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VINDICATED! Jeezy CLEARED In Weapons Arrest, Says "I Pray This Had Nothing To Do With Race"


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Jeezy has been cleared of all charges stemming from a weapons-related arrest a few months ago. But now that all the evidence has been laid out, it seems to some folks like the arrest was racially motivated.  Find out what Jeezy said about being vindicated inside...


In August 2014, rapper Young Jeezy (government name Jay Jenkins) was arrested after cops found an AK-47 and a Glock on his tour bus. You'll recall that he was jailed (along with 5 friends) for four days and his bail was set at $1 Million. But yesterday, the case was dismissed. So it's all good, right? WRONG.

It may appear to some that the charges were brought on because a few overzealous cops decided a group of Black men "must" be guilty...of something.  A little backstory...

Prior to Jeezy's arrest, you'll recall that someone died during a backstage shooting at Wiz Khalifa/Jeezy's Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA date. So, maybe the cops were on HIGH alert and had it made up in their minds that someone in Jeezy's camp was involved, even though they weren't. And supposedly, the cops/DA knew about the men's innocence WELL AHEAD of this week's courtdate.

Here's how TMZ broke it down,

  • The 2 guns were owned by Jeezy's security chief, who was not on the bus. He was in the hospital because he was shot the night before during the Suge Knight shooting at 1OAK in Hollywood.
  • Cops had inspected the guns 2 days before and determined they were NOT involved in the shooting at the Wiz Khalifa concert.
  • The security chief purchased the AK-47 legally in Georgia, but it's illegal to possess an AK-47 in California ... yet the security guard was not charged. Jeezy and the other 5 people on the bus who were charged weren't in direct proximity to the weapon when cops boarded the bus. The gun was in a case behind the security chief's bunk bed, and Jeezy was in a closed, separate cabin. We're told DNA results confirm none of the 6 people arrested even touched the weapon.

The guns were legally purchased and owned by security (things the cops knew). So why arrest and charge 6 Black men?

Jeezy released a statement, after the case was dismissed, where he says he HOPES it was NOT about race.

I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence. Words cannot express how vindicated I feel with these charges being dismissed today.  While my team and I always knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts, the rush to judgment by both the media and the police has been extremely disappointing. I'm relieved that the truth has ultimately prevailed and I would like to thank those who have always stood by me including my family and fans.”

His lawyer, Blair Berk, added:

“Mr. Jenkins should not have been arrested and this case should not have been prosecuted. We are pleased it has been dismissed, although frustrated that it took the police and prosecutors months to do the right thing."

DO THE RIGHT THING....that's all we ask.




Photos via Jeezy's Instagram

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