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BADDIES IN A HALF SHELL: Rihanna & Friends Rock Bad Ass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes For Halloween


 photo RihannaGoingHalloweenPartykjLCk5HOxr0l_zpsbce5eef7.jpg

Rihanna and her crew may have won the best ensemble Halloween costume award.  Check out how the pop princess and her turtle power inside...

 photo RihannaGoingHalloweenPartyNnb0n71W6lAl_zps758538f4.jpg

Baddies in a halfshell?  Sounds about right.  Rihanna, or RIHphael as she called herself last night, rocked a bad ass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costume for Halloween yesterday.  And she rounded up her crew of complete the cast of all four Ninja Turtles.

 photo spl880271_001_zpsdfb85c13.jpg

And the bad behavior was still in full effect as they took their intricate costumes to a party at Opus nightcub in NYC.

 photo RihannaGoingHalloweenParty0fVofLozapql_zps679b13f9.jpg


 photo RihannaGoingHalloweenPartyLHo9fsEzO39l_zps96087b0e.jpg 

 photo RihannaGoingHalloweenPartys9p1NGgVO1al_zpsf0b71e1b.jpg

 photo RihannaGoingHalloweenPartyAw1anXX8abEl_zps46f8a812.jpg    photo RihannaGoingHalloweenPartyveYl88NdYhvl_zpsfb71c7cb.jpg photo RihannaGoingHalloweenParty_eSzbaH0u9kl_zpsdbbe70a6.jpg

Gotta love it.  Rih's bestie Melissa posted a few pics of their bad girl behavior too:


Une photo publiée par @mdollas11 le


U ain't gotta say too much #icanseeyourbodylanguage

Ein von @mdollas11 gepostetes Foto am

Fab times.


Photos: Fame/Splash/Melissa's IG

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