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Trey Songz DISHES On Sex, Love, "V" & Trayvon Martin Case + Kenya Bell REVEALS That Kesha Nichols Got Her Husband's Number!


Trey Songz stopped by Power 105 1's "The Breakfast Club" to talk about his new album "Chapter V," speaks on being the first blackman to ever be in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie and talks on the Trayvon Martin situation.  Listen to the interview inside and hear Kenya Bell popping off on the radio in Detroit about "BBW" and Kesha Nichols flirting with her husband! 


Trey Songz chatted with The Breakfast Club earlier about his budding acting career, his "Chapter V" album and serious subjects like Trayvon Martin.  Here are the highlights:

On his upcoming "Chapter V"

Trey says it's all about timing and he's in no rush to release the record.  He and his record label have come to an understanding that he's going to release mixtapes to build his brand and feed his fans.  He did reveal he's recorded 30 songs....but the album isn't done.

On crossing over musically

Trey says he's in no hurry to "cross over" to the Jersey Shore crowd.  It's important to him to keep his music urban and have a foothold on R&B.

On why sex is better than love

Trey revealed that he's been in love before and that feeling (of living for someone) far surpasses sex.

On his success so far

Trey defines what success means for himself.  He added that he just toured off the success of a mixtape where he sold over 60,000 tickets and tons of merchandise so he isn't worried about industry standards of success.

On rumors he was robbed in Brooklyn

He says he was never robbed in Brooklyn.

On the Trayvon Martin case

He says that the situation is outlandish and it's great that people are taking a stand.  But he added, young black men die everyday. We can't let this be a fad.  "If we take a stand for something we have to be committed." [Totally agreed.]

On his upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie role

Trey revealed he is the first black actor to be a part of the franchise.


Listen to Trigga's full interview here:



Also on the radio.......



After all the drama of this week's episode and dueling interviews from "BBW" stars Kesha Nichols and Tami Roman, Kenya Bell hopped on the radio (AGAIN) with the same hosts at FM98 WJLB (COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase) that got Tami upset in the first place.

And once again.....Kenya didn't hold back as the hosts CLOWNED the cast.

Kenya called COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase to talk about how Tami and Evelyn were infuriated that she wouldn't step up to defend them while the radio show hosts were taking turns clowning on them.

Kenya said that she didn't feel a need to defend them because she barely knew them and she knows that they will take the first opportunity to throw her under the bus.

And in an interesting twist, Kenya said VH1 edited out a part of the confrontation where Kesha told Kenya that she got her husband’s number recently!  Maybe that's why those kitten heel (sigh) shoes came off?

Kenya and her husband are now going through a divorce by the way. 

Host Foolish asked Kenya “Which b*tch would you like to house-shoe smack the hell out of?”  Kenya repsonded, “Obviously right now its Evelyn & Kesha.” 

As for that upcoming bottle-throwing incident with Evelyn, Kenya says she only ran because Ev grabbed the bottle.  Kenya said she isn’t afraid of ANYONE on the show!

SIDEBAR: One of the co-hosts said that usually when a person form Detroit runs out the room....it's to go get something out of their trunk! Watch out Evelyn!


Listen to Kenya's interview in full here:

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