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CROP OVER CRAZINESS: Columbus Short & Robert Riley GET IT IN With The Ladies In Barbados


 photo cropoverteaser_zps73fcd12b.jpg

Boys will be boys.  Especially during Crop Over in Barbados.  Check out tv stars Columbus Short and Robert Riley soaking up all the love from the ladies inside....

It's Caribbean Carnival time!  And Barbados Crop Over went down to the fullest effect.  With all the partying wrapping on Monday, it seems former "Scandal" actor Columbus Short and "Hit The Floor" star Robert Riley are ending ish with a bang.

While Columbus (jokingly?) told the crowd over the weekend that he was staying in Barbados forever (likely because they do not extradite to the U.S. and he doesn't want to face all the warrants for his arrest he has back home in Cali)...he surely didn't look ready to leave in these new pics that have surfaced:

 photo barh14_zps6592f8e0.jpg   photo barh5_zpsa6e48ede.jpg

He was spotted grinding all over the parade goers and those in costume, which is totally in the spirit of Carnival season.  Just wonder what his estranged wife--who he's embroiled in all this drama with--thinks of it.

 photo barh4_zps12a8b648.jpg

 photo barh3_zpsa7116e02.jpg

 photo barh13_zps1b1c051b.jpg

He also made sure to get his grub on and snap plenty of pics with fans.

 photo barh2_zps5daac1d3.jpg

Meanwhile, Robert Riley was shirtless and in full carnival costume daily.  And wasn't shy about kissing all over the ladies.  He let his Trini roots take over for some fun times.  But not to worry...the kiss was innocent, so we've learned.

We're told that the woman above is a friend and colleague of Robert's, and was extremely instrumental in bringing him to Barbados for the festivities.  After a performance from a band, who Rob joined in celebrating with, he was snapped in a moment of pure happiness and gratitude for the one ho made it all happen.  Awww...

 photo barh1_zpscc524545.jpg   photo barh6_zpsa0a72066.jpg photo barh7_zpsa93be979.jpg   photo barh8_zps147807f4.jpg photo barh9_zps131b9d0a.jpg 

Looks like fun times were had by all...


Photos: Splash/Robert's IG/Columbus' IG

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