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Ashanti Takes The "Live With Kelly" Stage + Wiz Khalifa Gives Details About Amber's Proposal On The Breakfast Club



Wiz Khalifa stopped by Power 105's The Breakfast Club this morning in NYC.  And he dished all about his fiancee Amber Rose and said she takes great care of him (but doesn't smoke weed at all), his various musical influences, getting rich & more.  Check out his charming interview (we can't help it...this dude is hilarious and we're really starting to love him), plus Ashanti's performance this morning on "Live Wth Kelly!"

Ashanti hit the stage on "Live With Kelly!" this morning to perform to perform her single "The Woman You Love."  Her single, from her own Written Entertainment label, will appear on her upcoming studio album Braveheart dropping this June.  Check out the vid of the former Inc chick hitting the stage in leather shorts and those red curls...

Slightly confused about this "Princess of R&B" title guest co-host Mario Lopez gave her in that intro.  But do you boo.



Wiz made an interesting statement about why he didn't sign his fiancee' Amber Rose in place of rapper Lola Monroe.  He said he "doesn't want Amber on the road touring" because it "gets hard out there."  When the hosts pointed out that she could indeed handle the road and touring--Wiz seemed to get more truthful saying it would just be difficult for them to start a family if she enters the music business extra hard.  Especially since they're trying to start this family SOON.   Can't say I'm that mad he's advising her keeping that music "career" to a minimum.  And no--they won't be televising their wedding.  They want to "keep it real" for themselves.

Other highlights:

On how he asked Amber to marry him:

Real simple.  It was in the morning time.  I just rolled out of bed and got the ring out of the laundry room. Didn't brush my teeth. I was sober...I gave her the real me.

On Amber's reaction:

I didn't cry.  But she was crying so much she didn't know what to do.  I was like, "Say something yo!"  I didn't let her take time to think about.  Knew she was going to say yes.

On how he knew Amber was "The One"

It was just undeniable.  None of my family had a problem, just people who don't know us. I never even looked at what people were talking about. I was only concerned about me and her.  That just grew.  We're the best of friends.  We just know more about each other.  We just know each other.

On Kanye shouting out respect for him on "Theraflu"

Hell yeah I was very surprised.

On him and Kanye running to each other behind stage at a concert and having beef

That was never true.  I've never met him in my life.  I don't know what goes on.  I be too stoned for anything.

On getting followed around the store while shopping at Barney's

I don't want to put Barney's on blast because they sent me a nice letter of apology for that incident.  It happens world wide in places other than Barneys.  You just do what you came there to do.  I just spent the money and now when I go to any Barney's anywhere they know me and they have the champagne waiting on me at the door.

On if his fans flipped on him because he's become more mainstream

Fans are genuinely happy about it because they've seen the come up from when I was just a regular dude.  You can see on Youtube how I was then and how my attitude is exactly the same.

On if he reads comments on blogs

I like to read everything. There's a website somebody's trying to start called Feed Wiz.  But I eat a lot.  My metabolism is super fast.  I like hot cheetos, Funyons, Whoppers from Burger King. 

His next studio album ONIFC (Only N*gga In First Class) drops late August.

Check out the full interview below:

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