tries to make it seem like fat women shouldn't exist. Not fat men so much. They don't get the same bullsh-t that we have to deal with.”

“I wrote that song ‘Big Girl Energy,’ that was part of the reason that I wrote it, to just be like we not out here chasing y'all. What? You think I have low self-esteem and you just gone treat me any kind of way? I'll move on to the next.”

And that’s on PERIOD.



Just because she’s a curvy girl, doesn’t mean she automatically has to tap into the “body positive movement.” Sis said she’s going to be HER regardless.

“I don’t really f-ck with the body-positive community. I was pushed into it when I was on ‘Glee,’ which was crazy because I was young. I hadn’t even decided who I was and what I wanted to be. I just was this size on national television.”

“My body is mine. I don't need a community telling me what to do with it. I always have to be 100 percent real with myself. Honestly, if your confidence is predicated on the way that I look, it’s not confidence. I’m not anybody’s idol. Don’t worship me. Don’t get used to me being any size. I can get bigger, I can get smaller. I’m going to love myself either way, but I’m not asking for permission.”

OKUR! Big, small – it’s all about loving yourself.

Growing up, Riley struggled with anxiety and depression. She explained part of her anxiety was due to being oversexualized at a young age, so she felt she had to dress a certain way to suppress that behavior.

“I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole entire life and didn’t know I was dealing with depression at all so I ended up having to take the time to get help, to talk about stuff, get some stuff out, and then as I'm going through the healing process I was like, alright, let’s get back into the studio. I’m still going through this depression and anxiety pretty badly, you know what I'm saying, but let me use music as my therapy.” Keisha is the name RILEY gave her depression after her therapist encouraged her to personify it, and as of late, she’s been kicking Keisha’s ass. She’s been handling anxiety pretty well too after realizing one of its major causes.

“Part of my anxiety had to do with my size,” RILEY says, explaining she’s had curves since she was a kid. “I was overly sexualized when I was young so I'd always dress in big t-shirts and shapeless stuff my whole entire life. I didn’t like that I had hips already. I didn’t like that I had boobs. I hated it because I didn't like that kind of attention. Being young, I didn’t know that people oversexualized Black girls in general.”

As a means of coping, RILEY attempted to draw people’s attention away from her physical appearance by overplaying other attributes, like the fact that she was smart and funny and could sing. Eventually, she began to feel like people only appreciated her for how she could entertain them and that didn’t feel good either.

“That doesn’t work. You can’t live your whole entire life ignoring yourself and that’s what I did. It got to the point where I didn’t know who I was because I didn’t accept myself wholly. I accepted myself as a talent, that’s where I found my value, but I didn’ accept myself and where I was in my body. Although I thought I was beautiful and I did get attention, that wasn’t the issue; it was an inner issue. It didn’t have anything to do with guys. It had more to do with me being able to look in the mirror and mean it when I say that I’m beautiful.”

So many young, black girls go through this, so it’s refreshing to see a YBF Chick speak on the subject so other young, black girls can see they aren’t alone in this. And we love it.

You can read Amber's full interview here. Her debut EP 'RILEY' is currently streaming on all major platforms. 


1.  Chloe & Halle, Tiffany Haddish set to perform and present at the upcoming People's Choice Awards.  STORY

2.  Meg Thee Stallion, Lil Baby are set to perform at the American Music Awards on Nov. 22nd, hosted by Taraji P. Henson. STORY


Photo: Amber's IG

President-Elect Joe Biden Says ‘Nothing's Going To Stop’ The Transfer Of Power + Biden-Harris Reacts To Affordable Care Act Drama, Builds COVID-19 Task Force



President-elect Joe Biden said the transfer of power will happen…with or without Trump. Get those deets, plus what Biden said about the Trump administration trying to take out the Affordable Care Act, his new COVID-19 task force and more inside…

President-elect Joe Biden isn’t waiting for Trump to concede. He’s going to take over as our 46th president of the United States with or without him, and whoever is mad will just have to deal.  He's already in full swing with taskforce building, veting for cabinet appiintments and more - and it's only day 2 of being President & VP Elect.  Gotta love it.

During a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware today, Biden was asked about Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s remarks that there would be a smooth transition to a “second Trump administration” and the Trump administration’s refusal to concede the election. He chuckled.

Check it:

46 isn’t fazed one bit. He’s taking over as the commander-in-chief and "nothing's going to stop" that. Period.

“I’m confident that the fact that they’re not willing to acknowledge we won at this point is not of much consequence in our planning and what we’re able to do between now and January 20,” he said. As for McConnell’s allegiance to Trump? “I think that the whole Republican Party has been put in a position, with a few notable exceptions, of being mildly intimidated by the sitting president.”

President-elect Biden said Trump’s failure to concede is an “embarrassment,” but he isn’t going to let that stop him from taking steps toward leading the country.

“I just think it’s an embarrassment,” he said of Trump’s refusal to concede. “I know from my discussions with foreign leaders thus far that they are hopeful that the United States’ democratic institutions are viewed once again as strong and enduring, but I think at the end of the day, it’s all going to come to fruition on January 20.”

Over the weekend, it was announced Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election and would become the president and vice president in January. Since then, Trump has been spewing lies about voter fraud, demanding states STOP counting ballots and hurling lawsuits at states.

Biden has spoken to leaders in France, Germany, Ireland and Great Britain, but Trump still hasn’t spoke to Biden.  Neither have any Republican Congressmen, with the exception of 2-3.

The Supreme Court heard a challenge to the Affordable Care Act. They want to strike the act down. Biden slammed the Trump administration for being "simply cruel and needlessly divisive.” Biden if they get rid of the Affordable Care Act, 20 million Americans' health coverage will be "ripped away in the middle of the nation's worst pandemic in a century."

"Let's be absolutely clear about what's at stake: The consequences of the Trump administration's argument are not academic or an abstraction. For many Americans, they are a matter of life and death, in a literal sense," Biden said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware. "This isn't hyperbole. It's real -- as real as it gets," he said.

Peep his speech below:

Biden has a COVID-19 plan and a new diversified task force to help him implement it.

Fortune reports:

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday named 13 doctors and health experts to his transition’s COVID-19 advisory board. Five of those 13 task force members, or 38%, are female. Nine members, or 69%, are Black, Latinx, Asian, or other underrepresented minorities.

The task force will be cochaired by David Kessler, a former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton; Vivek H. Murthy, a former Surgeon General under President Barack Obama; and Marcella Nunez-Smith, the associate dean for health equity research at the Yale School of Medicine and a doctor who has spent her career addressing structural inequities in health and health care.

You can read the Biden-Harris COVID-19 Plan here.

On Twitter…

VP-elect Kamala Harris gave black women a shoutout for holding it down at the polls:

Also, a Twitter account for Biden’s dog Champ and his rescue dog Major (both German Shepherds) was created, but it was taken down due to “violating Twitter’s terms.”

On Sunday, Biden paid a visit to the cemetery where several family members, including his late son Beau, are buried at the Catholic church near his home in Delaware.


Photo: Stratos Brilakis/Shutterstock.com

Quavo Gains Honcho Status At Sports Apparel Brand LEGENDS + New Balance Hit With $2M Lawsuit Over Jaden Smith Collab




Quavo takes his love for fashion and sports to the next level with his investment deal with athletic apparel brand LEGENDS. Deets on his new investment, plus that multi-million dollar lawsuit New Balance has been hit with after collaborating with Jaden Smith inside…

Quavo calls himself The Huncho – and with good reason.

The Migos rapper just finalized on an investment deal to acquire a minority stake in the athletic apparel brand LEGENDS. He’ll be joining a team of high profile investors in the company that includes Steve Nash, Baker Mayfield, Matt Barnes, Willie McGinest, and a number of young NFL stars.

In celebration of the new deal, Quavo sent a kit of exclusive Quavo x LEGENDS gear to a number of his friends including Pharell Williams, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Offset, Takeoff, Odell Beckham Jr., DeAndre Hopkins, Von Miller, Baker Mayfield, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Matt Barnes, and Trae Young, offering a teaser of collaborations to come with LEGENDS.

"I'm excited to officially be a part of the Legends family," Quavo said via press release. "Legends is about striving to be the best no matter what it takes, fighting to get to the top. The team is already shaking up the game with performance gear that fits the look and lifestyle of the new age athlete. Now we'll take it to the next level."

Sweet! You can shop his collection here.

In other fashion news…

New Balance has been hit with a $2 million lawsuit over its collaboration with artist Jaden Smith.

Authentic Brands Group, LLC (ABG) – the parent company of cult skate brand Vision Street Wear– is suing New Balance for trademark infringement and counterfeiting relating to Jaden Smith's New Balance Vision Racer.

Sneaker head and Jaden fans rushed to get their hands on his new, vegan-friendly kicks and they were a major hit for the debut. It caught the attention of ABG and they filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York claiming the New Balance knowingly misled consumers. Oh? They’re seeking $2 million from New Balance for engaging in trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

HighSnobiety reports:

The New York brand management company claims that while it “never licensed or authorized [New Balance] to use the VISION trademarks in any manner,” the footwear company has “manufactured, advertised, marketed, distributed, offered for sale, and sold … footwear products bearing identical and confusingly similar imitations of the VISION trademarks.”

Meanwhile, ABG has yet to take action in the form of trademark litigation against Kanye West and his recent Presidential merch. His "Kanye 2020 Vision” slogan, which is a close play on the Vision Street Wear logo. West's merch bore clear similarities with the Vision Street Wear branding.

More money, more problems. You can read the full lawsuit here.



1. SUPREME has sold to VF Corp (who owns The North Face, Vans and Timberland) for $2.1 billion.  STORY

Photo: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock.com

BABY MAMA DRAMA! G Herbo Responds To His BM Ari After She Popped Off Over A Picture Of Taina Holding Her Son, Claims Son Doesn’t Like Taina



G Herbo and his girlfriend Taina Williams got into on with the rapper’s son’s mother Ari Fletcher on social media yesterday. The reason? Ari didn’t like a picture of Taina holding her son on the Internet, so she spoke out about it. Was she wrong? See the receipts and decide for yourself inside…

G Herbo and his ex/son’s mother Ari Fletcher are famously toxic. They have both moved on to new relationships, but they’re still firing shots at one another on social media.

Recently, a picture of G Herbo & Ari’s 2-year-old son, Yosohn, popped up on the Internet. In the flick, the Chicago rapper’s girlfriend Taina Williams (daughter of Fabolous' long time girlfriend Emily B) is holding little Yoshon and Ari didn’t like it. So, she hopped on social media to express her feelings. A photog shared the picture on social media and she asked them to delete it.

”Sweetie please don’t post my son and another girl, remove this,” she wrote. The photog ended up deleting the photo, but that didn’t stop the drama that ensued.

A fan tweeted they didn’t understand why the photog posted the picture of Taina holding Yosohn. Ari explained she didn’t want Taina holding Yosohn because se claime Taina told her that Yosohn doesn't like her.


“I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her. So I don’t want my son uncomfortable,” she tweeted.

On Instagram, Ari explained her son starts crying for her when she calls Taina's phone to check on him.


"Actually he does when I call her phone to check on my son and she has him he immediately starts crying for me," she wrote.

Odd she used this as her defense when most kids cry for their mothers when they see them, no matter who they are with at that time.

Herbo & Taina got wind of Ari's social media shade and responded:


"Happy Hoes Ain't Hating," G Herbo wrote.


G Herbo also retweeted a post about growth:

Ari then fired a shot at G Herbo, making a joke about a cure for herpes. She has said in the past that G Herbo has herpes and that she stopped sleeping with him when she found out about his status:


But sis, wouldn't that mean....nevermind.

Late 2018, Ari announced she had called it quits with G Herbo after welcoming their son in April 2018. Months later, Herbo and Taina put their love on front street while celebrating New Years 2019. It didn't take long for some drama to pop off, which resulted in G Herbo getting arrested for allegedly assaulting Ari. Get those deets HERE.

Since then, Herbo and Taina have been seemingly drunk in love, sharing cute coupledom flicks on social media.

Rapper Moneybagg Yo confirmed his relationship with Ari at the beginning of 2020.

Sounds like everyone needs to sit down and talk this ish out.

Photos: Instagram

ENGAGED: NBA Star Paul George & Longtime Girlfriend Daniela Top Off Roller Coaster Relationship With A Proposal


NBA baller Paul George is making the most of his off season - he proposed to his longtime girlfriend DanielaRajic, and they're both celebrating they're 30th birthdays.  Yes, that Daniela he's had a roller coaster relationship with, along with 2 kids and now a (wrong size) engagement ring.  Deets inside!

Paul George - who has def had his fair share of relationship trials and tribulations - is about to be a married man.

"Take this walk with me to our 30s where we’ll find love for life! Happy bday my love @danielarajic. Shit just got REAL lol love you #Shegotaringfirst"

It's a big month for Paul and his now fiancé Daniela Rajic. He proposed while they were on vacation this past week, and both also recently turned 30. He even cracked a little joke about her getting a ring before he did. You can say it's the cherry on top of a long, roller coaster relationship.

Back in 2014, Paul cheated on his then girlfriend Callie Rivers - daughter of NBA head coach Doc Rivers and new wife of Steph Curry's fellow NBA star brother Seth Curry - with Daniela. When Daniela announced she was pregnant, rumors ran rampant that Paul allegedly offered her $1M to end the pregnancy.  His reps still deny this rumor, but he and Daniela were most definitely at odds.  For years. Until Paul actually acknowledged the child as his.

She sued him for paternity of their now 6-year-old, daughter Olivia, just weeks after she was born.  Paul responded, oddly demanding sole custody of the child and calling Daniela an unfit mother because she had no way to provide for Olivia.

Six months later, the results came in and Paul was identified as the father.  The former Tootsie’s Cabaret dancer and the baller miraculously came to an amicable “joint parenting agreement” and child-support settlement.

Fast forward to three years later, and the two welcomed a second child together in 2017 - another girl who they named Natasha.

"This is 30. you may have gotten my ring size wrong but you get everything else right. Thank you for making this my best birthday yet.. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and celebrate many more!"

No wonder Daniela's not letting a wrong sized ring ruin this moment. It took long enough to get here.


"Issa Fiance"


She's been posting about being over the moon " about their engagement, saying on her InstaStories days ago:

“I want to thank everyone for all the love you’ve shown on our engagement!!! I haven’t been able to reply to everyone but it hasn’t gone unnoticed & I appreciate all of you!! I’m over the moon celebrating.”



The couple also celebrated her birthday last night, after celebrating his earlier this year.


The fam celebrated Natasha's 3rd birthday earlier this month as a family:


And they seem to be living it up as one big happy family these days:


Congrats to the couple!


Photos: Instagram

Comedy Legend Sinbad Is Recovering From A Recent Stroke, Says His Family


Comedy legend and "A Different World" star Sinbad is recovering from a recent stroke, his family reveals.  The latest on his condition inside.

64-year-old Sinbad, born David Adkins, suffered from a stroke recently.  His family issued a statement today saying he is on his road to recovery, though, and they are faithful and optimistic. 

The Adkins family says in a statement to The Associated Press on Monday that “it is out of sincere love that we share Sinbad, our beloved husband and father, is recovering from a recent stroke.

“Sinbad is a light source of love and joy for many generations. While he is beginning his road to recovery, we are faithful and optimistic that he will bring laughter into our hearts soon,” the statement continued.

“Our family thanks you in advance for your love and support and ask for continued prayers for his healing. We also ask that you please respect our privacy during this time,” the family statement read.

"The Sinbad Show" star did a stand up show in Huntsville, Alabama just last month, and has always been active on social media.


He captioned,"I want to thank Huntsville AL for coming out this weekend and letting me entertain you. Kinda strange getting back in the saddle, but it was just what I needed at this time. Might hit a few more shows!"

Get well soon, Sinbad aka Coach Walter Oakes!



1.  A category 5 hurricane, Iota, which is officially the strongest of the 2020 hurricane season, is on target to deliver a direct hit to Nicaragua and surrounding areas in Central America.  That are just suffered a category 4 hit from Hurricane Eta 10 days ago.  Prayers up for all those affected and in its path.  STORY


Photo: DFree/Shutterstock.com


Wendy Williams Said - On Air - That Blac Chyna Has Been Asking Her & Others For Help 'Because She Has No Place To Live'


With friends like these...


Wendy Williams spilled her supposed good friend Blac Chyna's personal tea on the air, revealing she's been hitting up her friends - including Wendy - to help find somewhere to live.  Deets inside.

A Hot Topic about Tyga and his recent lawsuit accusing him of owing over $30K in back rent and over $140K in physical damages to his recent landlord (yes, again) had Wendy Williams spilling his baby's mother's tea.

As you know, Chyna and Wendy became "friends" during Wendy's tragic divorce drama last year.  Chyna was a guest on "The Wendy Show," then the host and the reality star were going to paparazzi filled dinners and parades and ish and hanging out in the club together. Wendy's spoken about their relationship and how Chyna always texts her about things, like that new man she was dating back in September 2019.

Now, Wendy is revealing what private texts from Chyna have been saying - and Chyna allegedly claims she has nowhere to live.  It's unclear if the Only Fans money isn't doing enough, or if she's just asking for suggestions because something happened with that new house she's been living in for a while now.

While ki-ki'ing about tyga's latest drama, Wendy said toward the end:

"He has a child with Black Chyna, right?" she asked. "I told you Blac Chyna texts me regularly 'Can you help me find a condo I have no place to live. Maybe she sent a blast to everyone she knows because it didn't say, like 'Dear Wendy,'' she clarified.

She aso said, "I didn't answer it ... I don't want to be involved."



Could Chyna simply be asking for referrals or suggestions of "hot places" to live?  Possibly.  But seeing that Wendy made this statement during a segment about Tyga's troubled finances and inability to pay his rent, it seems that she's implying that Chyna is asking due to financial strain. And it doesn't help that Chyna's legal filings - accusing Tyga and Rob Kardashian - the fathers of her children - of not paying their child support - were also mentioned during this segment.

Either way, Chyna was ready to put hands on Wendy back in 2016 when Wendy was talking ish about her life then.  And Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni was making similar threats as recently as July 2019. 


So we may be hearing from both of them again soon....



Photog: Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock.com

Rapper Benny The Butcher Gives Recovery Update After Getting Shot In A Houston Walmart Parking Lot


Rising star Benny The Butcher was shot in Houston over the weekend, but the Roc Nation artist seems to be on the mend.  Thankfully.  Full story inside.

We're certainly glad he's OK, but this could have ended up much differently.

Benny The Butcher – an up-and-coming Griselda Records rapper who's getting plenty of buzz these days after signing with Roc Nation Management – is back on his feet after a scary situation on Saturday.


According to Houston PD, the Buffalo rapper was in a local Walmart parking lot with friends when an alleged attempted robbery on him occurred.  He was shot in the leg with one of the 5 bullets fired by a car full of men who pulled up on them.

TMZ reports:

Houston PD tells TMZ ... the New York rapper was in town Saturday and visiting a local Walmart with a couple friends in tow. While they were in their car in the lot, we're told a car with 5 guys inside pulled up next to them and whipped out guns ... demanding their chains.

Apparently, Benny and co. were moving too slow for the alleged robbers' liking ... and cops say one of the 5 fired a round into Benny's leg, which caused the crooks to flee. We're told Benny and his friends booked it too, but eventually pulled over and called the police.

At the time, it was unclear how Benny was doing.  Now, his cousin and label mate Westside Gunn is giving an update via Instagram - and he seems to be doing well.


He said, "I usually wouldn’t even post this but Buzz went From the hospital to a Private Jet to smoking Butchers Breath with me.... Allahu Akbar #theBUTCHER #GXFR #BSF #BUFFALOKIDS #BabsSon #GODSplan #LEGEND".


Benny has a wife named India he raps about often, and is known for being one of the most authentic fresh-off-the-streets rap dudes in the game:


And he has two daughters he also mentions often:


Even Meek Mill is calling for folks to chill out in these streets with so many people getting shot:




We're just glad this situation didn't end up any worse.


Photo: Benny's IG

Michael B. Jordan Is PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive, And, Yes


Michael B. Jordan is officially the Sexiest Man Alive, and um, YES.  Get into his PEOPLE magazine cover crowning him king of fineness and what he says about his new throne.

Not many will disagree that Michael B. Jordan is fine AF (even though we have peeped some of y'all that "don't see it for him", or whatever).  So it's no surprise that People magazine has realized it too.

The 33-year-old Creed and Black Panther star says "the women in his family are definitely proud of this one", and we can see why:


Michael posted the cover as well saying, "My grandma lookin down talkin bout “that’s my baby” Thanks @People for naming me 2020’s #SexiestManAlive! Order a copy!".

We wonder what his rumored boo thing thinks.

Next up for Michael (besides another Creed installment) is him leading a Tom Clancey series as a former Navy SEAL-turned-CIA operative in the flick Without Remorse.  He says he also hopes "to be maybe directing a little more, acting less, producing a lot more" soon.

He told the mag about his future goals:

"Just growing, whatever the next evolution of me is," he says. "Hopefully a family by then, I’m going to throw that in the universe. I want to make an impact all over the world and not just through the roles that I play."


He gushed about the ladies in his fam saying, "When my grandmother was alive, it was something that she collected, and then my mom naturally reads it a lot and my aunts as well. This is one that they’re definitely going to have a special place for."

Michael's a big supporter of making sure inclusivity is top of mind in his own projects, and also has been on the front lines of protests during this lock down.  He says he's been trying to ignore the controversy that comes from it though:

"You could have all the good intentions in the world, and you’ll still get controversy or some type of negativity thrown your way," he says. "Sometimes you’ve just got to trust the universe, you know? You’ve got to just believe in yourself and do what you feel is really right. I think that adds up."


Michael hit up Jimmy Kimmel last night in a hazmat suit to announce his big news:


And you can check out his whole video interview below:

He dishes more on his mom, love for anime (maybe THIS is why he and Meg Thee Stallion hit it off?), and snacks over on PEOPLE.


Photo: taniavolobueva/Shutterstock.com

SAD NEWS: Bobby Brown's Son Bobby Brown Jr. Has Died At 28


In terrible news, Bobby Brown's son, Bobby Brown, Jr., has died.  The heartbreaking details inside.

28-year-old Bobby Brown has passed away, this according to TMZ.

Jr. was one of Bobby's seven children and also appeared on the now cult classic 2005 docuseries "Being Bobby Brown".

Our condolences go out to Bobby Brown Jr.'s family, friends and loved ones at this time. R.I.P.


Photos: Getty, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com


Boosie Allegedly Says He's 'Not Doing Well' After Getting Shot, Manager Shoots Down Foot/Leg Amputation Rumors


Rapper Lil Boosie is still recovering from getting shot several days ago, and apparently, things aren't looking good.  Maybe not as bad as people are saying, though. His manager clears the air about the amputation rumors, inside.

The block has been hot in Houston and Dallas for weeks now. And the shocking shooting death of Dallas rapper MO3 last week, who was also signed to Boosie's Trill Entertainment, brought friction in Texas to a boiling point. 

While rumors ran rampant about who shot Mo3 on Interstate 90 and ran him down in broad daylight, Boosie made it clear it's Trill Ent. over everything.  And it seems folks haven't been taking too kindly to that - especially MO3's alleged enemies.

When Boosie headed to Dallas over the weekend for the city's balloon release in MO3's honor, Boosie's sprinter van was shot up - in broad daylight once again.  Despite his sprinter being bullet proof, he was struck in the leg and rushed to the hospital.

According to reports:


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Boosie was shot at in Dallas Saturday, after rolling through town in what we're told was a sprinter van near a strip mall called Big T's Plaza. Yesterday evening, he stopped by another venue to pay his respects to recently murdered Dallas rapper Mo3 -- who was a friend and collaborator of his.


At some point, somebody opened fire on the vehicle and one of the bullets struck Boosie in the leg. We're told the shooters booked it, and Boosie and co. made their way to a hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound below the knee.


At first, his team was seemingly trying to hide the fact he was hit.  Then news from hospital sources confirmed he was definitely injured, but seemingly the situation was non life threatening.

But that was about the extent of the good news as he had to go through multiple leg surgeries. 

Boosie - from an alleged acocunt of his - posted to his social media that he's "not doing that good":


Rumors then began swirling on social media that he needed a leg or foot amputation, due to his diabetes condition that often causes life threatening clotting.

Boosie's manager Louis posted that those amputation reports are false.

There's also unverified IG accounts claiming to be Boosie - that popped up after he was banned - claiming he said he's "ok but needs operations that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars."

TMZ gave an update as well saying he did get surgeries, but his legs and feet are still in tact:


Boosie Badazz went under the knife after getting shot in the leg, but surgeons didn't remove his foot ... and he's already home from the hospital. Sources close to Boosie tell TMZ ... he did NOT get his foot amputated -- contrary to reports -- but he did have a couple of surgeries for his gunshot wound.

Our sources say Boosie had a procedure to remove bullet fragments, and he had some screws put in to make sure his foot properly heals. Boosie has diabetes, which led to speculation about potential amputation, but we're told the only medical decisions in relation to his diabetes had to do with his pre-surgery diet.


He's staying off his feet, but doing features still though:




















Hopefully folks calm down with all the shooting and choosing of sides.




















Photo: Boosie's IG

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WINNING 'WAP': Megan Thee Stallion's 'Body' AMAs Performance - She 'Bodied That, Ate It Up, Then Gave It Back', Cops Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song Award


Body ody ody ody ody ody ody....


Meg Thee Stallion was giving VERY much Stallion vibes for her big American Music Awards performance last night.  And her looks throughout the night as she took home a win - *chef's kiss*.  Celebrate with the Hottie Captain and watch how she shook ish up inside.

It's been a YEAR.  So it's time for some Good News - which is the name of Meg's debut album that dropped on Friday.  Her rollout has been pretty much perfection, given we're in a pandemic.  The cover of GQ, bomb visuals, an ish talking intro like "Shots Fired" where she gives her alleged shoooter Tory Lanez and her (ex) bestie Kelsey the business, and now a big night at the AMAs. 

The Houston Hottie made a bold entrance into last night's AMAs in L.A. wearing a long, textured off-the-shoulder pink dress paired with Jessica Rich Macy Mule Heels ($215) in Silver, styled by BROOKELYN STYLES.

She came thru to do some things: Delivering a bomb performance of her new single “Body” and to take home the win for ‘Best Rap/Hip-Hop’ song for her feature on Cardi B’s “WAP.”

The performance had folks in awe, which is becoming a standard these days when it comes to Meg:

She commented about the performance saying, "Look at how I bodied that ate it up then gave it back #AMAS".

Consult your orthopedic doctor first before trying this ish.  Don't play yourself.


She switched into this neon green number to take home her award with a cute acceptance speech aout unapologetically loving her body and curves. Cardi B. - who also won this award - made history last night as the first person to win Best Hip Hop Artist two years in a row, but had to skip out this year for a dentist appointment. 

While COVID-19 numbers are rising across the country, there was still a limited audience in attendance 'in small groups, from the same families'.  So Meg had somewhat of a live audience to give all this fabness to:




In case you missed the official "Body" video, starring AMAs host Taraji P. Henson, our curvy crush Tabria Majors, Blac Chyna and more, check it below:


We love to see it.

Photo: Meg's IG