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LOCKED UP: Deion Sander's Ex-Wife Pilar Sanders SENTENCED To 7 Days For Violating Child Custody Agreement!


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The drama continues between Deion Sanders and his ex-wife Pilar Sanders. Now, chick is in jail for contempt of court! Deets inside…

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This HAS to be one of the messiest splits…ever!

Two weeks ago we told you NFL network analyst and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders had filed a defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Pilar Sanders (aka Pilar Love El Dey) after she accused him of multiple crimes, including child abuse, spousal abuse, assault…and attempted murder. Chick has been blasting her ex-husband on all of her social media accounts for months!

So Deion got fed up with her false accusations and is now seeking $200,000 to $1 million in damages.

Well yesterday, she had her day in court and it resulted in a judge ordering her behind bars for a week. A hearing was held in Collin County court on a temporary injunction. And unfortunately for her, District Judge Ray Wheless found Pilar guilty on a contempt of court charge for failing to return their children to her ex-husband after her visitation (deliberately ignoring the divorce decree) and for taking possession of them unlawfully, according to reports.

The judge originally sentenced her to jail for 30 days, but then suspended and probated that overall sentence for one year. As part of her probation, she must serve 7 days in county lock-up.

While in court (sans an attorney), Pilar made a few eyebrow raising statements saying she was only taking part of the proceedings due to threats and duress. She said,

“I am not a part of the United States corporation.”


Now…the judge has modified their divorce decree and she will no longer have possession of their three children. Totally sucks for the kids. As she was being taken into custody, she began to object to the proceedings, which resulted in a baliff escorting her out of the court room.

The result of the defamation case…she was ordered to remove all statements about Deion from her social media (which she has yet to do) and they will meet again in court about the defamation case on March 2nd.


Peep these clips Pilar uploaded to her YouTube page when authorities came to her home to pick up their children this summer:


Photo: Collin County Jail

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