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Chris Brown Reflects On Time Behind Bars, Calls It A “Humbling” Experience On "Big Boy's Neighborhood"


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Chris Brown is still busy promoting his X album (which dropped Tuesday). And during a recent radio interview, he opened up about Karrueche and his time behind bars. Check it inside….

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After hitting up autograph signings in L.A. with girlfriend Karrueche, Chris Brown made his way to Power 106 to chop it up on “Big Boy's Neighborhood” to promote his newly released X album.

During their chat, Breezy opened up about his almost four-month stint behind bars after violating his probation in the Rihanna case. You’ll recall, the “New Flame” singer was thrown in jail after getting kicked out of rehab.

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Now...a rehabilitated Breezy is ready to get his kick his career in gear and stay out of trouble. At least, that’s what he’s saying. He got candid with Big Boy about his time in jail, calling it a humbling experience and it making him appreciate things more.

Below are the highlights:

On what he learned from being incarcerated:

“For me it was more so a humbling experience. At the end of the day I think I got kinda carried away and off track of what my real purpose was, who I was as a young entertainer and as a young person. Everything that I learned in there, when I got out, I just took everything with—not a grain of salt—I really appreciated everything more.”

On if people asked for his autographs in jail:
“Yea…a couple of them (correctional officers) but they really couldn’t. Some of the inmates would slide me down their line, they’ll shoot a line down ‘yo can you sign this for my daughter’ and I’ll do it, it wasn’t a problem.”

On his first meal when he came home:
“The first meal…I actually got a cheeseburger.”

Chris also shared a funny story about an inmate who approached him about doing music together. During his transit on Con Air from L.A.to D.C.(to appear in court for his assault case in D.C.), the inmate told Chris he wanted to give him his music and when he gets out he wanted Breezy to release it. So Chris asked him when was he going to get out of jail…dude said 32 years!


Check out the full interview below:

Do you think jail changed Breezy?

Photos: Power 106 LA

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