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Snoop Dogg Dons "Whiteface" To TRANSFORM Into 'A White Guy Named Todd', Snaps Selfie With Nia Long


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Snoop Dogg took a page from Nick Cannon’s book, donning whiteface. And it looks like it could be for a possible role in a new movie. Peep more pics and videos inside…

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Remember all of the controversy that stemmed from Nick Cannon dressing in “whiteface” to promote his last album? Well it looks like Snoop Dogg is following suit…but possibly for a different project.

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In a series of Instagram pics and videos, Snoop has transformed into a white guy named Todd, complete with whiteface and a blonde wig. We’re not exactly sure why, but it looks like it could be for a film since he snapped a few pics with fab Single Mom’s Club actress, Nia Long.

Todd is, according to Snoop, a single white man on the hunt for some for fly single females. And in his spare time he enjoys going paintballing, crocheting and a little spoken word. Sounds like an ad for a dating website right? That’s exactly what it is. Snoop has been advertising for a “site” called White Guys Connect. And it appears Nia could be the lead woman he’s looking for.

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Ha! Duck lips...


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Nia also shared a shot of herself and Snoop after he got rid of Todd. She captioned, “I love me some him :)”

Peep the funny vids of Snoop posing as Todd below:

Wonder what they're up to...

Photos: Snoop's IG/Nia's IG

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