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CHEATER ALERT?! Baby Mama Of Royce Reed's Baller Boyfriend Dez BLASTS SEXT MESSAGES Dez Allegedly Sent While STILL With Royce!


As we've all learned by now, Twitter is the place where grown ass folks come to air out their stanky panties publicly.  And they usually tap back into their high school personas to do so.


Such is the case with "Basketball Wife" Royce Reed, her NFL boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe, and Dez's ex-girlfriend and baby mama Christina Nero.  And it's all unfolding as we type.  Christina just blasted alleged explicit sext messages that Dez supposedly sent to her within the last month.  And seeing that Dez has been with Royce for several months, ish just got real....

Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Dez Briscoe is like that dude in high school who had all the chicks fighting over him and said chicks didn't care how thirsty they looked while doing so.

Dez's baby mama, Christina (pictured above with their son Dez Briscoe, Jr.), kicked off a twitter war with Dez's current reality star girlfriend last night.  Christina tweeted that she's holding on to some explicit texts that show Dez is indeed cheating on Royce.  And she made the threat after she "heard" Royce was talking ish about her.  Christina tweeted:

So @Roycelr I was told from one of Your followers your talking shit on here but FYI your so called man been texting me freaky texts

Royce tried to blow it off by calling her crazy and asking "...Hows Jr? Cant wait to meet him! :o) He's getting so big!"

Christina's response, where she also took a shot at Dez deadbeat daddy style:

@Roycelr Lol he is good hun, thanks for asking since your "boyfriend" never does and as for meeting him I wouldn't hold my breath if I was u


And then it gets better.  Today, Christina posted a series of text messages that reveal a contact named Dezmon telling her how he wants to have sex with her again, wants to bend her over and give it to her, and conveniently ignores any questions about Royce:



Royce accused Christina of being a bitter baby mama and concocting text messages.  And having her friends text her these things and changing their name in her phone to Dezmon's.  Why?  Because Royce believes Christina is just mad Dez has moved on.  Especially since Royce said she asked Christina to go ahead and send her the messages the night before, via DM.  but instead she posted them publicly.

So Christina takes it one step further and shows the details of the sender...name with the phone number it came from (which I hope if she's bold enough to post UNEDITED it's the right one):

We're nice enough to edit it out ourselves.


Royce popped back with:

u dummy u changed the date & the number! Look at ur past captures! U c a "green" difference? U doin 2 much! Lmao!  the part n green is changed. It should b black

ok I'm done! I'm just shocked she actually got friends sendin her texts or changing ish! Tht bush crazy!

Playng devil's advocate, I will say certain devices change phone numbers into hyperlinks, so the hyperlink/phone number can become a different color.  But who knows...


And Royce ended the convo in the most predictable way possible.  She posted the above pic and said:

But hey get mad! Last I checked I was the 1 at the games & appearances & on the trips! #justsayin

And also posted her own conversation with "her heart" Dez asking him if he ever cheated with her (maybe she should have defined the word cheat?):


We don't know who's telling the truth here...but Dez wouldn't be the first man to lie and say he didn't cheat.  Royce is real funny to post Christina's number too though.  We edited that ourselves as well.


Guess there needed to be another "BBW" storyline...

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