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CLUB DRAMA IN HOUSTON! Bow Wow Responds To Mayor About Superspreader Event + Trey Songz & Fabolous’ Party Gets Shutdown


Bow Wow, Trey Songz& Fabolous hosted events in Houston over the weekend and Mayor Sylvester Turner was NOT here for it. More inside…

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise (with numbers higher than when the pandemic FIRST hit), people are still carrying on as if we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. Everyday we hear on television or the radio to wear a mask, social distance, avoid crowds, and wash our hands frequently.

Yet, celebs and even regular folks just refuse to abide by the guidelines to help lower the spread of the virus. Mary J Blige threw a party last weekend to celebrate her 50th birthday party: no masks. Rapper Blueface has been out in L.A. turning up at the strip clubs with his homies: no masks. It's as if the guidelines don't apply to them.

Over the weekend, Bow Wow performed at a party in Houston that was part of restaranteur and club promoter Larry Morrow's Birthday Weekend. As a surprise to some, Shad Moss PACKED OUT the club Friday night. No one had masks on and it was too many people to gathered inside in the club to social distance. Check it:

It’s reported Meek Mill and J. Prince Jr. were also in the mix…maskless.

The party caught the attention of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and he responded to the superspreader event Bow Wow hosted. In fact, the “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star had more events scheduled throughout the weekend, so the mayor called him out:

”These events that are scheduled with @BowWowPromoTeam today in Houston are on our radar. Other bars/clubs that are operating as restaurants, beyond capacity and social distancing requirements, please expect visits. Today we report 1964 new cases and 17 more deaths,” he tweeted.

”Neither Houston nor any Texas city should be allowed to be a venue for concert promoters outside of this State because clubs/bars are allowed to reclassify as restaurants. Only legitimate restaurants should be open at this time,” he continued.

It may have been entrepreneur Larry Morrow’s “All Black Birthday Weekend” in Houston, but celebrating with a super spreader event - even in an "open" state - isn't a right.  Especially when there are still rules to abide by.

The “CSI: Cyber” star took to social media to react to the Mayor blasting him for his superspreader events. He tried to play victim, of course. He couldn’t believe the Mayor was only blaming him when there were other celebs hosting events in Houston over the weekend.


”Someone tell the Mayor of Houston, TX I’m leaving right now. Geeeeez. He singling me out as if I was the only celeb here this weekend. This is ridiculous,” he wrote on IG Stories. He also responded via Twitter, tweeting:


”Safe to say the mayor of Houston hates my guts. I can’t believe I get the blame for a whole weekend. This is ridiculous.”

No, YOU’RE ridiculous Bow Wow. Your actions are SELFISH and RECKLESS. COVID-19 positive tests, hospitalizations and deaths are steadily rising and what do you do? You do the exact OPPOSITE of what’s being asked of everyone so we can get the hell out of this pandemic. If you're rich enough to be flying around on private jets and riding around on yachts - both of which are shoved down the faces of your IG followers - you're rich enough to STFD for a year and find other ways to make money than performing in person and asking people to pile into clubs to watch you as you stand more than 6 ft from the crowd the entire time - just so you can stack more coins.

Bow Wow also responded to fans online when they started bashing him for partying during a pandemic:

Bow Wow wasn’t the only one, even though he was seemingly thirsty to respond and engage on social media about all of this for attention…

Trey Songz& Fabolous hosted "The Black Affair” at Club Spire, which got SHUT DOWN by police due to it being filled beyond capacity, according to the Houston Fire Marshal’s office.

Fire Chief Samuel Pena said the club was given the option to re-open within capacity guidelines, but management decided to close for the night. Over 200 people were waiting in line to get inside the club. SMH!

ABC13 reports:

"I'm still getting some disturbing pictures of people hanging out in clubs that have been recategorized as restaurants," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said on Saturday. "And let me tell you, they are not restaurants."

Turner said he will be calling on TABC to crack down on the reclassifications.

"When you look at these pictures, there's no food on the table," Turner said. "That is crazy. I am calling on the state to review their policies."

He said loopholes like these are making it difficult for the city to achieve getting rid of COVID-19.

"TABC continues to conduct more than 1,000 inspections each week, which includes responding to reports of potential violations," TABC later said in a statement. "We are aware of the videos which surfaced this weekend and have already opened our own investigation."

Fans were dragging Trigga and Fab as well. People were clowning folks who would risk catching Coronavirus for Trey Songz, Fabolous & Bow Wow in the year of our Lord 2021:

As we always say around these parts: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Photo: Bow Wow's IG/Trey's IG/Fab's IG

Wendy Williams Threatens To Expose Her Brother After He Revealed She Didn’t Attend Their Mother’s Funeral, Wendy’s Ex-Husband Attended



Wendy Williams has threatened to EXPOSE her brother, Tommy Williams, if he doesn’t stop talking about her life. He recently revealed she didn’t attend their mother’s funeral and that Wendy’s ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., was there. Oh? More inside…

Wendy Williams has become a Hot Topic…again.

2020 kicked off with Wendy Williams getting the greenlight that her divorce from her husband of 20+ years was official. This year is starting off with family drama for the daytime talk show host! Wendy and her brother, Tommy Williams, are going AT IT.

So what happened? Let us break it down…

Last month, Wendy revealed her mother, Shirley Williams, had passed away. She was 83. During her show on December 7th, the 56-year-old talk show host told viewers her mother died “many, many, weeks ago.” She said her mother died "beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love," adding, "She didn't suffer, not one bit, thank goodness.”

Check it at the 2-minute mark below:

On that same day, Wendy’s brother, Tommy, hopped on his YouTube account to record a Live where he disputed Wendy’s claim that their mother had passed away “many, many weeks ago.” Apparently, their mom had just died days ago, according to Tommy.

Peep his live below (starting at the 10:35-minute mark):



Fast forward to now and the sibling drama has heated UP!

On Saturday, Tommy hopped on his YouTube Live to share with his followers how he has been feeling since the death of his mother. While talking about how he’s handling grief, he revealed his sister, Wendy, did NOT attend their mother’s funeral and he’s confused why.

"I don't understand how a person can miss out on giving a salute to the one person who is always there, who always showed support," Tommy shared during an Instagram Live session. "I don't understand how a person cannot go to a funeral and hold up the one person or the family member that you do have, the parent that you do have left, and just move on. Keep it moving . I don't understand how to keep living somebody who could cause that type of pain."

"She spends time doing what she wants to do, that's why I'm caught up in my thoughts because why wouldn't you come to your mother's funeral? Why?" he wondered. "It's not their fault. And I have a father he needs because I've got to fill that gap that he felt that day."

Tommy didn’t provide an explanation as to why Wendy didn’t attend the funeral. However, he did note that Wendy’s ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., was in attendance.

"Wendy's ex Kevin came out to support the family and I appreciate that. There's no malice that I have towards him, never will be there. He made a choice, it was a poor choice and it was the one that broke the camel's back. But I appreciate him coming to the funeral for my mother," Tommy said, acknowledging Kevin’s infidelity during his marriage to Wendy.

You can check out his live (starting at the 12:30-minute mark) below:

Well, Wendy fans flooded her comments on Instagram about what her brother said about her, so she responded to him DIRECTLY on her show today (January 18th).

“Tommy, let me tell you something right now. All you are is my brother,” she started. “You better stop talking the way you’re talking because now it’s dripping into my comment page. See, I wasn’t searching for Tommy. You know what I mean? I was simply looking about how people felt about last week’s show, or the dresses, or the guests we had on. We do a nice production here. I’m minding my wendyshow.com business. And I’m seeing a lot of comments about ‘Oh, your brother doesn’t like you,’ or ‘You better watch your back because your brothers on one,’ or ‘Wendy I can’t believe you’re this kind of person.’ He’s pegging me to be this kinda person I’m not.

Oh, Wendy is PISSED. She even threatened to EXPOSE her brother's personal business…WITH receipts.

“Honey, you don’t want me to start pegging you to be the kinda person you are. With full blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts. With leftovers around the block.”

“You are my brother. Let’s keep it that way. If you wanna talk on the internet then you talk about the things you think you know about yourself. You don’t wanna talk about the things that I know about you. For sure.”


Check it (starting at the 6:00-minute mark) below:

Brother Tommy may want to ease up on talking publicly about his sister because this is getting UGLY!


Photos: IG

Inauguration Rehearsal Interrupted Due To Smoke + Capitol Police Officers ‘Scared & Confused,' 2 National Guards Removed From Duty + Feds Pay $10M For Ambulances



Inauguration rehearsals to swear in President-elect Joe Biden& VP-elect Kamala Harris came to a halt and the U.S. Capitol was placed on lock down yesterday after a fire sent smoke into the air, which caused security concerns. Also, Capitol police officers are feeling a type of way ahead of the inauguration. Get all of the details inside….



The U.S Capitol was placed on lock down yesterday as rehearsal for President-elect Joe Biden& VP-elect Kamala Harris was underway. The rehearsal was put on pause, the federal building was evaluated and placed on lock down after a fire in a homeless encampment about a mile away sent smoke into the air.

According to reports, Capitol Hill staffers received message warning of an "external security threat" prior to the dress rehearsal for the inauguration. People were ordered back inside the building and to stay away from windows. As you know, there’s a uber strong security presence at the Capitol following the failed insurrection of the Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6th. There are over 20,000 National Guard troops protecting Washington, D.C.



It was a safety concern in a city that’s already awaiting possible riots and protests due to Inauguration Day. As you know, Trump supporters are BIG mad he lost and have threatened another attack on the U.S. Capitol and Capitols in cities across the nation.

Thankfully, it was a false alarm. Not long after the situation was assessed, rehearsal resumed. Stand-ins took the role of Biden and Harris to play out the day’s festivities. Also, the U.S. Marine Band rehearsed before tomorrow’s big day.

22-year-old Amanda Gorman– a black, female poet - was asked to write a poem for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, which she’ll read tomorrow. Also, Lady Gaga will perform “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks are expected to perform.

It’s obvious there were some Capitol police officers who HELPED Trump supporters invade the Capitol, which has now seemingly wedged some distrust between the officers and leadership. People felt the attack was an "inside job," especially how the rioters were able to navigate through the complicated federal building and found certain offices of Congressmen & Congresswomen that aren't easy to find.

According to reports, some officers are “scared & angry” that leadership will NOT support them if they have to use deadly force to protect themselves from domestic terrorists.

Sources have told TMZ there has been a lot of talk amongst the Capitol officers about whether they’re ALLOWED to use deadly force if it is needed in the upcoming riots.

The site reports:

Our sources say the issue came up at a roll call meeting last week, where one USCP officer asked his sergeants in the room, if they find themselves in a life or death situation -- like several cops did on Jan. 6 -- can they do whatever it takes to save their own lives, including the use of deadly force?

And, just as important ... would USCP brass have their backs in the aftermath? We're told the answer they got was NOT reassuring -- more of a wishy-washy response that catered more to optics and the need to accommodate peaceful protesters. In other words, the answer they got was vague and, many say, unhelpful.

The officers are asking for a clear policy on the right to use deadly force if/when it’s needed.

We will bet our life savings if these were Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the use of whether to use deadly force or not would not even be an issue. And all of you reading this KNOW WHY.


People are also concerned if any National Guard members are also Trump extremists.

This morning, two Army National Guard members were removed from inauguration duty as party of the security vetting process to ensure troops do not have ties to extremist groups. A U.S. Army official and a senior U.S. intelligence official say the two National Guard members have been found to have ties to fringe right group militias. No plot against Biden was found. The anonymous officials did not say what fringe group the Guard members belonged to or what unit they served in. Glad they were able to remove these members before tomorrow. Hopefully, they find more (because you know they're more) and have them removed in a timely fashion.

The Feds have been making plans in preparation for anything that may go down during the inauguration.

FEMA has reportedly hired American Medical Response, Inc. which will provide emergency services for tomorrow's events and it cost them a cool $10 million. The company will provide ground and air ambulances, as well at EMT-trained personnel. Hopefully their services won't be needed, but it's nice to know they are there if anyone needs them.

Due to the pandemic, the live audience will be limited to mostly those currently in Congress. Trump previously announced he would not attend, but VP Mike Pence said he would be in attendance. Also, former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are expected to attend as well.

We're keeping our fingers crossed there's no foolywang on Inauguration Day tomorrow!

Photos: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster/Patrick Semansky

Kyrie Irving Gifts George Floyd’s Family A HOUSE! + Stephen Jackson Shares How Floyd's Young Daughter Is Doing



NBA baller Kyrie Irving secretly bought a home for George Floyd’s family and Lil Baby paid for a birthday party for George’s young daughter. Deets on celebs pitching in to help George’s family, plus a dope interview George’s “twin”/former NBA player Stephen Jackson gave about his life inside…


The NBA is looking out for the family of George Floyd, the 46-year-old Minneapolis man who was murdered on camera by (former) white police officer, Derek Chauvin.

NBA baller Kyrie Irving blessed the family of George Floyd in a MAJOR way. The Brooklyn Nets guard bought a house for George’s family, according to former NBA star Stephen Jackson, who was actually close friends with George before he was murdered and affectionately called him his "twin."

During an inter on “The Rematch” podcast, Stephen shared several celebs have stepped up to help George’s family.

"Kyrie Irving bought them a house. Lil Wayne's manager bought them a Mercedes-Benz. Barbra Streisand gave them stock in Disney," Jackson said.

As for George’s 6-year-old daughter, Stephen said he had been planning a party for George’s young daughter, Gianna Floyd, and rapper Lil Baby heard about it. He decided to pay for the party even though Stephen already had everything squared away.

”She just had a birthday party here in Atlanta. I had been planning this party and some kind of way Lil Baby heard what I was doing for her and came and offered to pay for the party, which was cool on his behalf. He didn’t have to do it. I have money. We was straight. But the fact that he wanted to do it just to make her birthday a success, I appreciate that.”

Stephen said George’s daughter is doing good and that they are working to make her “next days her best days.”

"I think the fact that she's getting so much love, not just from us, but from people all over the world. I’m just continuing to do what I said I was going to do. I said I was going to be my brother’s keeper and take care of his daughter. Make sure that her next days are her best days,” he said.

The former NBA star said they’re just waiting to get the trial out of the way so that she doesn’t have to keep reliving the horrific events that led to her father’s death.

Telling folks how he really feels, Stephen also revealed he doesn’t see “eye-to-eye” with attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the family of George Floyd. He said he believes everything Ben does is for “personal gain” and he doesn’t concern himself with “actually winning” cases. Stephen said Ben gets the money (from the families he’s representing) and doesn’t worry about actually winning any of the cases he argues since he got paid first. Yikes.

Check it at the 25-minute mark below:

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin will be tried separately from the other three ex-officers involved in the case. He's expected to stand trial alone in March in the murder of George Floyd and the other three former officers will go on trial together in late summer.



The Nets baller has been on a giving back spree! When the NBA decided to play in the Orlando Bubble, he opted NOT to play and donated $1.5 million of his salary to help out WNBA players who opted out of playing in the bubble. He also donated $323,000 to Feeding America and he paid off the tuition for nine HBCU students through KAI Family Foundation. Sweet!

In sports news...

If you haven't heard, Kyrie has missed the last seven games for the Brooklyn Nets. The reason? He was cited for violating the NBA's COVID-19 safety protocols and was fined a cool $50,000 after video of him attending a birthday party indoors surfaced. He also went MIA for a while "for personal reasons".

Photo: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Police Release Body Cam Footage Of Texas Man Killed During Mental Health Episode, Family Wants Officer ARRESTED



A video of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by a police officer in Killeen, Texas went viral last week. The family called for a mental health professional, but a police officer showed up instead and killed him. Now, the police have released the body cam footage of the fatal shooting. More inside…

Last week, another unarmed black man was KILLED by a police officer.

Patrick Warren Sr. – a local pastor, husband and father – was shot and killed by Officer Reynaldo Contreras outside of his home. The 52-year-old man was experiencing a mental health episode, so the family called 9-1-1 in hopes of contacting a mental health resource officer. The day before the shooting, the family called for assistance and a mental health officer was sent to the home. He was able to calm Warren Sr. down and ended up taking him to the hospital to be examined before bringing him back home.

The next day, another episode started and that’s when things took a turn for the absolute worse.

When the family called police the next day in hopes of getting another mental health officer, there weren’t any mental health officers available, so an armed police officer was sent to the home. Sadly, Officer Contreras ended up tasing and then fatally shooting Warren Sr. right in front of his family as they screamed at the officer NOT to shoot.

Below is video of the fatal shooting (recorded from the family’s Ring doorbell) – WARNING! THE VIDEO BELOW IS DISTURBING:



Literally makes us SICK to our stomachs that this black man was gunned down on his own property, especially with those present knowing his mental state.

Today, police released body cam footage of the fatal shooting:

The son of Warren Sr. – Patrick Warren Jr. – spoke to a local new station after his father was murdered and he couldn’t believe what had transpired.

"I broke down watching it. I’m like, 'This can’t be happening,'" Warren Jr. said. "It has been hard, but I’m staying focused because it’s like my dad has a battery in my back. It is almost like a fire underneath me. Until the officer is arrested, I can’t relax, I can’t sleep, I can’t breathe until I know justice is happening."

Warren Jr. said he regrets calling the police for help.

"I wish I took more pictures,” Warren said. "I wish I would have made more time. I wish I would have never called police. I wish I would have never called a mental health officer. I wish things could be different."

In another interview, Warren Jr. revealed whether he would ever call the police for help again:

Warren Sr. was the sole provider for his family, so his son has set up a GoFundMe account to help. What’s worse is that Warren Sr. had a life insurance policy, but with the rise of COVID-19, he was let go from his job and the policy expired THREE months ago! So sad.

As of the time of this post, the account has raised over $51,000 of their $100,000 goal. You can donate here.

Officer Contreras - a 5-year veteran of the department - has been placed on PAID administrative leave pending an investigation. The investigation is being led by the Texas Rangers. Also, the Killeen Police Department is conducting a separate Internal Affairs investigation, according to the Killeen PD. The officer's race hasn't been released.

The Warren family has hired civil rights attorney Lee Merritt to help them fight for justice. Attorney Merritt is calling for a thorough investigation, along with the firing and arrest of Officer Contreras.

"He was not prepared to deal with the mental health crisis. He didn't have any clear skillsets that could encounter the situation," Merritt said during a press conference with the Warren family. "He quickly escalated, almost the entire time, from the moment he entered the house until the moment of the fatal shooting."

Peep the full press conference below:

Bobbie Warren, Warren Sr.'s wife, issued a statement calling for Officer Contreras' arrest:

"Our family is still finding our bearings following the murder of our beloved Patrick Warren, Sr. We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from the community. Patrick was a loving husband, father and devoted man of God. As we deal with the pain of this sudden loss we are asking the community to join us in honoring his name and demanding justice. Patrick spent his entire life serving others. He worked at a local plant in Belton, TX before it was shut down due to the pandemic. He immediately launched a landscaping business to continue to provide for our family. We expect Officer Reynaldo Contreras to be arrested immediately. There is more than enough probable cause for the Killeen Police Department, Texas Rangers or the Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza to issue a warrant for Contreras' immediate arrest and detainment - as would be expected for any other citizen under the circumstances."

The Killeen Branch NAACP also issued a statement regarding the fatal shooting:

"The Killeen Branch NAACP expresses its serious concern that instead of reversing the national trend of police officers shooting and killing unarmed black citizens that the Killeen Police Department has exacerbated the problem. The Killeen Branch NAACP expresses its sincerest condolences and our prayers to Pastor Warren, Sr.’s family at this terrible time. While the Killeen Branch NAACP has seen only the televised broadcast video of the incident, the NAACP acknowledges that it is not aware of all relevant facts and circumstances beyond the basic facts that an unarmed black man has been shot and killed by a police officer. The Killeen Branch NAACP calls for a fair, thorough and independent investigation; and, are aware that the Texas Randers are currently conducting an investigation of the shooting. The Killeen Branch NAACP President has been contacted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and has spoken with the Killeen Police Department. The NAACP stays vigilant and committed to the reform of the criminal justice system including the NAACP’s Reform Plan."

Protesters in Killeen gathered at the police department headquarters to call for the arrest of the officer who killed Warren Sr.:

Meanwhile, Capitol police are "confused" on whether they can use deadly force against Trump supporters who could potentially riot at the Capitol again.

We just -- ugh.


Photo: Ring/Warren Family

Trump Pardons Over 140 People Before Leaving Office, Including Lil Wayne, Kodak Black & Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick



Trump has pardoned over 140 people before he officially left the White House. Rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, along with ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, received pardons. More inside…

Trump is no longer the President of the United States. And most of us are thankful for it.

Before midnight, Trump commuted the sentences or pardoned 143 people during his 11th hour of presidency and some Hip Hop names were in the mix. The White House staff met over the weekend to compile the list, which was vetted by senior advisers. He ended up issuing pardons to 73 people and commuted the sentences of 70 people.

Lil Wayne is thanking his lucky stars after receiving a pardon from Trump. It seems his plan worked out exactly how he wanted it to.  Promote Trump in exchange for a pardon, at least that's what appears to be the case for anyone with eyes.

The New Orleans native pleaded guilty last month after he was charged with criminal possession of a weapon when his chartered jet landed in Miami in December 2019. He had a hearing on January 28th in Miami where he faced up to 10 years in prison.

Days before the 2020 presidential election, the Young Money honcho - who can't even vote - met with Trump to discuss his proposed “Platinum Plan” for black economic empowerment. Weezy shared a picture of himself all smiles standing next to Trump, calling the plan “great.”

Black Twitter ripped him to shreds for the clout-chasing (and clearly strategic) photo-op. Catch up HERE

Rapper Kodak Blackwho’s currently incarcerated– has had his sentence commuted by Trump. You'll recall, Kodak praised Trump on social media before the 2020 election from behind bars. He’s currently serving a 48-month sentence in prison on federal weapons charges in 2019. Kodak tweeted he would donate $1 million to charity if Trump pardoned him, but he ended up deleting the post. Not only that, he has been busy reposting tweets that call for Trump to commute his sentence.

It's interesting.  Two rappers who have been vocal about berating black women - the main group responsible for getting Trump TF out of here - being rewarded by a man who likely just learned their names a couple months ago.

Trump commuted the sentence of ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, releasing him from prison 20 years early for public corruption crimes he was convicted of in 2013. He served seven years of a thirty year sentence.

Trump also pardoned Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez. In 1994, Desiree was arrested in 1994 for drug possession and in 1998 for grand larceny and possession of a firearm. In 2019, she was named CEO of Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

“Ms. Perez was involved in a conspiracy to distribute narcotics,” the White House’s statement said. “Since her conviction, Ms. Perez has taken full accountability for her actions and has turned her life around. She has been gainfully employed and has been an advocate for criminal justice reform in her community.”

Former zoo operator Joe Exotic (real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage) thought Trump was going to commute his sentence, but he was sadly mistaken! The star of Netflix’s “Tiger King” had his team park a limo near the Texas prison he’s in to pick him up as soon as Trump granted him a pardon, but it never happened.


Joe Exotic is one year into his 22-year sentence for creating a murder-for-hire plot against his rival, Carole Baskin, and killing five tigers.

Other people on Trump's pardon list includes his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who is being prosecuted for fraud. No surprise there. Most of the list included white-collar criminals, politically-connected allies and friends and those who have endorsed Trump in the past. Again, NO SURPRISE.

CNN reports:

Many of the people Trump has chosen to pardon so far fall along predictable lines: associates such as Roger Stone and Michael Flynn who remained loyal to him through their legal troubles; criminals with friendly or familial ties to the administration, such as Jared Kushner's father Charles; celebrities or people connected to celebrities, such as Rod Blagojevich; and those whose cause was taken up by conservative media, such as Blackwater security guards who massacred Iraqi civilians.

While Trump’s clemency list will not be highest of his recent predecessors, it’ll likely be the most controversial.

We know a few people Trump did NOT pardon: Himself, his kids, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was also missing from the list.

Trump waited until the last and final minute to release the names on his pardon list.


For his final address, Trump released a videotaped farewell message to wrap up on his presidency. Of course, he bragged about all the great things he did for the economy and foreign policy achievements.

In response to base of followers, he told them that "the movement we started is only just beginning." He didn't mention President-elect Joe Biden by name, but he extended "best wishes" to the new administration.

“As I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning,” he said. “There’s never been anything like it. The belief that a nation must serve its citizens will not dwindle but instead only grow stronger by the day.”

“This week we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous,” Trump said. “We extend our best wishes, and also want them to have luck, a very important word.”

Translation: Black people, STAY WOKE! Peep the clip above.

BYE-DEN! Good riddance. We never want to see you in office ever again. Let's keep our fingers crossed this impeachment plays out like it SHOULD for the sake of the American people.

Photos: Ted Alexander Somerville/ Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock.com

Trump Says ‘We Will Be Back In Some Form’ As He Exits White House For Florida, Speaks Lies On The Tarmac, No Traditional Handover



Trump is finally GONE! As Inauguration Day kicks off, Trump and his wife Melania lands in Florida. Before leaving, he gave his final address to the nation, promising “we will be back in some form.” More inside…

Finally! The day has come where Trump is no longer the President of the United States.

Before the Inauguration Day festivities kicked off, Trump bid farewell to Washington at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland before boarding Air Force Once with his wife Melania to make their way to Florida. By the time President Joe Biden made his way to the U.S. Capitol, Trump’s plane had landed in Mar-a-Lago.

Following a 21-gun salute, Trump started off his speech:

“This is a great, great country. It is my greatest honor and privilege to have been your president,” Trump said as his supporters chanted, “Thank you, Trump!” Trump’s daughter, Ivanka fought back tears as she listened to her father give his final speech as President.

“I will always fight for you,” Trump continued. “I will be watching. I will be listening. And I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they’ll have great success. They have the foundation to do something really spectacular.”

Trump then hinted a possible political comeback.

“We will be back in some form,” and he told his supporters, “Have a good life.”

Please don't come back. We need the impeachment trial to convict Trump a second time, so we don’t have to worry about this vile man ever holding public office again. After inciting a violent mob to attack the U.S. Capitol because he felt the election was stolen should be enough reason why he should never hold office again.

Peep his speech above.

Trump and Melania hopped on Air Force One shortly before 9 a.m. for their final flight on the presidential aircraft. Woot! They touched down at Palm Beach International Airport in South Florida just before 11 a.m. They made their way to Palm Beach to Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago Club.

Watch them board the aircraft above.

Before Inauguration day, Trump said he wasn’t going to attend the ceremony. Right now, the nuclear “football” – which has all the nuclear war security codes – is still with Trump in Florida. There’s actually multiple footballs. A military aide accompanied Trump to Florida where he/she will receive one of the “footballs” at noon exactly. According to NBC News, another military aide with a second nuclear football will hand over the authority to Joe Biden once he is sworn in.



As Melania leaves the White House, she received the worst final popularity rating ever for a first lady in U.S. history. BLOOP!

CNN reports:

The latest CNN/SSRS poll had Trump's favorable rating at 42% to a 47% unfavorable rating. The 47% is the highest unfavorable rating we ever recorded for Trump. It's also amazingly high from a historical perspective.

The average first lady's final popularity rating before Trump was 71% with an unpopularity rating of 21%. That means the average net popularity rating for these first ladies was +50 points.

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama received a 69% favorable rating (and so did Laura Bush), which is about average for departing first ladies. Hmph.

Also, before Trump left, he made sure to wipe out the White House of items he didn’t bring to the White House. Even picture frames:



Trump has been accused of looting the White House during his departure.



A picture of man – likely one of Trump’s staff members - walking out of the White House carrying an Abraham Lincoln bust went viral. It’s believed the art is a part of White House property instead of something Trump owned personally.

We wonder what else he took before leaving…

That military aide better check to make sure everything that needs to be in that nuclear “football” is there.

With all that said, Deuces to that man. 

Photo: AP Photo/Luis M. Alvarez

PRE-INAUGURATION FESTIVITIES: HBCUs & Black Excellence Were Celebrated On Inauguration Eve + Howard & FAMU Bands Show OUT!



Before Inauguration Day, there were a few virtual events that went down leading up to the big day. Black Excellence was celebrated virtually before Howard University hit the streets of D.C. with Vice President Kamala Harris. More inside…

Before President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in today, black excellence was celebrated! We’ve all just witnessed HERstory as Kamala is the first Black woman, first South Asian American and first woman in U.S. history to ever become the Vice President. Not to mention, Black voters helped deliver Biden’s presidency to defeat Trump.

Last night, the Presidential Inaugural Committee hosted a virtual celebration, “We Are One,’ to honor and celebrate all within the Black Community and African Diaspora, featuring powerful speakers, inspiring stories, and entertaining performances.

The event paid homage to the rich history and legacy of the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities, as well as Black sororities & fraternities. Kamala Harris is the first HBCU graduate and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority member to be vice president.

Hosted by HBCU grad Terrence J, several of the nation’s top Black leaders delivered remarks, including voting rights activist/democracy queen Stacey Abramsand House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who is a close ally of Biden whose endorsement in South Carolina widened Biden’s winning margin and started his slew of March primary victories. Also, Rep. Cedric Richmond, Congressional Black Caucus Chair Rep. Joyce Beatty, Sen. Cory Booker, and the incoming senator from Georgia, Rev. Raphael Warnock, gave remarks.

There were also appearances by Leslie Jones, Frankie Beverly, Kim Fields, Erika Alexander, and Jason George.

For entertainment, there was a special performance by Tobe Nwigwe, in addition to performances by DJ D-Nice, The O’Jays, Rapsody, Step Afrika, the String Queens, the Texas Southern University Debate Team, and more.

Taking it up a notch, the virtual event also showcased a Battle of the Bands, which featured Florida A&M University Marching 100, Grambling State University World Famed Marching Band, Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South, Louisiana Leadership Institute All-star Marching Band, South Carolina State University Marching 101, Southern University Human Jukebox Marching Band, and the Tennessee State University Aristocrat of Bands.

Peep the clips above and below:

YASSSS to all this HBCU love!

You can watch a stream of the event below:

Following the “We Are One” event, Presidential Inaugural Committee hosted the “Latino Inaugural 2021: Inheritance, Resilience, and Promise,” which featured appearances by Eva Longoria and Lin-Manuel Miranda. The pre-inauguration events were part programming that spanned over five-days under the inaugural’s theme of “America United.

Speaking of bands…

Howard University’s Showtime Marching Band will accompany VP Kamala Harris – an alumna of Howard – to the White House after she is sworn in as Vice President. The bells at Howard tolled 49 times to honor the historic moment Kamala Harris became the 49th Vice President!

Last night, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris honored the 400,000 people who lost their lives due to the Coronavirus. Biden was joined by his wife Jill Biden and Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff.


Congrats to President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris!

At Just 22-Years-Old Amanda Gorman Is The Youngest Inaugural Poet In U.S. History, Pays Homage To Poet Icon Maya Angelou



Talk about a breath of fresh air of #BlackGirlMagic! 22-year-old Amanda Gorman delivered a poem that amazed the world and she also paid homage to poet icon Maya Angelou, who came before her. Celebrate this bomb YBFer inside…

What a wonderful day to be a black woman! Watching all of the women take center stage during Inauguration Day warmed our hearts.

After four years of turmoil, the light at the end of the tunnel has arrived. And it came as a 22-year-old Los Angeles native.

Amanda Gorman took the stage as President Joe Biden’s inaugural poet and she made HERstory. The 22-year-old YBF literary star became the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history today at President Joe Biden& VP Kamala Harris swearing-in at the U.S. Capitol. She's also the first national poet laureate in America, gaining the title in 2014.

She delivered an empowering poem titled, “The Hill We Climb.” 

Now, she's a part of a small group of poets who have been called on to help mark a presidential inauguration, including Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Miller Williams, Elizabeth Alexander and Richard Blanco.


The young poet followed in the footsteps of late literary icon Maya Angelou, who delivered her poem “On the Pulse of Morning” at the first inauguration of President Bill Clinton on January 20, 1993. Amanda paid homage to Maya Angelou by accessorizing her Inauguration Day look with a ring shaped like a caged bird, a tribute to Angelou’s famous poem, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

Turns out, media mogul Oprah gifted the ring – along with a pair of earrings – for Amanda to wear with her Prada look to carry out a tradition. Lady O’s bestie/”CBS This Morning” co-anchor Gayle King spilled the tea about how the tribute came about during CBS News’ live broadcast:


"Maya [Angelou] did Bill Clinton's address. She reached out to Amanda because [Winfrey] bought Maya her coat that she wore that day," King explained. "She said, 'I'd like to get a coat for you to carry on that tradition.'"

"[Gorman] said, 'I've already picked out my coat. It's yellow. It's my favorite color.'" So instead of a coat, Winfrey gave Gorman earrings and "a ring that's shaped like a caged bird" as a tribute to Angelou's ionic poem, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings."


In her poem, Amanda - a recent graduate of Harvard University - called for “unity” and she didn’t shy away from addressing the violent insurrection against the Capitol two weeks ago.

"We’ve seen a force that would shatter our nation rather than share it. Would destroy our country if it meant delaying democracy.And this effort very nearly succeeded. But while democracy can be periodically delayed, It can never be permanently defeated.

“We lift our gaze, not to what stands between us, but what stands before us. We close the divide because we know to put our future first, we must first put our differences aside,” she said.

Amanda delivered words that invoked hope and a sense of purpose during a time where Americans are struggling to live a normal life during the COVID-19 pandemic, police brutality and partisan division. She did an amazing job.

Watch her moving poem below:

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama gave Amanda a big hug after her poem:

Amanda nabbed pics with Forever President Barack Obama Forever FLOTUS, former president Bill Clinton& former First Lady Hillary Clinton. And she was freaking out:



Aww! We feel you, girl!

After delivering her poem, she thanked Oprah for the special gift on Twitter:

A grateful queen.

Check out this interview Amanda did with “CBS This Morning” where she talked about how powerful poetry can be in politics below:

We’ll be keeping an eye on her!

Photos: Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP

INAUGURATION DAY! Biden & Harris Sworn In + The Obamas Were A Major Flex + Heroic Capitol Officer Escorts VP Harris + Dior 1s Sneakers Trend



We’ve rounded up all of the Inauguration Day festivities from Biden/Harris getting sworn in, to the Obamas shutting ish down, love being shown to Eugene Goodman - the heroic Black Capitol police officer during the riot, to Dior x Air Jordan 1s trending on social media. Get it all inside…



A spirit of unity filled the air in Washington, D.C. today two weeks after turmoil erupted when Trump supporters carried out a violent attack against the U.S. Capitol. It was a peaceful transfer of power to kick off a new era in America.

Joe Biden was sworn in and became the 46th president of the United States. He used a 19th century family Bible to be sworn in. The huge Bible is a family heirloom that has been in the Biden family since 1893.

In his inaugural address, President Biden called for the American people to come together after four years of division.

"Politics doesn't have to be a raging fire destroying everything in its path," Biden said. "We have to be different than this. America has to be better than this. I will be a president for all Americans," Biden said. "I will fight as hard for those who did not support me as those who did."

Watch Biden be sworn in and his inaugural speech below:

Biden also put up his first social media post as President:

”Let’s get to work,” Biden captioned a picture of himself.


Kamala Harris was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States, making history as the first Black person, first South Asian-American and first woman to ever hold the office. She’s also the first HBCU grad and first member of a Black sorority to do so.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor - the first woman of color to serve on the Supreme Court - administered the oath. VP Harris used two Bibles to be sworn in. One belonged to family friend Regina Shelton (whom Harris views as a surrogate mother). The second Bible was previously owned by the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first Black Supreme Court Justice and Harris' lifelong political role model.

Watch Madame VP Harris get sworn in below:


And here are Kamala’s first social media posts as Vice President:

Forever President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were an entire FLEX!



The power couple looked like royalty as they made their grand entrance:





Fist bumps for everyone!

Jennifer Lopez hit the stage to perform a melody of “This Land Is Your Land” and “America the Beautiful” along with a little “Let’s Get Loud” thrown in. Peep her performance below:

Lady Gaga served up a performance of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Check it:

After the inauguration ceremony, President Biden & Madame VP Harris traveled from the U.S. Capitol to the Arlington National Cemetery to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Biden-Harris was joined by former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton, and the former first ladies.

Then, everyone hopped into limos for the inaugural parade, followed by the family walk to the White House:



The inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue featured drumlines from the University of Delaware and Howard University to honor the alma maters of the new president and vice president. Howard’s Band was LIT:

Kamala Harri’s great-nieces – Amara& Leela Ajagu– wore matching coats to honor her at the inauguration.

Kamala’s great-nieces (daughters of her niece Meena Harris) wore custom fur coats that looked similar to the one their great-aunt wore in a throwback picture. Swipe above and peep the pics below.



Speaking of Kamala’s family…

Nikolas Ajagu, the partner of Vice President Kamala Harris' niece, Meena, rocked a pair of d Dior x Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which are limited edition and have been reselling for over $10,0000. Once sneaker heads caught the coveted sneakers, Dior 1s started trending on Twitter.




Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman - who defended the Capitol building and the Congresspeople inside during the Insurrection - escorted VP Kamala Harris into today’s Inauguration. He has also received a promotion to Deputy Sergeant at Arms.

A true hero.

In case you missed, you can watch Inauguration Day in its entirety below:

Photos: Carolyn Kaster/ Saul Loeb/ Patrick Semansky/Jonathan Ernst/Pool Photo via AP

Social Media Star Rolling Ray Gives Update After His Wig Catches On Fire & Severely Burns His Face!



Fans are sending “get well soon” wishes to social media star Rolling Ray after he was badly burned. His wig caught on fire and he had to undergo surgery. Check out his post-surgery update inside…


Rolling Ray nearly lost his life after his wig caught on fire!

The social media star – who starred on “MTV Catfish: Trolls” – shared an update with his fans after he was badly burned on the side of his face. Apparently, Rolling Ray lit a cigarette and somehow his wig caught on fire! He took to Twitter to let everyone one he’s doing good after undergoing a surgery that lasted 2-3 hours. He said it was a painful and difficult surgery, but he’s thankful to be alive.


”It was a painful & long surgery. 2-3 hours after being woke I started to lose soo much blood, My blood pressure dropped to 66, The doctors had to give me an emergency blood transfusion, I passed out 2 times from being light headed,” he tweeted.

”They couldn’t find a vein they tried 6 times,” he continued. “After trying 6 times they decided to put a line by my growing area to give me emergency fluids & the blood fusion, I couldn’t take all that so I passed out again at 7PM & woke up at 6:00AM. The blood transfusion was successful while I slept, I’m now healing & in a lot of pain.”

Growing area? We believe he meant groin area.

”Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers. It was a difficult surgery but I’m alive. I love you all it’s nuffin purrrrr,” he tweeted.

Before the most recent update, he addressed trolls who called what happened to him “karma.” The reason people are saying it’s karma is due to his Twitter feud with City Girls’ rapper Yung Miami.


Last month, Ray & Yung Miami were feuding on Twitter and Ray told Yung Miami to “dig up her dead baby daddy.” Yung Miami’s son’s father, Jai Wiggins, was shot and killed over the summer. He addressed his “karma” in a tweet:

”I miss y’all! See y’all soon, if this what Karma feels like she should’ve came harder because I’m alive while others still dead. God loves me! Imma bounce back,” he tweeted.

When Yung Miami caught wind of what happened to Ray, she posted a subliminal on Twitter:

”God don’t play about me,” she tweeted.

Before the Twitter updates, Ray also hopped on Instagram Live to talk about the scary ordeal. He started recording the Live from his hospital bed shortly after he was admitted.



Below, he explains how exactly the wig caught on fire and what he did once he realized he was burning (start at the 3:07-minute mark):


In 2018, Rolling Ray gained attention when he was featured in an episode of “MTV Catfish: Trolls.” Peep a clip from his explosive episode below:


A few months after his TV debut, Ray revealed he was hit by a car while crossing the street in his wheelchair:

Lordt. He has been through a lot.

Prayers he has a speedy recovery. We hope everyone is more conscious about their words because this is a crazy world.

Photo: Ray's IG

Lady Whistledown Confirms The Tea: ‘Bridgerton’ Renewed For Season 2!



Netflix’s “Bridgerton” has been renewed for Season 2. Yep, Lady Whistledown confirmed the rumors. More inside…

Dearest readers! You’ll be happy to know another season of “Bridgerton” is officially on the way!

Bomb television producer Shonda Rhimes has another HIT on her hands. Netflix just announced plans for the upcoming 2nd season of the hit series about esteemed families of British high society and their romantic pursuits. The show is a TV adaptation of Julia Quinn’s popular books.

And what better way to deliver the news than via Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers gossip sheet.

"The ton are abuzz with the latest gossip, and so it is my honor to impart to you: Bridgerton shall officially return for a second season. I do hope you have stored a bottle of ratafia for this most delightful occasion,” Lady Whistledown wrote in the gossip sheet - just like in the series.

Production for Season 2 will begin this Spring in the UK!

"The incomparable cast of Bridgerton will return to production in the Spring of 2021. This author has been reliably informed that Lord Anthony Bridgerton intends to dominate the social season. I will have my pen ready to report on any and all of his romantic activities," she continued.

"However, gentle reader, before you set the comments section alight with requests for more sordid details, know that I am disinclined to report on the particulars at this time. Patience, after all, is a virtue."

It’s been speculated “Bridgerton” will end up receiving eight seasons and each season will chronicle each Bridgerton sibling’s journey to marriage. If true, Season 2 will chronicle the pursuit of a suitable marriage for the eldest Bridgerton sibling, Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey).

Casting is underway for the new season since lots of new characters will be included in the upcoming series.

“We have a bunch of new characters we are going to be introducing,” creator Chris Van Dusensaid announcing the renewal on “Today with Hoda & Jenna.”“Anthony is going to have a love interest next season, and I think it’s going to be as sweeping and moving and as beautiful as viewers of the first season have come to expect from the show.”

Season 1 centered around the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne (played by Phoebe Dynevor), and her entanglement with the Duke of Hastings Simon Bassett (played by British hottie Regé-Jean Page). The first season was based on Quinn’s first book in the series, “The Duke and I.”

All together, the book series consists of eight novels. Each book chronicles the love life of one of the Bridgerton siblings.

News of a renewal wasn’t too much a surprise since the show became an instant success. Earlier this month, Netflix revealed over 63 million households watched the series in the first four weeks. It was released Christmas Day. With those numbers, “Bridgerton” became one of Netflix’s biggest original series launches…ever.



"The ton are abuzz!" IYKYK.

Photos: Netflix

John Legend Makes Us ‘Feel Good’ At Biden’s Inauguration + Chrissy Teigen Is Extra Hype The POTUS Twitter Account Follows Her Again



John Legend got behind his piano and delivered some “feel good” vibes during his performance during Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration special. Watch the EGOT’s performance, plus deets on his wife Chrissy Teigen scoring a follow from Biden inside…

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States yesterday, launching a peaceful era across the nation.

After the day’s festivities, Biden’s “Celebrating America” inauguration primetime special aired, hosted by Tom Hanks, on television. Seated behind a grand piano near the Lincoln Memorial, John Legend delivered his rendition of “Feeling Good,” which was made famous by legendary artist Nina Simone in the ‘60s.

Catch the good vibes below:

He killed it!

After his performance, the EGOT thanked Biden for asking him to perform:

”Thank you for asking me to perform. It was so special for me to celebrate with the nation in front of the memorial to one of our greatest presidents. AND I loved honoring the late great Nina Simone, my constant source of musical inspiration,” he tweeted.

Earlier yesterday, John’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, hopped on Twitter where she jokingly asked Joe Biden to follow her since the @POTUS account that was run by Trump blocked her years ago:

”I have been blocked by the president for four years can I get a follow plz,” she tweeted.

Trump blocked Chrissy in Sumer 2017 after she tweeted him, “Lol, no one likes you.” Ha!

It worked!

The model mom has officially been unblocked by the @POTUS account and it's now following Chrissy. She’s the only celebrity the account follows at this time:

”OH MY GOD!! I can finally see the president’s tweets and they probably won’t be unhinged,” she tweeted after Biden started following her.


John & Chrissy were in Washington D.C. yesterday for the festivities and they brought their kiddies, Luna& Miles Stephens:


Singer Demi Lovato did a cover of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” with help from some virtual backup singers. Peep the clip above.

Singer Katy Perry– wearing an all-white Thom Browne ensemble – literally lit up the inauguration event with a performance of her track “Firework” outside of the Capitol as fireworks exploded in the air. Check it below:

Now, it’s time to get to work!  Day 1 has already been a busy one:



Photo: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

VOGUE Will Print Second Kamala Harris Cover After Getting Dragged For ‘Casual’ & 'Diminishing' Original



VOGUE heard what you all said about Vice President Kamala Harris’ cover, so they’re trying to make it right. The fashion bible will publish an alternate cover of its February issue with the image of Kamala everyone loved after receiving backlash for the original. More inside…


Folks were in an uproar online when VOGUE released their February 2021 issue featuring history making Vice President Kamala Harris.

The original cover (that was printed) features Madame VP Harris standing in front of a pink and green background in a black blazer and skinny pants paired with Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers (which she sometimes wore on the campaign trail) and her trademark AKA pearls (above).



However, people weren’t feeling it. Critics of the cover felt the dressed down version of Kamala was “disrespectful” and that the cover was too “casual” for the Vice President of the United States. The digital version of the cover featured Kamala in a powder blue suit and people felt that image was more “presidential” than the photo chosen for the printed cover.

Turns out, Kamala was blindsided by the printed cover. According to Kamala’s team, the image chosen for the VOGUE cover was not the image both sides had agreed upon. Harris’ team said they were blindsided by the cover because they thought the image of Kamala in the powder blue suit would be the cover. By the way, the editorial was captured by Tyler Mitchell, who became the first Black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover when his subject was Beyoncé.

When folks started going in on the publication online, VOGUE editor-in-chief Anna Wintour released a statement defending the original controversial cover:

In a statement to The New York Times, Wintour said that there was "no formal agreement" about the cover choice, but emphasized that "it was absolutely not our intention to in any way diminish the importance of the Vice President-elect's incredible victory."

According to Wintour, the magazine's creative team felt that the casual look was the better choice for the current moment, making a connection to the pandemic and tumultuous state of the country. She did not comment on the lighting of the image.

"When the two images arrived at Vogue, all of us felt very, very strongly that the less formal portrait of the Vice President-elect really reflected the moment that we were living in," she said in the statement. "We are in the midst...of the most appalling pandemic that is taking lives by the minute, and we felt to reflect this tragic moment in global history, a much less formal picture, something that was very, very accessible, and approachable, and really reflected the hallmark of the Biden-Harris campaign..."

Now, VOGUE will release special edition inaugural issues featuring Kamala in the powder blue suit. The new cover will not appear on newsstands, but a printer version will be available for purchase the VOGUE’s website.

"In recognition of the enormous interest in the digital cover, and in celebration of this historic moment, we will be publishing a limited number of special edition inaugural issues," said Vogue on their website.

The issue is available for $7.99 (plus sales tax).

We'll throw our coins at this one.

Photo: Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP

First Black Fire Captain Andrea Hall Led Inaugural Pledge Of Allegiance In Sign Language - Everyone Wants To Know More About Her


Georgia Fire Captain Andrea Hall - the first Black woman to serve as fire captain for the South Fulton County Fire Rescue – led the Pledge of Allegiance at Biden-Harris’ inauguration in sign language, leaving folks wanting to know more about her. Peep reactions to her presentation inside…

#BlackGirlMagic was sprinkled throughout Joe Biden & Kamala Harris’ inauguration.

Before poet Amanda Gorman made history, another real-life YBFer hit the stage for a presentation at the U.S. Capitol. Fire Captain Andrea Hall– the first Black woman to serve as fire captain for the South Fulton Fire Department - led the Pledge of Allegiance in speech and in American Sign Language (ASL). And it's likely the first time the Pledge was recited simultaneously in voice and ASL at a U.S. Inauguration.

Sweet! Check it:

Folks got emotional after seeing her lead the pledge in ASL:

Now, everyone wants to know everything about her.  Here's what we know:

In 2004, Andrea became the first Black female Fire Captain in the history of the City of South Fulton Fire Rescue Department in Georgia.

The 47-year-old is also the local chapter president of the International Association of Firefighters Local 3920 in Georgia. She has dedicated 28 years of her life in service as a firefighter beginning her career in 1993 in Albany, Georgia. She was the city's first female firefighter before joining South Fulton in 1999.

Now, she’s representing for her people on the big stage.

"Everything it expresses, I want to embody that in that moment," she told CNN. "And just making sure that I am representing my family, my professional family here in South Fulton, representing the nation, and making sure that they understand the passion from which I speak those words about being indivisible as a nation...because that's what it's going to take to move our country forward."

"This is really about the firefighters and the frontline workers who represent our industry in this country. It is about Fulton and the people who I represent here in the community of people that we serve," Hall said. "It's really about us being on the precipice of moving our country forward to a more united place,” she continued.

She was also inspired to learn "Black Sign Language" because of her father and uncle. According to the Georgia School for the Deaf, Captain Hall learned BASL (Black ASL) from her father, who attended the school. Captain Hall’s father, Russell “Bubba” Williams, attended GSD at the Gordon Campus during the 1960s. Andrea’s cousin, Lannie Williams, also attended GSD.

Georgia School for the Deaf Alumni Association wishes to express our sincere appreciation to Captain Andrea M. Hall who...

Posted by Georgia School for the Deaf Alumni Association on Wednesday, January 20, 2021

We LOVE to see it!

Photo: Twitter Video Screenshot