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Carmelo Anthony Spends Wife LaLa's Birthday Boo'd Up With Another Woman On A Yacht In France


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The NERVE.  While Carmelo Anthony was writing a sappy Instagram birthday post to his "wife" LaLa Anthony yesterday, he was doing so from a yacht in France...with another woman.  The receipts inside.

LaLa seemed to be having the best birthday ever yesterday, posting up a bomb new photoshoot in celebration and sharing all the sweet messages from her celeb friends.  The "Power" actress also had a big birthday party last night.  The one person we noticed was missing - her NBA baller husband Carmelo. Now we know it's because he was parlaying in the south of France with a new mystery woman.

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Well well well.  He certainly has a type, we'll say that.  We checked, and this is not the woman alleged to be his mistress turned alleged side baby's mother, Mia Burke.  But they certainly look similar.

The two were definitely not trying to hide, and seemed extra comfortable with each other while yachting it up.  Carmelo was also seen hitting the ocean with some water toys while she looked on from the boat giving him a flirtatious wave.

 photo BGUS_1636789_021_zpsqhixqndb.jpg

Maybe Melo & La have some sort of agreement between the two.  Something tells us this is probably not the case, but who knows.

 photo 1125x2436.jpeg.15ad7870d00a42869c0976e8864231f5.large_zpsf04y7ecr.jpg

As for why Carmelo is in France in the first place, he and several other NBA ballers, along with Michael Jordan, are there for Jumpman23 events:


It's interesting.  Carmelo and LaLa seemed to be trying to reconcile after his 2017 cheating and "alleged" side baby scandal.  The two definitely split up for a while, but over the last few months have been taking a few vacays and a few IG pics together, and hitting up a few events together as a couple. The still haven't outright said "We're back on", but it certainly looked to be headed that way.

LaLa posted a sweet Father's Day message for him last weekend, and Melo shared this birthday message for her yesterday where he told her "I'm lucky to have you as my wife."


A WHOLE mess.  We hope La got her entire life at her birthday festivities last night.  She deserves it.

If you have any information about this mystery woman, please email us @ ybfchic@theybf.com or DM us on Instagram @theybf_daily.


Photos: Backgrid


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