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EVENT FAB: Oprah, Common, Tessa Thompson, David Oyelowo & MORE Attend ‘SELMA’ Screening At 2014 AFI Fest


 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookMih1WiRq6E3l.jpg

Last night, the first screening of the upcoming civil rights film Selma was held in Hollywood. And of course, many of the cast and the behind-the-scenes folks of the film were in attendance. See pics of Oprah, Common, Tessa Thompson, Davis Oyelowo and more inside….

A brand new movie chronicling the life of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is coming to the silver screen real soon. And before it hits theaters, the first screening of SELMA was held during the 2014 AFI Fest at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood yesterday. It brought out many of the YBF actors/actress who star in the film and those who helped create the motion picture.  

 photo CommonAFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelma2hUtq5jUrbSl.jpg

Chi-town rapper Common, who plays James Bevel, and all his sexiness hit the red carpet for the first preview of the film.

Common’s character led the monumental 1963 March on Washington and the 1965 Selma Voting Rights Movement. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLooky419JO1ccvrl.jpg

Dear White People star Tessa Thompson got fierce for last night’s event in a white tailored tux look. The YBF chick will star as founding member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Diane Nash.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLook7eJJdFTupX6l.jpg

Diane played a key role in bringing Dr. King to Montgomery, AL, in support of the Freedom Riders. She also played a major role in the Birmingham de-segregation campaign of 1963 and the 1965 Selma Voting Rights Campaign.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLook3n4pK_H8G0Kl.jpg

Cute pic.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLook8kgon9pMUwMl.jpg

Selma director Ava DuVernay looked gorge on the red carpet. Initially, the screening was only for 30 minutes of the film but at the last minute, Ava decided to show the entire film to the audience.  She received a standing ovation.

She took to Twitter and tweeted, "So, @Oprah. I think I want to show the whole film. Not just a 30 minute preview. Why wait, right? Let's DO this! Hot off the presses! Yes?” Oprah responded,“@AVAETC I always thought that was why you were working 20hr days to show the WHOLE film. Congratulations” Nice!

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLooknAt1ftSXqzpl.jpg

Actor David Oyelowo brought his wife Jessica along as his date for the first screening of the film. David was tapped to portray Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLook3fslvsW-tJhl.jpg

While onstage during a Q&A session after the film, the British actor spoke about receiving the powerful role of Dr. MLK. He said,

“Very soon after my wife and I moved to this country, I was told from above that I would play this role on the 24th of July, 2007,” Oyelowo said, prompting a few audience gasps. “I couldn’t believe it, so I wrote it down.” There was a snag in God’s casting plan, though. “The director [of the project] at the time did not agree with that higher power,” the actor revealed. Seven years later, though, after DuVernay was brought on board to direct, he finally fulfilled this prophesy. “A process of my birth, my experiences, my faith, time, and these incredible people led me to this moment.”


Luckily for him, he had Oprah (whom he worked with on The Butler) in his corner, championing him for the role.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookTuGGxS7jZv4l.jpg

“Soul Man” actress Niecy Nash (who graces the pages of the newest Playboy magazine) worked the carpet in an all black everything look. And we’re feelin’ it.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookuGzTsmtaN2rl.jpg

The relationship book author was joined on the carpet by her electrical engineer husband Jay Tucker.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookCf4gCaJ7JHYl.jpg

Niecy plays civil rights heroine Richie Jean Jackson, wife of Dr. Sullivan Jackson (played by Kent Faulcon). Richie offered her home as a safe haven for MLK and other activists during protests and demonstrations.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookMqxOgWVAlfZl.jpg

Nice shot.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookcFvWsIk1uC7l.jpg

Singer Ledisi came out to peep the film.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookPmhF4cisfsOl.jpg

Actress Lorraine Toussaint has been tapped to star as civil rights veteran Amelia Boynton Robinson.

 photo MikeEppsAFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmam3JQQ4JHt0Ol.jpg

Mike Epps, who's starring on "Survivor's Remorse", came out to support the cast. 


 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookF8GJ-7FXuGhl.jpg

Actor/director Robert Townsend was also in the mix, chopping it up with Ava.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookxWAg-caHG4Gl.jpg

Oprah, David and Ava stopped for a photo-op during the screening.

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookmowYr3yD5bfl.jpg

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLook3brYwOLQ4GKl.jpg

And after the showing of the film, the Selma cast and production staff took the stage for a Q& A session. Exectuive producer Oprah dished on finally deciding David was the man for the MLK role saying,

“David and I became fast friends when [we] did The Butler together,” Winfrey told the audience, “and he told me that [playing Martin Luther King Jr.] had been his dream for a very long time. He showed me a tape that [he had made of himself in character as King]. I saw that tape and I said, ‘Yeah, I can see King in you. It's not quite there, but I can see it's on it’s way there. And I want to do whatever I can do to help you get there. That's what got me to say yes.”

 photo OprahWinfreyAFIFEST2014PresentedAudi78d3rYqS3Nal.jpg

 photo AFIFEST2014PresentedAudiSelmaFirstLookFnZvs62TkxSl.jpg

Afterwards, Lady O greeted eager fans and handed out autographs.

 photo OprahWinfreyAFIFEST2014PresentedAudiQukqg8votHrl.jpg

Fab times. Selma is expected to hit theaters Jan. 9th.


Photos: Getty for AFI

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