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Bobby Shmurda RELEASED From Prison, Quavo Picks Him Up In A Private Jet



Good behavior got Bobby Shmurda a “get out of jail early” card and now he’s a free man after six years behind bars. Migos rapper Quavo picked him up from a New York correctional facility in a private jet. See it all inside…



Bobby Shmurda has been behind bars since December 2014. Now, he’s a free man.

The “Hot N*gga” rapper (real name Ackquille Jean Pollard) was released from New York's Clinton Correctional Facility just before 8:30am this morning. His release comes 10 months earlier than expected due to good behavior. According to TMZ, Bobby’s release date was pushed up due to the prison's Time Allowance Committee. After his behavior and participation in prison programs was reviewed, they decided he would receive an early release.

While in lockup, Bobby was hit with 11 violations – including having a shank, drug possession and fighting – but apparently he was able to clean up his behavior in order to be receive an early release.

You’ll recall, Bobby was sentenced to 6 to 7 years after copping a plea in September 2016 to conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, drug and gun possession and more. Bobby and a group of his friends were charged in a 69-count indictment. Prosecutors accused Bobby and his homies of being members of the GS9 gang, which is a branch of the Crips in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn.

During an interview with Complex in 2016, Bobby revealed he took a harsher sentence – an extra two years - in order to help his friend and collaborator Rowdy Rebel and his others friends who got locked up.

“I did it for Rowdy,” Bobby said at the time. “They offered me five [years] and offered Rowdy 12. They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven, too. So, you know, I had to take one for the dawg.”

Before Bobby’s release, Migos rapper Quavo said he would personally pick Bobby up from prison and he kept his word. He hopped on a private jet this morning to get his homie:

And here’s a clip of Bobby talking to his mother after he got out:

”My first time seeing my dog rowdy rebel tonight!!! They freed the guys,” Quavo tweeted in the wee hours of the morning:

He also shared a throwback video of himself, Bobby and more turning up as he awaited Bobby’s release:

Prior to the release, Bobby sent out a message to his fans on his new official Instagram account.

“Thank you for remaining loyal and for riding this six year sentence out with me,” the message shared on his behalf said. “I love you all and look forward to seeing you soon.”

Singer Chris Brown is hype the "King of New York" (his words, not ours) is finally home:

Meanwhile, Twitter is cutting up over Bobby Shmurda's "hat":

If you're confused, watch Bobby's "Hot N*gga" video below:

Welcome Home.

Photo: Scott Roth/Invision/AP

Meek Mill Says He Apologized To Vanessa Bryant After She Called Him Out Over ‘Disrespectful’ Kobe Bryant Lyric



Meek Mill reveals he privately apologized to Vanessa Bryant for name dropping Kobe Bryant in an unreleased track after she called him out. Before she blasted him, he was seemingly defending the controversial metaphor, but it appears he has had a change of heart. More inside…

Last week, Meek Mill came under fire after an unreleased track featuring Lil Baby, titled “Don’t Worry (RIP Kobe),” leaked online. On the track, the Philly rapper used a metaphor which seemingly references the helicopter crash that took the life of NBA icon Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven other people last year.

On the song, Meek raps:

“Yeah, and if I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe.”

Once the dragging commenced on Twitter, the CHAMPIONSHIPS rapper seemingly defended the Kobe lyric, tweeting,

"somebody promo a narrative and y’all follow it.... y’all internet antics cannot stop me ....sh*t like zombie land or something! Lol." He continued, "They paying to influence y’all now ... its almost like mind control 'wake up'."

Now, Vanessa Bryant has weighed in on the musical controversy.

Kobe’s widow took to her IG Stories to condemn Meek, saying he had gone too far and she felt the wordplay was "extremely insensitive and disrespectful."



”Dear @meekmill, I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful. Period,” she wrote.

"I am not familiar with any of your music, but I believe you can do better than this. If you are a fan, fine, there's a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact."

We agree. While we don’t think Meek was intentionally being disrespectful, the lyric was inappropriate.

Right after Vanessa’s post, Meek doubled down on the lyrics, tweeting:

”I’m going back savage in this sh*t … f#%k ya feelings! Ion trust people gotta play it raw …..”

The “Dreams & Nightmares” rapper took to his Twitter again to reveal he apologized to Vanessa in private earlier today.

"I apologized to her in private earlier today not to the public," he explained. "Nothing I say on my page directed to a internet viral moment or the family of a grieving woman! If you care about someone grieving change the subject!"

Before that he tweeted:

“I don’t think we on the same signal y’all .. I don’t see what y’all see… I be looking at the net laughing like I did whet. I say random sh*t all day on social … it becomes a trend to hate on me every once in a while but I feed off that sh*t ima beast literally."

Peep the tweets below:



Meek – just accept this “L” and shhhhh.

Again, Vanessa had every right to check Meek, but sis never heard “Dreams & Nightmares?”



Photo: Kathy Hutchins/ Arturo Holmes/Shutterstock.com

It's 'Very Unlikely' Kanye West Will Be Featured In Two Reality Shows That Will Document His Divorce From Kim Kardashian



Fans will get a heavily edited look at the uncoupling of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West leading up to their divorce. Apparently, the Kardashian Klan will showcase the fallout on two reality shows, however, Ye will not be a part of it. Deets inside…

Last Friday, Kim Kardashian finally pulled the trigger on a divorce from Kanye West after almost 7 years of marriage. The couple shares 4 kids - North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm - ranging in ages 7 to 1.

Word on the curb is that their uncoupling is an “amicable split,” however, there are rumors that Kanye “isn’t doing well” with the split. It was previously reported his estranged wife is “sad” about the breakup, but “relieved” that she finally did it and she supposedly feels “confident in her decision.”

The writing has been on the wall for some time now, especially with Kim being on her journey to become a lawyer by way of at home tutoring with other lawyers and Kanye going from running for President to controversial statements to attempting to become a religious leader and moving full time to Wyoming.

With cameras following their every move, it’s now being reported Kim plans to document her reported $2.1 billion divorce from the Chi-town rapper on television.



Following the announcement in September that “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” will end in 2021 (14 years after its debut), the Kardashian-Jenner Klan signed new lucrative deals with Disney owned streaming platform HULU and Disney owned streaming platform, Star, a new international streaming service just unveiled by Disney.

A new, unscripted show is set to debut in 2021 and it has also been reported that the show will also highlight Kanye & Kim’s high-profile split. The Kardashian-Jenner Klan has already filmed the 20th and final season of their E! reality series.

The new season is set to air next month.

With Kris Jenner behind the deals, you all know the reality series will be heavily edited to create and push a concocted narrative to make sure they come out smelling like roses. So, expect to see Kanye at his worst. Not that he’s a saint, but we all are familiar with the Kardashian’s media trickery.

According to Sunday Mirror, it’s “very unlikely” Kanye will be featured in any of the upcoming reality shows.

If reports are true, the 40-year-old mom-of-four is supposedly looking to change up her surroundings for the new show. The Miami Herald reports in the latest issue Life & Style magazine, the SKIMS honcho will reportedly move to Miami for a “few months.”

“She had the time of her life filming ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ there years ago and has always loved South Florida,” an insider told the media outlet. “She’s checking out Miami real estate — and Miami men.”

So, there’s that.

As for how they'll split their reported $2 billion fortune (Kanye worth a supposed $1.1B stash and Kim worth supposedly $900M), it's going to take some time. There's reportedly a $100M real estate portfolio, $300k worth of livestock and $3M car collection to start. Then they have their separate empires - Yeezy and SKIMS. There's reportedly a prenup and allegedly neither party is contesting it.

Will you be tuning in to the Kardashian-Jenner’s new reality show to get the inside scoop on KimYe’s divorce?

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Tiger Woods Undergoes Surgery For ‘Multiple Leg Injuries’ After Single-Car Rollover Accident



Tiger Woods is undergoing surgery for “multiple leg injuries” after he was injured in a single-car accident in suburban Los Angeles. More inside…


Gold star Eldrick "Tiger" Woods has been hospitalized and is undergoing surgery for “multiple leg injuries” following a single-vehicle rollover car accident in suburban Los Angeles.

The crash happened around 7:15am PST in the Rancho Palos Verdes area. The 15-time major golf champion was reportedly alone in the vehicle.

It was previously reported fire crews had to use the “jaws of life” to extract Tiger from the vehicle. However, Capt. James Power (from the sheriff's department) said the jaws of life were NOT used to rescue him. He said first responders popped open the windshield and was able to get him out.

It took six minutes from the time of the accident for officials to arrive on scene. The famous golfer was rushed to the hospital via ambulance in serious condition. No other cars were involved in the wreck.

“Tiger Woods was in a single-car accident this morning in California where he suffered multiple leg injuries,” said his manager, Mark Steinberg. “He is currently in surgery and we thank you for your privacy and support.”

According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Tiger’s vehicle was traveling northbound on Hawthorne Boulevard when it crashed at Blackhorse Road. As seen in the photos of the wreckage, the vehicle sustained major damage. It appears the whole front of the car was torn off and air bags appear to be deployed.



A second crash happened near Tiger's accident when a vehicle that stopped to help the golfer got hit. Christopher Thomas, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Fire Department confirmed that wreck was very minor, and no one was hurt.

A press conference with Sheriff Alex Villanueva to discuss the single vehicle roll over traffic collision will go down at 3pm PST.

Fresh off an eventful weekend, Tiger – who has been recovering from his fifth back surgery - was in L.A. being tournament host of the Genesis Invitational at Rivera, where he presented the winning trophy. The golfer was set to film with Discovery-owned GOLFTV on Monday and Tuesday. Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith and former NBA star Dwayne Wade linked up with Tiger yesterday and they shared candid flicks of them while playing golf:



Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Tiger has been involved in a car investigation. It’s his third. In 2009, Tiger was caught up in cheating drama with his wife that resulted in his SUV running over a fire hydrant and hitting a tree on Thanksgiving. That incident almost ruined his career, causing him to lose major corporate sponsorships. He ended up going to rehab and took a five-month hiatus from golf.

In 2017, the golfer reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel of a car parked awkwardly on the side of the road in Florida. Cops arrested and charged him with DUI. He made claims that he had an unexpected reaction to prescription drugs. In court, he pleaded guilty to reckless driving. He also checked himself into a rehab clinic to get help with prescription medication and a sleep disorder.

The last time Tiger played golf was back in December in the PNC Championship with his 11-year-old son, Charlie. After the tournament, he underwent his fifth surgery on his back (a microdiscectomy) and gave no indication when he would return to the game. Looks like he just got set back even further.

Prayers for a speedy recovery.


Photos: Ryan Kang/AP Photo/KABC-TV via AP

Charlamagne Responds To LaKeith Stanfield’s Gun-Toting TikTok After Reigniting Their Beef



After reigniting their beef earlier this week, Charlamagne tha God is responding to LaKeith Stanfield’s gun toting TikTok video. Find out what he said about it inside….

Beef between actor LaKeith Stanfield and Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” radio host Charlamagne tha God was reignited this week during an interview with LaKeith’s Judas and The Black Messiah co-star Daniel Kaluuya.

In the movie, LaKeith Stanfield plays informant William O’Neal, the man who infiltrated the Black Panther Party. During the interview, radio host Charlamagne tha God asked Daniel if he looked at LaKeith differently for playing William O’Neal “too well.”

LaKeith caught wind of Charlamagne’s comments and responded on his IG account. Then, he deleted the post.

“Hoes. This is what hoes do,” LaKeith wrote in the caption of a clip from Daniel’s interview. “Get sonned by reality. Get off me bro u a lame. Daniel ain’t an idiot. Leave me be dog and find somebody else @cthagod.”

Following his post-and-delete, LaKeith hopped on TikTok where he posted a bizarre video of himself brandishing a gun that was pointed at a picture of Charlamagne. The Get Out actor also pointed the gun at a mirror while he was dancing around and then stuck his middle finger up in front of a picture of his on-screen character William O’Neal (a real FBI informant). In the same clip, he was also seen dancing in the mirror with a mannequin head. The "Atlanta" star ended up deleting the TikTok video as well.

Watch the cringey clip below:



FYI - We do NOT condone violence in any way, shape or form. 



The "Knives Out" actor explained people shouldn't take his video "serious" and that he was "clearly having fun." 

"I see they tryna frame it like I was serious even tho clearly I was having fun. Nobody trippin off y'all it's always been fun (except for the time when you blantatly lied and said I did things I didn't do on the red carpet - that was just irresponsible). I couldn't possibly have beef with a radio personality that doesn't even make sense. I have no interest in it. But when you say dumb things I'll be here with that thumpa," he said, along with gun and clown emojis.

The clip was enough to get Charlamagne to respond:

During Angela Yee’s “Rumor Report” segment, Charlamagne said LaKeith is now trying to play victim and told him he needed to stop “dishing it” if he can’t “take it.”

"What Lakeith does is he gets online and he plays the victim and he makes it seem like I'm always coming at him," Charlamagne said, explaining how he ignored LaKeith’s diss track he previously made towards him.

In November 2019, Charlamagne gave LaKeith Donkey of the Day after LaKeith dubbed black media outlets like "The Breakfast Club" as anti-black. LaKeith responded with a diss track titled "Automatic" and they have been beefing ever since.

"But he does that all the time. When he made comments about Kamala's hair last year and got backlash, he got online and said he can say what he wants and no one can force him into not saying what he wants. All good but if you gon' have that energy of saying what you want, don't play victim when people say something back," the radio host continued.

Peep the clip above.

This is petty.

Photos: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com

BIRKIN BAG DEBATE SETTLED: Hermès Bags Are Considered Investments & They're Quite Profitable



The Birkin bag debate is settled! While some may not understand why someone would spend over $10,000 for a purse, the rich and famous have no problem dropping bands for the newest Birkin bag. Turns out, the most sought-after bag is actually a profitable investment. More inside…

2020 birthed the popular Birkin Bag debate!

If you didn’t know, rapper Cardi B is a huge Birkin Bag Baddie who has a plentiful collection of luxury bags from French luxury goods company, Hermès.

Earlier this month, Cardi B shared a video of her newest Birkin bag, revealing she had been looking for it all over the world.

Due to the style’s exclusive nature, Bardi said she paid “triple” for it, which means she likely coughed up to $240,000 on her new accessory.

“I wanted this f*cking Birkin so bad. Y’all don’t understand, I called every f*cking Hermès store, it just came out this year … I had to pay triple but I just love it,” she said in an IG video “I just thought it was so amazing, she’s so pretty.”

Even Cardi’s 2-year-old daughter, Kulture, has a Birkin…or a few.


Rapper Saweetie is another celeb who loves herself some Birkins.


The “Best Friend” raptress loves the coveted bag so much that she created an official IG account for her collection called Birkin Bag Bratz:


Last year, Saweetie’s boyfriend Quavo gifted her two Birkin bags and she literally lost it:

Back in October, Saweetie started a debate on social media after she said all men should buy their woman a Birkin bag.

“If he not getting you a Birkin, if he not paying for your bills, then throw that n*gga back to the streets,” she said in an IG Live video alongside Quavo.

Later, she clarified her comments, stating a man should spoil his woman according to his tax bracket, but folks (especially men) were up in arms about what she originally said. If you can't afford a Birkin, just say that a move on people. 

Socialites also like to lace themselves in the hard-to-get bag:


Lori Harvey– daughter of Steve & Marjorie Harvey– often shares Instagram photos of herself rocking bags from her Birkin collection.

On Valentine’s Day, Lori’s actor boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan, gifted her a certified slip showing he purchased Hermès stock in her name.


A gift that will keep on giving.

Due to the Birkin bag's rarity and exclusiveness, they also increase in value over time, making them a popular collector’s item.


However, folks on social media have been sounding off about how Birkins have “literally lost their value” because “the City Girls and Cardi” make them seem “easy to get” and less “exclusive.”

The “WAP” rapper popped back at the Birkin trolls in an IG post, calling that type of commentary racist:

Debate over a Birkin bag was also brought up on social media when Yaya MayweatherFloyd Mayweather’s daughter – sounded off about celebrities rocking “fake” Birkins.

“Wait a minute… this is getting out of hand,” Yaya posted. “I’m starting to see too many people on this app with Birkins like their just some regular bags that you can go buy. Some of these Birkins gotta be fake and I’m not saying everybody’s is fake. I’m not trying to be funny but let’s make something crystal clear. For one, you can’t just walk into an Hermès store and buy a Birkin. You have to be like a member in order to buy them. Two even if you are a member you can only buy so many a year (and because of this is why my dad sometimes goes overseas to purchase them).”

Some of what she said is true.

Due to the slow and precise crafting of the bags along with materials and leathers that are difficult to source, only a handful of bags are actually made by Hermès each year. With only a limited amount made a year, this makes it harder for a consumer to get a new bag directly from Hermès, which created the infamous years-long waiting list.

Some would argue that a Birkin bag is a better investment than stock and gold. And with the way prices are continuing to rise for the bag, it appears to be a safe investment. And here's why:

The French luxury icon’s handbags have been one of the clear winners from the coronavirus crisis. The price of one Hermès bag outperformed other luxury items last year, according to a report published by property consultant Knight Frank, rising by 17%. Wine and collectible cars rose 13% and 6% respectively. Over the last decade, the group’s bags have risen 108%, handily trouncing gold’s 29% return.

That might explain why Hermès International shares are now trading at a toppy 51 times forward earnings, valuing the company run by Axel Dumas at 99 billion euros ($121 billion). The good news is that the supply of its key customers is still rising.

A bag in good to very good condition can reportedly fetch up to more than 80% of what the previous owner invested. A bag in excellent condition can fetch up to more than 100% of what the previous owner invested and a bag in pristine condition up to more than 120% of the previous owner invested. Sheesh!

According to BagHunter.com, an Hermès bag can stand up against traditional investments, such as diamonds, gold, silver, stock markets, and real estate. While these investments can both appreciate and depreciate, Hermès bags have only risen in value.

Peep the math:

Let’s look at the figures – a standard Kelly bag could have been purchased in 1950 for $900. By 1960 the same bag cost $1,300, by 1970 it was $2,450, 1980 saw it sell for $4,000, 1990 for $5,100, and at the turn of the century it cost $7,400. Today, that exact bag has increased in value to $9,250! The same increase is seen with Birkin bags with a standard Birkin setting customers back $2,000 in 1980, $2,750 in 1990, $4,000 at the turn of the century, and today sells for between $10,000 and $12,000!

So, while fans may not understand why a celebrity would drop up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a purse, copping a Birkin is actually a profitable investment if you take care of it.

Debate done.

Photos: Cardi's IG/Saweetie's IG/City Girls' IG

Would You Watch A ‘Love After Lockup’ Meets ‘RHOA’ Crossover Episode? Sheree Whitfield’s Prison BAE Tyrone Gilliam Is FREE



It appears former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield has a “Love After Lockup” situation on her hands following the release of her prison bae, Tyrone Gilliam. Would you watch?! More inside…

Love after lockup!

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield has a man in her bed to keep her warm at night now that her prison bae has been released from prison.

The reality star recently reunited with her longtime lover, Tyrone Gilliam, after he was released from prison. According to Tyrone, he was released from a correctional facility in Kentucky last week. Since then, he has been spending all of his time with Sheree in Philadelphia, eating Philly cheesesteaks and learning new technology. He received an early release due to COVID-19 spreading in the prison.


As you can imagine, he’s super behind in technology after he was sentenced to 10 years in 2013 for wire fraud. In 2016, “RHOA” fans learned about Sheree’s prison BAE on the show and it was revealed they had a relationship prior to Tyrone getting indicted. They reunited after his incarceration and started “prison dating.”

In August 2017, there were rumors that Sheree was actually engaged to Tyrone, but her camp denied the rumors. A rep for Sheree dispelled the engagement rumors to TheYBF.com.

"Sheree' and Tyrone have always been close friends and continue to support each other," Sheree's rep exclusively tells TheYBF.com. "The rumors of being married are not true at all."

As for the wifey shirt pic, there's an explanation for that too. Apparently, it's not new and was circulating before these rumors started.

"The pics are from one of the only times she'd ever visited him, and it was August 2016," her reps tell TheYBF.com. "They're old pics and not recent."

Sheree's team doesn't deny their friendship saying, "She's not denying they're friends and close, but married is a stretch."


While they weren’t making wedding plans at the time, the twosome was very much more than just friends.

Fast forward to January 2018, and Sheree was dishing on the perks of dating an inmate. Oh? She said her relationship with Tyrone is "cute" and "romantic" and their love letters back and forth are "like a love story."

Remember when she said she was building him a customized mancave for him when he got out during Season 11? And you’ll recall, former “RHOA” star Nene Leakes referred to Tyrone as a “con-artist” on the show. It didn't seem like their love would last the test of time and prison, but here we are.

The couple called off their relationship again in 2018 after Tyrone lost his appeal. In 2020, Sheree lost her “RHOA” peach and has been pretty lowkey ever since.

Tyrone said he could see himself marrying Sheree down the line, but he doesn’t plan on popping the question anytime soon. It's unclear if Tyrone made it out in time for Valentine's Day, but Sheree appeared to be in good spirits:



We wouldn’t be surprised if BRAVO producers aren’t already on her line. Would you watch a “Life After Lockup” and “RHOA” crossover episode? We’d actually check it out just to see how these two function as a unit outside the prison walls. By the way, “Love After Lockup” is a guilty pleasure around these parts, so we’re here for all the post-prison foolery.

Photos: TheYBF/TMZ

Eve Set To Make A TV Return In New ABC Series + Quavo Will Make Movie Debut Alongside Hollywood Honcho Robert De Niro



Eve is making a TV comeback as she just landed a leading role in an upcoming ABC series. Deets on her new show, plus how Migos rapper Quavo is gearing up to make a splash in Hollywood with some heavy hitters inside…


From rapper, to actress, to TV, back to actress! Eve is making a TV comeback! We all remember her hit self-titled sitcom “Eve” from the early 2000s. Now, she’s coming back to our TV screens.

Following her exit from daytime talk show “The Talk” after four years, former rapper Eve is set to play a leading role in the upcoming ABC drama pilot, “Queens.” The synopsis sounds pretty dope too.

The pilot is about four estranged and out-of-touch women in their 40s who reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had as the Nasty Bitches – their ’90s group that made them legends in the hip-hop world.

The Nasty B**ches? Okayyy. Our girl Eve is set to play a reformed woman named Brianna. Back in the day, Brianna was Professor Sex, who is one fourth of “The Nasty B*tches,” rapping about money, sex and her glamours lifestyle.

Fast forward twenty years, Brianna is a proud wife and mother of five in a stained sweatsuit who barely has a second to breathe. There’s nothing glamorous about her life, but she loves it. Being a part of “The Nasty B*tches” is nothing but a distant memory until an opportunity arises for the group to reunite. Eve’s character will grapple with whether or not she still has the swagger and confidence that made her an icon decades ago.

Not only will Eve star in the series, she’ll always create original music for the show.

Variety reports:

In addition to starring, Eve will be rendering original music for the show as her character. A music icon in her own right, Eve is best known for her hit records “Who’s That Girl,” “Gangsta Lovin’,” “Let Me Blow Your Mind ft. Gwen Stefani,” the last of which won the Grammy for best rap/sung collaboration in 2002. She has released four multi-million selling albums and 32 singles to date, most recently dropping the single “Reload” in 2019.

“Queens” is written and executive produced by Zahir McGhee with Sabrina Wind also serving as an executive producer. ABC Signature will produce.

We’re here for it.

Another rapper making a splash on the acting scene…


First music videos, then television (“Atlanta,” “black-ish,” “STAR,” and “Narcos: Mexico”). Now: The Big Screen.

Quavo is gearing up to make his film debut and he’ll be starring alongside some Hollywood veterans.

The Migos rapper landed a role in Wash Me in the River, which is an action-thriller movie about a recovering drug addict hoping to retaliate against the drug lord who killed his lover.

The “Stir Fry” rapper play the role of Coyote, the “ruthless and heartless” drug lord, in the Randall Emmett-directed film that stars actors Robert De Niro, John Malkovich and John Huston. Lit. The cast is currently filming in Puerto Rico, according to Variety.

“I honestly think this movie is going to be one of the greatest to come of this time,” Quavo – who’s cooking up a new Migos album - said. “The experience was unbelievable for me, with Robert DeNiro and Jack Huston being so down to earth and making me feel like family. Gonna see me doing some stunts and a lot of what you hear from me in my raps! This is one of my biggest debuts I’ve ever had, and so proud of what we did and to get to work with Randall who’s such an amazing guy — I can’t wait to do more films with him”


“Quavo is a superstar and a real actor,” Emmett said about the rapper’s abilities. “Getting to see him bring the Coyote character to life is very exciting, and I think he is going to have a film career equally as big as his music.”

The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted.



1. David Oyelwo is set to make his directorial debut with his family adventure film, THE WATER MAN, which he also stars in. The film has been acquired by RLJE Films (a business unit of AMC Networks) for North America, and by Netflix for the rest of the world.

THE WATER MAN is produced by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Films, ShivHans Pictures, and Yoruba Saxon. In North America the film is expected to be released day-and-date in theaters and PVOD on May 7, 2021 and Netflix will release the film internationally later this year. Woot!

Photos: Eve's IG/Quavo's IG

Cardi B Spills The Real Tea To Mariah Carey On Why She Doesn’t Like Making A Lot Of ‘Industry Friends’


Cardi B chopped it up with Mariah Carey about the music industry and she spilled tea on how she handles industry relationships. Everything Cardi dished to MiMi for INTERVIEW magazine inside…

Cardi B is back!

Following the release of her new chart topper “UP,” the Bronx native makes a splash on the magazine circuit with a brand-new cover. The 28-year-old rapper is featured on Interview magazine’s Issue 535 in nothing but a pair of killer gold Balenciaga thigh-high boots:

Inside, the “WAP” raptress opened up about everything – from her childhood to becoming a Hip Hop superstar – during a candid conversation on the phone with the Elusive Chanteuse, Mariah Carey.

”Oh my gosh. I’m freaking out,” Cardi responded after Mariah said hello.

”Oh, stop!,” MiMi replied.

Being a vet in the music industry, Mariah is very familiar with shielding off industry people (the “I don’t know her” sound bite instantly entered our minds). Now that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has a few years of fame under her belt, she was asked how she handles her industry relationships.

CAREY: You’ve settled into the whole celebrity thing. In terms of connecting with other artists, are there people you’ve met and had great relationships with? Like, they’re cool, and you became friends. And then are there situations where you’re like, “Well, I guess I could have been friends with this person if they hadn’t acted such and such a way”? I’ve noticed that in my life.

CARDI B: A lot of celebrities invite me to places, but I’m really shy. We’re doing this over the phone, but if it was in person, I wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes. That’s how nervous I get around celebrities. And sometimes my head starts talking, like, “Oh my gosh, I look stupid, I feel stupid, I’m dumb.”


Due to her own beliefs about friendships, Cardi has a hard time differentiating “business friends” from real, ride-or-die friends.

CARDI B: I don’t want to get close to a celebrity and feel like we have a connection, and then out of nowhere they do some funny shit and disappoint me. I’ve always had the same friends. I’m very loyal. If I’m your friend, I’m going to always ride hard for you. But if you don’t ride hard for me or you do some funny shit, I’m going to feel a certain type of way. My husband always tries to tell me, “You can’t think like that because you’ve got to network and this is not real life. You got to understand that.”

CAREY: But that’s not easy.

CARDI B: It’s really not. You’ve got to understand that your business friends are not going to treat you like your real friends. It’s hard for me to put that in my head because growing up, loyalty was really big. But celebrities aren’t like that, and that’s something that you have to find out on your own.

The Grammy award winning singer said the music industry makes folks act a certain way and all she wants is from people is for them to be real with her.

CAREY: Do you think that the business has changed you or have you seen it change other people who you may have known before they came up?

CARDI B: That’s why I stay away from people. My fans want me to interact with more artists, but if I love their music, I don’t want to meet them because I don’t want to hate them. I’d rather just not know them at all and love them than meet them and be like, “Oh my gosh, this person’s a weirdo.” When your friends hurt you, you can vent on social media. When a celebrity does you wrong, you can’t vent because it becomes a problem.

Very true.

The candid conversation covered hair and body insecurities Cardi struggled with growing up.

CAREY: I know that I didn’t, for my own reasons. When you were little, did you always know, “I stand out from the crowd. Different people notice me, I feel beautiful”? Or did you feel like an outsider?

CARDI B: Well, I’m from New York, right? And New York is a melting pot, especially where I grew up in the Bronx. I’m Trini and I’m Dominican, and there’s a lot of Dominicans that look a certain type of way. They have soft, pretty, curly hair. Growing up, guys would ask me weird questions like, “If you’re Dominican, why is your hair so nappy?” I used to dye my hair, and people used to be like, “Oh, your hair’s so crunchy.” And it would make me feel so weird. I was also really skinny when I was younger, and in the Bronx, it’s about being thick and having an ass, so young boys would be like, “Look at your flat ass. You ain’t got no titties.” And it would make me feel so ugly and undeveloped.

The outspoken rapper mom also touched on discrimination she has faced in the fashion and music industries as a woman of color – like how her white counterparts are paid more money for their deals.

CAREY: Do you feel that the record industry or the fashion industry, from your perspective, is inherently racist?

CARDI B: I don’t know if I would use the word “racism,” because everything is so technical right now. I have felt prejudice. I have been involved in endorsement deals, and then I found out that certain white people got more money for their deals from the same company. I do my research. I know how much money I made that company. My fans buy my shit. So it’s like,“ When you’re not paying me what you’re paying these other people, why is that?”It’s kind of insulting. And then when it comes to fashion, hip-hop is a big influence. And yet, Black artists have the hardest time getting pulls from designers and the hardest time getting seats at their fashion shows, and barely get endorsed by big fashion brands that we literally make trend

Bardi also talked about her start as a stripper, her mentality at the time, and whether or not she has any regrets about it now.

CARDI B: No. I went to a high school for performing arts. I used to sing, I used to rap, I used to act, all that shit. Once I started having troubles at home and got kicked out, I saw everything I did in high school as a silly dream. It wasn’t reality anymore. So when I started stripping, after a while, I just wanted to make $20,000. “If I make $20,000,” I thought, “I’ll open a fucking business and I won’t have to strip anymore.”Strippers talk a certain way. The stripper attitude is, “I’m not ashamed of being a stripper because a lot of these bitches don’t have shit. A lot of these bitches don’t have a place to stay, don’t have no car, can’t afford this, can’t afford that. Y’all out here fucking niggas for free, but y’all shaming me because I’m shaking my ass? Y’all hoes be showing y’all fucking bodies on social media, and y’all not getting paid.” That mentality stuck with me. I felt like, “You’re judging me, but I’m making more money than you.” I felt like nobody could shame me for being a stripper. When I started stripping, I was making probably $500 a night. As I got bigger, I was making $2,000, maybe $5,000. When I got really popular on Instagram I was making $7,000 to $10,000 a week. I felt on top of the world. I felt so untouchable and so sexy, because there were rappers that all these girls lust over who would come to the strip club and request me to go to their section. They would request me. If I’m so trash, why are these guys requesting me? I’m getting paid for my looks. Nobody’s going to spend money on you if you’re ugly.

CAREY: [Laughs] Judge not lest thou be judged, to quote the Bible. They shouldn’t be judging you unless they want to judge themselves. And that’s the truth.

You can read the full interview here.

After the interview was published online, Cardi took to Twitter to apologize to Mariah for cursing so much during their chat. She said MC made her feel so comfortable that she felt like she was kiki’n with a friend. Mariah caught wind of Cardi’s tweet and responded:

”Cardi!!! I loved our conversation!,” Mariah tweeted. “What I didn’t say but should have said is that it’s not just the fact that you’re beautiful on the outside, it is the fact that you are a real person that is also beautiful on the inside.. I’m here for it all! You made my day.”


Speaking of Twitter…

The Invasion of Privacy rapper was poppin’ off on Twitter about some drama she’s involved in. She didn’t specify what exactly she was talking about, but fans speculate she’s going off about her legal battle with vlogger, Tasha K.

”I can’t wait till sh*t is over so I can tell my part of the sh*t. Motherf*ckers really ran with the I sent Nikkas too touch b*tches sh*t for too long,” Cardi tweeted.


”Super clear it … with Receipts and all !," Cardi said.

According to reports, Cardi filed a lawsuit against vlogger Tasha K in 2019, accusing her of posting over a dozen videos defaming her with the unfounded allegations. In response, Tasha K filed a $1 million lawsuit claiming Cardi B’s fans came at her with gang-related threats, which caused anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression. Reportedly, Cardi B is asking for at least $75,000 in damages for slander, libel, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.





Cardi's rapper husband Offset got on daddy duty and painted his and daughter Kulture's nails. Cute!

Photos: Cardi's IG/Mariah's IG

Barack Obama & Ava DuVernay Will Deliver & Engage In Much-Needed Discussions In Their New Spotify Podcasts, Respectively



Barack Obama and Ava DuVernay are taking their talents to Spotify for their own podcasts, respectively. Find out what our forever president and fab directress has cooking up inside…


Spotify nabbed some entertainment heavy hitters to launch new podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Forever President Barack Obama will be teaming up with legendary musician Bruce Springsteen for some legend talk about music, fatherhood, sports, life experiences, how they’re dealing with today’s issues and more in their new podcast series, “Renegades: Born in the USA.”

In the trailer Obama posted on his Twitter account, POTUS and Bruce meet up at the singer’s recording studio at his New Jersey home. The twosome opened up about their childhoods where Obama revealed his father left him at the age of 2 and returned when he was 10, but was only there for a month. With his father being absent for the majority of his life, President O said there was no way for him to feel a connection with him because he felt like a stranger.

On the surface, Barack and Bruce may not seem like they have a lot in common. Despite their very different backgrounds, the 59-year-old politician and the 71-year-old musician found common ground in the idea of America and this is what they explore in the new podcast.

Peep the trailer above.

”Renegades: Born in the USA” is the second podcast series to come out of POTUS and First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2019 deal with Spotify. The inaugural series, “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” was hosted by FLOTUS and was launched via Higher Ground production last July.

The first two episodes of “Renegades: Born in the USA” is currently streaming on Spotify.

Spotify is also working with Barack & Michelle's Higher Ground production company on another podcast, “Tell Them I Am,” which compiles stories from Muslim voices and will debut throughout Ramadan.

As for another new Spotify podcast…


Ava DuVernay has also hopped in the Spotify podcast game.

After inking a multi-year deal with the streaming service in January, the "When They See Us" director's first podcast will be an unscripted series about high profile cases of police brutality centered on the Law Enforcement Accountability Project (LEAP), which Ava launched last year.

"For Elijah and Breonna and George and Sandra and Philando and too many more. We can’t allow police who kill to disappear, unknown. It’s called qualified immunity and it’s a dark place. LEAP FILES will try keep a light on those dark places," she wrote on Instagram.

Each episode will explore a new case of police brutality and explore the “blue wall of silence” that surrounds officers that are accused of murdering unarmed black civilians, zeroing in on the lack of repercussions and accountability despite fatal wrongdoing.

“One of the things that defines artists is our curiosity — always wanting to learn more, reach further,” said Ava. “And so this is a non-scripted project called The LEAP Files. We analyze high-profile cases that have been in the news as it relates to police brutality against black people. This podcast pulls back the curtain.”

Variety shared more deets about what's set to come down the pipeline via Ava's deal with Spotify:

Spotify and DuVernay will develop and produce exclusive original audio programming through Array, DuVernay’s multiplatform arts and social impact collective, in concert with Spotify’s Gimlet studio. The scripted and unscripted narrative podcasts will “amplify a variety of voices and perspectives,” according to Spotify. The slate will be overseen by Array Filmworks president Sarah Bremner.

Bring it on! We love a good podcast around these parts.


Photos: Rob DeMartin/Spotify via AP/Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com

DaBaby Sued For Allegedly Punching Rental Property Owner’s Tooth Out After He Tried To Shut Down Music Video Shoot



DaBaby is being accused of punching someone…AGAIN. A rental property owner claims the rapper knocked his tooth out when he tried to shut down a music video shoot that wasn’t following COVID-19 protocol. Deets inside…


Rapper DaBaby named his 2020 album Blame It On Baby. And that’s what’s happening.

DaBaby has found himself involved in more legal drama after a man made claims the rapper punched him so hard he knocked his tooth out. The reason? Apparently, an unauthorized music video shoot is what started the drama.

Now, DaBaby (real name Jonathan Kirk) will have to "fight" in court to tell his side of what went down because the man has filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina rapper, according to Variety.

So here’s what went down…allegedly.

A man named Gary Prager is accusing the “BOP” rapper of assault and running out on payment for the Runyon Canyon vacation home he rented to film a new music video back in December. The 64-year-old man claims DaBaby violated the lease by inviting 40 people to the home for the shoot, which is a violation of their contract because only 12 people were allowed to be on the site due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Upon pulling up to the rental home, Prager said he saw DaBaby sitting in a car with YouTuber Jake Paul, who was also involved in the music video shoot. The lease terms prohibited the property from being used for any commercial purpose, according to the complaint.

When Prager tried to shut the music video shoot down that’s when all hell allegedly broke loose. The man said once he started asking people to leave, he was allegedly knocked to the ground by an unknown person. Then, he said the “Rockstar” rapper got out of a car, chased him back inside the home. That's when DaBaby allegedly punched him in the mouth, knocking out one of the man's teeth. Ouch!

At this point, DaBaby and his homies allegedly kicked, stomped, and spat on the man, warning him he better not call the police. The man was unable to call authorities because the rapper and his friends allegedly tossed his phone back-and-forth while taunting him.

Someone ended up calling the police, which resulted in DaBaby and his crew to flee the scene. Prager claims DaBaby ran off (with his phone and “valuable kitchenware”) after only paying a portion of the rental bill. Not only that, Prager claims DaBaby and his crew left the home with thousands of dollars in damages, including security cameras to hide they were breaking COVID-19 protocol.

So, he’s suing DaBaby and his manager Kinsza Virgil. You can read the lawsuit here.

DaBaby has a checkered past which includes several run-ins with the law. In January, DaBaby was arrested during a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California after police found a gun in his car.

In September 2020, DaBaby was sued after a physical altercation with a Beverly Hills hotel employee. The rapper said the worker was harassing him for a picture while he was with his daughter.

Peep the altercation below:

In May 2020, DaBaby was accused of punching a Las Vegas driver during an argument. It’s alleged he hit the driver because the driver wouldn’t allow him and his friends to smoke a joint in the Sprinter van. DaBaby refuted the reports, writing "100% False," on IG Stories. "The devil gone always try you when you doing good,” he continued.

In March 2020, DaBaby was accused of slapping/punching a female fan at a Tampa concert. After the backlash, he hopped on social media to apologize to the woman, but she still filed a lawsuit. 

In January 2020, DaBaby was arrested in connection to a robbery in Florida after an altercation with concert promoters. The promoters sued DaBaby for $100,000 and eventually were able to reach a settlement.

As for his rap sheet, he has charges that range from marijuana possession to more serious charges like the concealed-weapon charge he was hit with in 2019. The judge determined DaBaby was using self-defense and he was sentenced to a year’s probation.

Whew, chile!



DaBaby’s “Yellow Bone” ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh and his daughter’s mom MeMe got into a social media feud last night.

Meme hopped on IG Live to remind everyone she’s not “intimidated by no b*tch.”

”I'm not intimidated by no b*tch when it comes to a n*gga I was with for real. It ain't no smoke, it ain't no nothing, like, honestly that sh*t is nothing new," Meme said in the video. "You know how many b*tches I done seen come and go? I hate to say it's normal or it's regular but I mean, it is... I'm not ever worried about no b*tch."

"Plus, I'm secure within myself. I never needed validation from no n*gga, so I know what I bring to the table. I know what's up with me. I don't know it to have no problem with it."

DaniLeigh caught wind of her Live video and first tweeted, “Lol sad … but ok …”

Then, she came back with another tweet that said:

”Can’t wait to be disconnected to that situation… in due time … we all human.. we all make mistakes when we in love and dumb. But it’s all about growing fr .. so I’ll take my lessons and keep goin .. even with all the hate I received it’s fine .. in due time,” she said.

Girl, bye.

Photo: DaBaby's IG

Ahmaud Arbery's Mother Honors Son’s Life During Emotional Vigil After Filing Federal Lawsuit Against 3 Men Accused Of Killing Him


Wanda Cooper-Jones, Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, is making sure her son’s name isn’t forgotten. The grief-stricken mother hosted a vigil on the anniversary of his death, and she got super emotional. However, she’s a fighter. She’s pursuing all avenues of justice on behalf of her son. Details inside…

On February 23, 2020, Wanda Cooper-Jones’ life changed forever. Her 25-year-old son, Ahmaud Arbery, was fatally gunned down in broad daylight while jogging through a neighborhood outside Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia.

Two white men - Gregory McMichael (a former Glynn County police officer turned District Attorney’s office investigator) and his son, Travis McMichael– chased Ahmaud (an innocent man), cornered him and then shot him dead during a struggle with Travis over his shotgun. A third man, William “Roddie” Bryan, recorded the murder.

Now, his mother is fighting for justice for her son.

On the one-year anniversary of her son’s death, Wanda filed a wrongful death lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, alleging that the three white men charged with murder in the death of her son were acting as surrogate police when they took his life.

ABC News reports:

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are the three men charged with murder -- retired Georgia police officer Gregory McMichael, 64, his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael, their 50-year-old neighbor, William "Roddie" Bryan -- as well as former Glynn County Police Chief John Powell, former Glynn County District Attorney Jackie Johnson, Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill and several Glynn County police officers.

S. Lee Merritt, Esq, Wanda’s attorney, said she’s not giving up until her son receives justice.

"Justice for this family looks like going after the system that justified it, that allowed these men (the McMichaels and Bryan) to run free for months, that failed to prosecute properly, that offered racist explanations or why the shooting was justified," Merritt told ABC News. "That's George Barnhill, Jackie Johnson, the entire Glynn County PD. Miss Cooper is a fighter, and she's instructed us to take no stops on the road to justice."

The lawsuit alleged the father-son duo and their neighbor were "entrusted by local law enforcement to respond to recent trespasses" in the neighborhood of Satilla Shores in Brunswick, Georgia, where Arbery was killed on Feb. 23, 2020.

"These men believed that they had authority to pursue the man on the Construction Lot because they had been deputized by the Glynn County Police Department," the lawsuit filed by Wanda alleges.

On the day Ahmaud ran through the neighborhood, they automatically assumed he was a burglar and began chasing him down. No arrests were made until almost THREE months after Ahmaud’s death. Footage of Ahmaud made its way online and that really put the spotlight on the case.

More allegations made in the lawsuit below:

The lawsuit contains text messages from Glynn County Police Officer Robert Rush, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit, to the owner of the home being constructed that Arbery entered the day he died, directing him to contact Gregory McMichael if his surveillance camera filmed strangers on his property.

The lawsuit alleges that Johnson and Barnhill each delayed arresting the suspect because they each had a personal relationship with Gregory McMichael. Both prosecutors recused themselves from the case.

The father-son duo and the neighbor pleaded not guilty to all charges, which include malice murder, four counts of felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and criminal attempt to commit a felony in May 2020. They are expected to stand trial later this year.

Travis McMichael's lawyer, Robert Rubin, accused Ahmaud’s attorneys of trying to get money out of his client that he doesn’t have.

"Obviously, the plaintiff lawyers are seeking a substantial sum of money from any party they think has deep pockets," Rubin said. "I don't expect Travis McMichael will give them the money they are seeking."

Lee Merritt shared photos of Wanda’s mother demanding justice for her son:

Surrounded by family and friends, Wanda celebrated her son’s life and legacy at a vigil held on the one-year anniversary of his death.

Supporters gathered at New Springfield Baptist Church in Waynesboro, which isn’t far from Ahmaud’s resting place. In honor of his life, people wore blue ribbons, face masks, and t-shirts with Ahmaud’s name during the memorial.

As one hymn filled the air, Wanda was overcome with emotion and she painfully cried out that her baby was taken from her. Hurts our hearts! No parent should have to bury their child.

During the memorial, family, friends and elected officials delivered prayers and words of encouragement.

As Wanda continues to fight for her son, she’s also still fighting against people profiting off of her son’s name.

A few months ago, we told you how she called out former friends and associates of Ahmaud’s for fundraisers she didn’t authorize.

Ahmaud’s mother revealed her issue with the 2:23 Foundation, which was founded by Jason Vaughn – a local high school coach who Wanda said did not have a close relationship with Ahmaud when he was alive. Jason’s brother, Arkansas attorney John C. Richards, Jr., is also involved. The foundation got its name from the date Ahmaud was killed, February 23rd. Also, Ahmaud’s best friend - Akeem Baker– is allegedly another person profitting off of Ahmaud's death.

Back in September, Ahmaud’s mom went on Twitter to announce she is NOT affiliated with The 2:23 Foundation’s “I Run With Maud” Labor Day campaign. In fact, she's not affiliated with the foundation at all.

”I am deeply saddened & grieved that a foundation in Georgia rooted in the image, likeness, life, & death of my son, Ahmaud, was started without my permission or blessing,” she tweeted. “I do not approve of their work or their fundraising and have asked that they stop.”

Well, the foundation held another fundraiser on the one-year anniversary of Ahmadu’s death and raised over $226,000 – money Ahmaud’s mother will never see.

S. Lee Merritt, journalist Shaun King and activist Tamika Mallory put the foundation on blast on their social media accounts:

The 2:23 Foundation issued a statement in response to the backlash, claiming to have permission from Ahmaud’s father, Marcus Arbery, Sr., to “pursue justice for Ahmaud Arbery.”

Peep their statement below:

Today, we find it almost unbearable to have to release a statement about a tweet that called into question the efficacy...

Posted by The 2:23 Foundation on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

For Wanda, it’s not about the money - she just wants justice. She said no amount of money can bring her son back. We hope she gets it.

Photo: Arbery Family


Oscar Winner Ruth E. Carter Makes History As The 1st Black Costume Designer To Receive A Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame


Receiving her flowers! Iconic costume designer Ruth E. Carter is making history again. She just became the first Black costume designer to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she’s the second costume designer to receive the honor. Celebrate inside…

One Black woman who works tirelessly behind the scenes in Hollywood is receiving the flowers she definitely earned.

After making history in 2019 at the Academy Awards with her win for her work on Marvel’s Black Panther, Ruth E. Carter has made history AGAIN. Yesterday, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making her the first Black costume designer, and second costume designer, to ever receive the distinction since its inception in 1960. Costume designer Edith Head received her star in 1960.



With 40 years of experience under her belt, Ruth E. Carter received the 2,694th star in recognition of her ability to "wow audiences and dazzle critics alike with costumes inspired by traditional African tribal wear merged with a contemporary look, delivering fashion and function, incorporating technology, and creating such authenticity ownership and empowerment for the characters and viewers cementing her as one of the preeminent voices and experts on Afrofuturism."

Her esteemed credit list includes working with Spike Lee on Do the Right Thing, working with Steven Spielberg on Amistad, and with Ryan Coogler for Black Panther, which earned her an Oscar award, making her the first Black Oscar winner for costume design. 

Ruth’s historic Hollywood Hall of Fame induction was held virtually and several Hollywood titans, including Oprah and Eddie Murphy, participated to shower her with praise. Lady O talked about what it was like working with Ruth on Lee Daniels’ The Butler and SELMA.

"I personally had the opportunity to work with Ruth on Lee Daniels' The Butler and I could tell instantly that her passion for clothes, costumes and design were matched by her intention in creating a nuanced portrayal of a Black family through the decades," said Oprah. "What I first observed on The Butler and then again on Selma was a woman who was deeply intentional about creating clothing to represent the culture and journey of African Americans because both of those stories involved African Americans. And now we all know her esteemed credit list, both fictional and historical, and what strikes me most is the ease in which she works to create an entire mood through her impeccable design choices, and what this does is allow any actress who is working with Ruth to really surrender."

Peep the clip below:


Eddie Murphy worked with Ruth E. Carter on seven movies, most recently including Dolemite Is My Name and Coming 2 America.

“Ruth Carter is a genius. I’ve never had a wardrobe designer who’s clothes actually influence how you play your character, how you walk, how you stand. She really is instrumental in bringing your characters to life,” said Eddie. “There’s no one like her. She’s a genius and I am so happy she is being recognized this way,” he said.

Peep the clip below:



After the two entertainment icons spoke on her behalf, the famed costume designer thanked everyone she collaborated with throughout her illustrious career and she dedicated her star to all the young, aspiring filmmakers.

"Thank you for seeing the depth of culture, history, artistry, and welcoming my vision of Afrofuture into the lexicon of American filmmaking," said Ruth. "Most of all, I dedicate this star to all the young and aspiring filmmakers. I drove to Hollywood 36 years ago...nothing was handed to me. Every moment, every sacrifice, every effort was hard work inspired by my passion. It's my hope that anyone who sacrifices, who beats these streets of Hollywood, carrying their dreams in heavy garment bags full of costumes, desiring to be the best, like I did, that when you gaze upon my star feel my energy, feel the power of your own unique story to realize your dreams so you too can reach your star. Wakanda Forever."

Peep her speech below:

You can watch the full induction ceremony below:





Much deserved! Congrats, Ruth E. Carter!

Photo: Ruth's IG

K. Michelle Takes The High Road After Wendy Williams Makes Comment About K’s Butt Leaking On Idris Elba’s Sheets



K. Michelle went viral this week when a video of her dancing when viral. Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams brought it up during her show and alleged K’s butt injections “leaked” on Idris Elba’s bed sheets. What could have turned into a public feud was shut down by the singer. More inside….

K. Michelle no longer has any interest in feuding with another Black woman.

This week, singer K. Michelle found herself trending on social media after a clip of from her IG Live started circulating. In the viral clip, something weird happens with K's butt area while she was dancing it, causing folks to crack jokes that her “butt busted” on camera. Their words, not ours.

Peep the clip below:

Over the last few years, the soon-to-be Country singer has been very vocal and transparent about her plastic surgery journey where she has endured several surgeries in order to remove the silicone from her butt injections.



During her Hot Topics segment, Wendy Williams brought up “butt-gate” and alleged K’s butt injections leaked on Idris Elba’s sheets back when they were rumored to be dating.

"Because I guess it took a little while for them to squish down and she said, 'Oh my gosh, what is this on my underwear? What is this gooey'—I don't know that's what she said but I can only imagine the tragedy of the situation,” Wendy said on the show. “Leaving silicone on Idris Elba's sheets. I love that story, that they were romantical at one point."

Peep the clip below:

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star got wind of Wendy’s comments and addressed the drama on her Instagram account. Instead of clapping back at Wendy, she decided to spare her and take the high road.

The “Can’t Raise A Man” singer said she’s a changed woman and that she’s now using her platform to help other women who are struggling through the same health issues as herself. She said she has a surgery coming up, which is hopefully her last, to finish the reconstruction on her butt.

"If your going to report the story report the whole thing blogs. She also said this. You needed a story that bad huh? You couldn’t post this part the positive side,” K said in reference to a clip of Wendy praising her.

”We feel that people are secretly very jealous of K. Michelle, and they're bored with their own lives. And you're mad because she sings, and you're mad because she yodels. And you're mad because this coming summer, her country album is coming out. You're mad!,” Wendy said.

Now, we’re not all the way convinced Wendy wasn’t being shady here, but K seems to think it was something positive, so we’ll go with that.

"I will not be going off on another black woman I no longer get paid to do that. She cracked her jokes like much of you and said what she said,” K continued. "I’m on my journey. Media I know you have to do your job, but people are dying just don’t make it so hard. See you soon Wendy,” she concluded.

Check it:


When/If K. Michelle does appear on Wendy’s show (again), it’ll surely be a doozy.

Photos: K’s IG/hairbyjazmink

BOSS B'BALL MOVE: Former WNBA Star Renee Montgomery Is Now Part-Owner Of The Atlanta Dream!




Breaking barriers! Former WNBA star and social justice activist Renee Montgomery is making HERstory! She’s now the first former player to become both an owner and an executive of a WNBA team after the league approved the sale of the Atlanta Dream, following Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s Black Lives Matter drama.

Celebrate inside…

Black women making BOSS moves. Let’s talk about it!

It’s 2021 and women – black women in particular – are doing the damn thing. When former WNBA star Renee Montgomery quit the league over the summer to fight against social and racial injustice, she said she was ready to make some wins off of the court. And sis did exactly what she said she would do.

After all of the drama with Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter movement, the WNBA approved the sale of the Atlanta Dream to a three-member investor group. And Renee Montgomery is 1/3 of that team! The investor group also includes real estate investor Larry Gottesdiene, and Suzanne Abair, president of Gottesdiener's Northland Investment Corp. in Massachusetts.

After securing this deal, Renee is now the first former player to become both an owner and an executive of a WNBA team. Yassss!

The team was previously owned by Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and Mary Brock, the wife of chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, John F. Brock. You’ll recall, Kelly came under fire by fans and WNBA players after she criticized the league’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement. She dubbed BLM as a “very divisive organization” that promotes “violence and destruction across the country.”

Star players called for Kelly to resign, but it never happened. Players also called for her to sell her 49% stake in the team after she wrote a letter to WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert opposing the league's initiatives to advocate for racial justice.

Then, the Dream players took it a step further.

The Atlanta WNBA players started to publicly endorse their team owner’s opponent Rev. Raphael Warnock during the 2020–21 Georgia Senate election. They wore “Vote Warnock” t-shirts on TV and explained why they were supporting him in several interviews. Bloop.

The unanimous approval by the WNBA and NBA boards of governors means co-owner Mary Brock also sold her share of the team, which will remain in Atlanta. Nice!

”My dream has come true. Breaking barriers for minorities and women by being the first former WNBA player to have both a stake in ownership and a leadership role with the team is an opportunity that I take very seriously,” Renee said.“I invite you to join me as the Dream builds momentum in Atlanta!”

During an interview on "NBA on TNT," Renee talked about the importance of ownership and the future of women in sports:



Los Angeles Lakers baller LeBron James– who was in talks of buying the Atlanta Dream - hopped on Twitter to congratulate Renee on her huge accomplishment:

Kelly & Mary released a joint statement following the sale:

"10 years ago we stepped up to keep the Dream in Atlanta, as an important asset for a vibrant and diverse city."

"It was also important to us to help level the playing field for women’s professional sports. We are proud of what we accomplished and wish the team well in their next chapter."

"We will always value the hard work and dedication, and the memories, fans and friendships that sustained our commitment to the Atlanta Dream over the last decade."

Peace out.

In Summer 2020…

The University of Connecticut alum opted out of the 2020 season to focus on social justice issues. Recently, she announced she plans to retire from the league after 11 seasons.

And here we are.

Congrats, Renee!

Photo: Renee's IG