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OH SNAP! Deion Sanders' Daughter Deiondra BLASTS Pilar--Calls Her A Lying Golddigger & Accuses Her Of Getting It In With...Wesley Snipes?!


Let the family drama BEGIN!  Now that Deion Sanders has officially filed for divorce, and soon-to-be ex Pilar has claimed she knew nothing about it until she read it online, Deion's oldest daughter (Pilar's step-daughter) Deiondra is GOING IN.


Check out how Deiondra put Pilar on BLAST tonight about her lying, cheating, and thirst to be a celebrity inside...

Deiondra Sanders (far right above)--the 19-year-old daughter of Deion and his first wife Carolyn Chambers--is extra pissy about Pilar trying to play victim in this divorce situation.

TMZ reported yesterday that Pilar's lawyer claimed she was essentially blindsided by the divorce filing this month.  And in full disclosure--many sites (including us) were sent info about the divorce by Pilar's PR team several months ago.  Just sayin'...

And tonight, Deiondra took to her twitter to fully expose Ms. Pilar.  Here's just a few of her revelations:

Deiondra claims Pilar is indeed lying about not knowing about the divorce because she sent her own story about it to websites several months ago.  She tweeted "#HowYouDidntKnow but yo boxes have been packed for weeks now" with the above pic.

She claims Pilar is a gold digger and said, "...all u had to do was be a supportive wife. ONLY THING U EVER CARED ABOUT DOING WITH MY DAD IS REALITY SHOWS, ALL STAR AND SUPPER BOWL...."

Apparently Pilar doesn't allow her three kids she has with Deion to fraternize with their half brother & sister.  Deiondra revealed, "my sister turned 8 December 14th i COULDN'T even take her spa day for her birthday she told me "my mommy wont allow me to go wit u" ON BIBLE

#HowYoTopPriorityBeen yo marriage and yo kids when YO OWN KIDS cant even talk to their brothers and sister without getting a whoopin?

And Deiondra, who has had her own fair share of nude pic scandals hit the net, accuses Pilar of cheating and chasing famous men saying, "WHELP being that your "3rd" catch is over! now u can go back to "catch 1" Johnny Mitchell or "catch 2" Wesley Snipes.....yeah we know

#HowYoTopPriorityBeen YO MARRIAGE AND YO KIDS when u flying out of town to see other niggas...... Yeah We Know

She also tweeted some guy named ChaseNCash's texts saying Pilar has him at the house with the kids while her daddy Deion isn't there.

Lawd Jesus....

Check out all her tweets below:


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