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Gabrielle Union Dishes On Having A Public Relationship With Dwyane Wade


Gabrielle Union made a charitable appearance at the recent Miami Heat Charitable Fund Gala.  And she chatted up NBC about how she and her Miami Heat star boyfriend Dwyane Wade keep everything in tact while having a public relationship.


Her answers inside...

Gabby recently dished on the current projects she's working on, as well as how she keeps the relationship going with Mr. Wade throughout the busy schedules and paparazzi and rumors.  And she seems to be taking it all in stride, especially after the couple's recent ESSENCE cover story.  Here's her interview with NBC Niteside:

Niteside: What are you up to these days?
Gabrielle Union: We are doing press for Think Like A Man. Last weekend I was at SWSX and soon I will begin shooting the pilot "Single Black Female" for BET. And I just found out about another project, but I cant talk too much about that. I am a little busy, but I love it.

It must be nice to walk down the carpet with your man.
It is. I miss so much throughout the year so its nice when our schedules work for these kind of things.

Is it strange to have your relationship in the public eye?
We don’t get it too bad. It is when we are with the kids on the beach and photographers are there. They didn’t sign up for that, you know? Or when we are with our friends and they are like, “Um, I don’t want my bikini body being photographed!” I always feel bad.

Which city is worse when it comes to paparazzi: Los Angeles or Miami?
That is a tough one. Miami when it comes to the beaches. When we are in Los Angeles, we can be in Malibu and no one knows. But the difference here is restaurants. We can go to popular restaurants and everyone leaves us be.

Do you just accept the photogs after a while?
Yes, it's part of the gig. We recognize as part of being together in the public eye.

Both said in ESSENCE's February 2012 cover story that are not in a hurry to hit the altar for a second time.


Last night in Miami, Gabby was spotted all a-glow at the ABSOLUT Greyhound bash to celebrate ABSOLUT VODKA and Swedish House Mafia's new collaboration.  She looks gorge.

Credit: Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye.com

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