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UNDER THE SEA: Mariah Carey & 'Dem Babies Visit The Georgia Aquarium!


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Mariah Carey and her kids were spotted down in Georgia where they spent a family day at the aquarium.  See their adorable photos inside...


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Mariah Carey, "The Elusive Chanteuse" has come out of hiding...in Georgia.

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Though we haven't seen her out and about lately, Mariah has been in the headlines for her estranged relationship with hubby Nick Cannon.  For the record, the twosome have not been seen together for months and neither will comment publicly on the state of their marriage (though the rumor mills says the split is a done deal).  While folks have been dragging Mariah for various forms of diva behavior on Twitter, Nick has taken up for his soon to be ex-wife on Twitter.

 photo 10649980_10152715192367766_372732436331558806_n.jpg

Single, separated or married - Dem Babies come first!  Mimi took the kiddes to the Georgia Aquarium this week and posted the shots for fans to see.

 photo 10649654_10152715192272766_6031367652900685110_n.jpg

It looks like Roc and Roe love dolphins!

 photo 10639696_10152715191982766_5262990315187428366_n.jpg

Mimi walked around with a glossary of fish, talking the time to describe to Roe what they were seeing and was also seen playing interactive games with Roc (below). Cute!

 photo 10408021_10152715192337766_1817576397790029278_n.jpg 

Pretty soon, Mimi is packing up the kids and heading to Asia and Australia for The Elusive Chanteuse Show world tour.  This should be interesting...



Photos via Mariah Carey's Facebook

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