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The Husbands TAKEOVER "The Real" -- Vincent Herbert Asks Tamar For Another Baby, She SHUTS Him Down!


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It's all about the fellas on today's episode of "The Real" as the husbands takeover and Vincent reveals a secret to Tamar!  Watch the clips inside...

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Today on "The Real", the hosts are joined by their husbands: Vincent Herbert (Tamar), Freddy Harteis (Jeannie), and Adam Housley (Tamera) as they set the record straight about all of the tea their wives spill daily.

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During the show, Freddy clears up Jeannie’s comments about him being a “mitch," while Adam shares that Tamera has forgotten to get him gifts for special occasions and Vince reveals Tamar would kill him if she knew he really wants another baby!  Check out their funny exchange:

Tamar Braxton: Scoot over.

Vincent Herbert: She would kill me if she knew that I really do want another baby.

Everyone: Awww…

Vincent Herbert: Clap that up! Clap that up! Clap! Clap! I need to hear y'all. Exactly! Yes! Yes! Yes! I want another baby.

Tamar Braxton: By who?

Vincent Herbert: So now you want me to have a blonde…

Tamar Braxton: Watch your mouth Jack!

Vincent Herbert: Okay then…by you. You know by who.

The couples also played a few cutesy games.  You know chicks love some coupledom:


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Peep the clips below:

The hosts share their opinion on allowing your partner to have a say about your physical appearance:



Photos via Patrick Wymore/WARNER BROS.

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