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MOVIE (UN)FAB: Timbaland & Social Media Memes SWOOP Down On LIFETIME's “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B" + The Casting Director RESPONDS!


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LIFETIME's “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B" premiered last night and reaction was harsh! From Timbaland to Missy to Zendaya Colman - we've got a roundup of the funny responses...


For several months we followed LIFETIME's rocky road to the making of “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B."  Produced by Wendy Williams but panned by Aaliyah's family and friends, the flick debuted last night and the response on social media was FAR from positive. 

While Missy Elliott and actress Zendaya Coleman (who made headlines when she withdrew from the film) remained upbeat in their Twitter responses, hot shot producer Timbaland wasn't as nice.

From to Timbaland's funny videos to the hastags #AaliyahMovie, “#LifetimeDisrespectsAaliyah”, here's a sample of some funny social media reactions.  You'll note, folks were stuck on the terrible casting choices so we've included a response from casting director Traci Twinkie Byrd who said they'd "Dust themselves off and try again."  L

Let's start with Timbaland, someone who knew Aaliyah very well:



A video posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on


Here's a sample of what popped off on social media:

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 photo majeee32326.jpg

 photo majeee32324.jpg

 photo majeee32323.jpg

 photo majeee32325.jpg

 photo derr3443943f3f.png



Black Hollywood was a bit kinder....

 photo missyerrfererf.png

 photo ffefevvefvffvf.png 


#Zendaya's & #Timbaland's responses to the #Aaliyahmovie that premiered tonight. Zendaya deleted hers, though. #Boop

A photo posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on

In her defense....here's the casting director:

 photo tracytweetefe.png


The Benediction...


A video posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on



Photos/video via Timbaland's Instagram/Twitter

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